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Miiverse To Be Detailed In An Upcoming Nintendo Direct

Posted by Anthony Dickens

"Sometime" before launch

Nintendo has been worryingly quiet on what the Wii U dashboard and online functionality might entail on its new console. One thing we do know is that it plans to have a "social network" style presence with Miiverse, a place where gamers can see what games one another is playing and help each other progress through particular stages via a messaging system. Further details on this service, due for release in under one month, have been non-existent leaving many, including journalists, wondering what the final Miiverse will actually be like.

President Iwata has today revealed, during an investor Q&A in Japan, that the service will be the focus in an upcoming Nintendo Direct broadcast. Naturally no date or time was set for when this would be broadcast, but we can all expect it before the launch of the console.

It's widely felt that Nintendo is too far behind both Sony and Microsoft when it comes to all aspects of online, including online multi-player gaming, digital downloads and other interactive entertainment. If Wii U is to become a success story its online strategy will be key; hopefully we'll find out soon if Miiverse is up to the task.


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Kyloctopus said:

Miiverse should have been explained months ago, why did they wait the last 3 weeks to tell us this?



GameLord08 said:

@Klyo: My guess is that they probably aim to dramatise the Wii U just bang-slap before the release date to maximise its launch hype and what not. And then we be talking sales and ker-ching, yo.

Seeing as Miiverse is a previously unseen concept in gaming, I'd say Nintendo is realising their fatal flaw with the last generation, and with a bag of sugar on top.

Hope we hear more about Nintendo Network as well.



antdickens said:

Personally I'm still quite worried we've not seen any detail on this yet, clarification and some real details can't come soon enough!



TysonOfTime said:

Meh. Could care less when they decide to show these things. Knowing beforehand won't cause it to be any more good or bad. I'm willing to get this regardless of it's online (well... maybe regarding that it's FREE online), so if the online bombs, my investment in the console doesn't change.



KingDunsparce said:

@TysonQ7 I think that it's good to hear these things beforehand just to alleviate some worry about it. I, too, will be getting it no matter what, but this (hopefully) will be good to hear in my opinion.



SCAR said:

They already told MOSTLY what it's about. Wii U social network pretty much, with ALL players I think... there will probably be a faster connection between players if you friend them. You'll be able to send videos, pictures, drawings, text, and other stuff I'm sure. Depending on if it's a worldwide thing will probably determine how much I use it, and all the features, but like I said, they explained the MAIN idea.



KaiserGX said:

Live is so ahead in the game. Even if you are already paying Netflix, you have to pay for Live to watch it on your 360!



MitchVogel said:

I just wanna know when this will be integrated into 3DS and, more importantly, if/when we're getting an account system for the 3DS, too. I'm not paying a dime for digital retail downloads until I know for sure I wouldn't lose everything if the 3DS was to be broken or stolen...



sinalefa said:

I really don't blame Nintendo. They show something and the others do their own version, trying to steal their thunder.



ei8htbit said:

Launch Day: picks up pre-ordered Wii U, opens box, connects everything, turns power on, thousands of Miis wandering around with quote bubbles "where is the MiiVerse?"



Hokori said:

@sinalefa Exactly, this is why I think it was a SMART more to be hush hush until 3 weeks before, Sony and Microsoft need to still make a new system before soon, and this way they'll have to choose: make a crap system fast or be left in the dust in order to copy Nintendo
Also that's probably why 3rd parties don't know much either or at least say they don't know



TruenoGT said:

I think they're probably cutting it close in terms of the software being done for launch based on the all the comments from 3rd parties. I wouldn't be surprised with a big post launch update ala 3DS eShop, but I think it will be worth it. Besides massive games with physical controls, the 3DS interface and integral features (StreetPass, SwapNote, etc) are the biggest difference makers from mobile OS stuff... iOS and Android seem absolutely boring by comparison. I think MiiVerse will bring life and creativity to the interface that's sorely missing in current gen consoles.



Lalivero said:

No matter how you look at it, this is going to be HUGE. A gaming social network integrated into the consoles that'll allow so many ways to interact with other gamers globally while playing, etc.

Let's hope they made a really big step forward when it comes to the online because so far it's looking cool(from what we have looked at, imo)!



GamecubeMan said:

Hopefully it will be free but Nintendo has mentioned paying for extra sevices kinda like playstaion plus



Zombie_Barioth said:

Like @EvisceratorX what I want to know is when that account based system is coming and how it works, I don't like the idea of my digital purchases being stuck on the system they were bought on and I'm not re-buying two of the same game each time.

I'm not worried about premium stuff, knowing Nintendo they will handle it like Sony and stick to discounts and freebies for the premium service. I can see them using club Nintendo for some of it and maybe even coin bonuses for premium accounts.



kyuubikid213 said:

I just want to know if everything they showed in the Non-specific Action Figure sketch is true. If it is, anything else they reveal is icing on the sweet, sweet cake.



sr388survivor said:

I really think people need to stop expecting an account based system. I would love it as well but I have very strong doubts it will happen. Being tied to a system is inconvenient but not the end of the world.
Also people seemed to not realize that when Nintendo said the Wii U would have accounts they were talking about different accounts on one system so each member of the family could have they're own settings and saves and everything.
Anyway, my whole point is instead of getting our hopes up always wishing for more, we can just enjoy what we have.



ei8htbit said:

@skjia Actually that's a good point, the fact that we know (or at least have been told by Nintendo) that the Wii U will have individual family member accounts (kind of like Windows 7 or XP for example) this would suggest that content is tied to the system as a whole (but at least it can be shared by all accounts on the system). Unless there are (like Windows) administrator accounts that the content would be linked to which would allow portability across systems - but given Nintendo's whole position with this system as the one stop shop in the living room and given their legacy of tying content to one system at a time with Wii and DS and 3DS I think it's safe to assume this will still be the case. It's probably also easier to prevent fraud and piracy to some degree as well, which I'm sure Nintendo would be eager to protect.



ei8htbit said:

It's nice to imagine a world where all content across multiple Nintendo platforms (ie 3DS and Wii U) could be accessed via a personal account - even on other friends' or family's systems. I mean it's worked for Sony with Vita and PS3..



ei8htbit said:

Okay this is a little fanboy, but is anyone else excited just to see what the startup screen is going to look like? It will either be a safety message that we will never escape and become that annoying screen we have to button mash through to blast into the MiiVerse, or it will be that heart-warming magical little moment that ignites our hearts and minds with the promise of fun (remember that perfect little "ca-ling" with the simple Nintendo logo when you powered on Super Mario World on the SNES?). In a way I'm kind of glad it's still a surprise, more exciting for now.

I'm also looking forward to the general design and layout of the "home screen" I didn't mind the "channels" on 3DS and Wii but that design was a little boring (let's make it sexy or fun or both this time Nintendo!!). The screenshots of the MiiVerse show promise though - I like that they imply an organic kind of layout - maybe based on recent activity or most used features are given priority kind of thing...



RetroGBHippie92 said:

Have any of you actually played a Wii U yet? maybe a demo unit or at a expo/comic con? I've played some very good games like Zombi U and New Super Mario Bros. U and even if we don't know anything about Miiverse just yet, it's not going to sway me from getting the console.
Zombi U has notifications etc and hopefully in the full game maybe achceivements? look Miiverse to me looks cheap and we haven't seen much of it yet either, so I can't comment any further until i get the actual console or see the Nintendo direct.

@ei8htbit From what i've seen of the machine, i'm hardly thinking the start up will be any better dude, but who knows, you can dream.....



Intrepid said:

I'm more interested in whether Non-Specific Action Figure will be sold in stores.



Megumi said:

'Bout time.
I also hope on some games I could turn it my game doesn't end up looking like a message board/social game. xD



Aviator said:

I don't get it.

Why would Sony/Microsoft want to copy the Wii U's online system when they both have their own.



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah they should of said more info on this a while ago or at least a month ago from now so that if anything the fan base didnt like or was missing they can add it right away instead of later now its just a hope to see if it will be good



Sir_Deadly said:

@Aviator because it does a lot more than what 360 and ps3 can do. Like pausing a game and video chatting, or writing messages inside a game to alert other players (but this might already been done so idk). But it does seem massive to me. I will be getting the Wii U either way!



DarkNinja9 said:

@Aviator to me its not so much as to copy but to look at what they have done and try to make it better which is what competition does =|



ei8htbit said:

I don't think the lack of public information on MiiVerse is strategic at all (Sony and MS will probably have a full year to copy Nintendo after the Wii U launch for anything they incorporate into their next-gen anyway) and besides they've already mentioned the major features they are hoping to achieve with it in terms of social message sharing, video chat, etc. The real answer is most likely that they simply don't have the final build ready yet and the launch games that would potentially make best use of it won't have that full functionality as a result of this delay (for example Call Of Duty as Activision has mentioned) so they want to limit what they promise to avoid confusion at launch in the meantime so people aren't like "why doesn't it work like they said it would?".
I'm not worried though, they have nothing but time to iterate and patch if needed, it's not like we'll be stuck with firmware build 1.00 for the next 5 years. They'll have a virtual focus group of every user on MiiVerse giving feedback about the service in real time to take into consideration so they can make improvements if needed.
I'm curious to see how long the MiiVerse environment "suggests" sponsored games to you like ads on YouTube or Facebook based on your user info and activity.



FluttershyGuy said:

I hope we get some news on the Wii U eShop & VC too. There's been announcements of WiiUWare (or whatever) games, but nothing on VC. Right now I'm wondering if it's safe to assume there will be a Wii U VC, much less GameCube on it. They've been so focused on certain things, like the GamePad that details on other things have been non-existent. Not good for a system less than one month away. Kind of makes me wonder if it'll be missing some features for a while after launch, al a 3DS.

I love your Mega Man avatar, it's too cute for words! Makes me want Mega Man Powered Up 2 (although I'm not holding my breath for ANY Mega Man right now).



Radixxs said:

Oh goodie maybe we'll know what the console does before launch! BRB I'm going to go preorder!!!!!



Alienfish said:

My thought is that either Nintendo knows exactly what they're doing and are keeping Miiverse a general secret because they believe it will be a huge success and don't want copycats to reach market until they have a foothold or they aren't completely done with it yet, are rushing it, and hoping to god that it all comes together by launch. I think they know what they're doing, but it could just be like Mariokart Double Dash and how secretive that was, and also how disappointing it was. I know there are a lot of fans of that game out there, but it is actually the only Mariokart that I didn't bother buying because I hated it so much.



LavaTwilight said:

I don't think it's a bad thing that Nintendo have waited this long. The concept of the gamepad is the console's main selling point, not the miiverse, so naturally that's something that they'd promote first. Plus, since they are 'so far behind' with online gaming, it's something they want to get right this time round. So instead of just throwing it out there they need to wait until all the bugs have been fixed out of it, and they're happy that it's as smooth as it should be.



LavaTwilight said:

If you didn't buy it how do you know how 'bad' it is? It was an awesome game and one of my favourite of the series! It's ok to have other favourites but this one had so many iconic levels that people still love on Mario Kart Wii! Besides, if you could control the two players properly, it would show just how skilled a Mario Karter you are!



Sjoerd said:

I know it's completely off-topic but @Alienfish is kind of right. That game was the moment it turned into marioparty on wheels. Super Circuit is my favorite, as it's still a racing game. I HATE THAT BLUE SHELL!!

On topic:
I just hope they aren't hyping for something they can't fulfill. I'm gonna get myself a WiiU for eshop, VC and some games, but I still think the system is gonna lose the race. They're just too conservative.

Ride that innovation stream Nintendo!



Grodus said:

To be honest, what more do you need to know than "it's a social network, sorted by game." It's not a very hard concept. it doesn't matter for me anyway, I couldn't care less if there's a social network. As long as the online isn't as slow as a Wii Shop download (those took forever), I'm good.

EDIT: @Alienfish That game was awesome! And if you didn't buy it, did you get to DEMO it or some'im'? 'Cus how else would you know that you hated it. You really can't tell the "goodness" of a game by video.



aaronsullivan said:

I actually think this Nintendo direct strategy is very smart. Focusing on one or two items at a time brings more time to digest, and spacing it out keeps a momentum of interest going. The only way to door, though, is to not give all the details right away. And yes, of course they are still optimizing the software.

For the record: For me and mine Double Dash was meh. Yes, we played through the entire game (even mirrored) and tried to enjoy multiplayer.



daznsaz said:

I will get all the info i need when i plug it in and switch on.Not long now...



rjejr said:

Simple answer - they are waiting b/c the start-up screen before Miiverse probably looks just like Winodws 8 (Wii is pretty close but much whiter) and they don't want people to think WiiU is Windows 8 based.

I just hope the Nintendo Direct is pre-launch and not during the 18 month "launch window"



GameLord08 said:

@Torterra275: It's called maximising demand, and it extends well beyond pre-order figures. With this many people pre-ordering the Wii U with very little information to the point that it's sold out, think the wonders that'd happen when the console is totally out there and into the light.



Mk_II said:

"I think they're probably cutting it close in terms of the software being done"
this. Same applied to the Wii, first models out the door had to be updated in warehouses and on the shop floor because of some last minute changes to the OS. And there's no point in talking about Wiiverse features when they havent been implemented yet. I think they had only a vague idea about what they wanted to do when the Wii U was first announced and did not want to promise features that would not be included in he final product.



erv said:

finished or not, I know miiverse is going to be great. I do think, however, being out the door with a finished product actually gains you a huge, otherwise unrealised, advantage.

Time will tell if nintendo gets it right from the get go.



PokeTune said:

Most likely going to suck anyway not like Nintendo is trying to change people`s minds at all.



SilveRFanTasy said:

I might be the only person who does not think that online capabilities aren't the key for home consoles... That is why I like Wii and dont like PS3 and 360 because they feel like having a desktop pc in your living-room.



fortius54 said:

I am excited about the Wii U, but I have to admit I am disappointed with the handling of information. We are at three weeks until release. There are a ton of questions still unanswered. There has been very limited commercial exposure, and last weeks Nintendo Direct focus is on 3DS. I would think we would start seeing a pretty steady stream of what to expect.



HaastMK7 said:

I really look forward to the release of "Miiverse", I also look forward to seeing it on my 3DS. I am sure it will be amazing!



Nintenjoe64 said:

@WingedFish I agree, the constant theft of good ideas must be annoying. Nintendo might just be bluffing with a few of their features to see if Sony and MS are actually crazy enough to copy.

£100 says Dualshock 4 is a Dualshock 3 with a touch screen glued on.



Whopper744 said:

I really hate to say it, but I don't want to get my hopes up. They don't seem to care for online functionality. That being said, I'm still a Nintendo fan first, over those others. Maybe partly because online isn't all that important to me.



Felix_ said:

I was excited for Wii U, but Nintendo South Africa just released the official price of the console here. And the basic pack (R3999) is 50 euros more than the european price. The premium pack seems to be 70 euros more than the European price.



LittleIrves said:

@ei8htbit I'm totally with you. Everyone who's clamoring for "GIVE ME ALL THE INFO NOW!" would just be upset that Nintendo wouldn't have anything to reveal for a long time. The way they drip-feed new information keeps me in anticipation. I like the surprise.

And yes, I'm similarly intrigued by that first screen. I miss the SNES/N64 days of a flashy company logo. The Capcom jingle is burned into my mind from playing SF2 on SNES so many times... and Rare had some good ones too.

Another tidbit: Who else loves the unique animation/music of both Wii and 3DS game icons on the home screen? When I load a 360 game it's just a static, silent image. I love the attention to tiny details like these that really separate Nintendo from other companies.



Capt_N said:

I'm not too sure about the online functionality of the WU. I will probably eventually become an owner of the console, but that is not definite. I hope Nintendo, if they are really/truly trying for/to being in the online game, this console gen, that they make a successful effort of/to balancing the local multiplayer, alongside the online multiplayer, since not everyone(such as myself), is an many-friended online gamer. SSB Brawl was really as far as I really went into the online gaming scene. I've played a limited weekly demo of 2 mmos on my pc here, but that's really it.

For privacy reasons, I'm not really into the video-chat concept. More, or less, I kinda think Nintendo is, using the video-chat feature as my example here, trying to do something different than Sony, & MS's online structures, so that they can get necessarily away w/ not implementing certain basic-types of features common to those system's online setups; Edit: no one would notice what WU lacks online-feature wise, if they're too busy focusing on what WU has, that the competition lacks, even if the lacking on WU are very basis, & possibly important features. Then again, that's only a possibly.

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