Nintendo has been worryingly quiet on what the Wii U dashboard and online functionality might entail on its new console. One thing we do know is that it plans to have a "social network" style presence with Miiverse, a place where gamers can see what games one another is playing and help each other progress through particular stages via a messaging system. Further details on this service, due for release in under one month, have been non-existent leaving many, including journalists, wondering what the final Miiverse will actually be like.

President Iwata has today revealed, during an investor Q&A in Japan, that the service will be the focus in an upcoming Nintendo Direct broadcast. Naturally no date or time was set for when this would be broadcast, but we can all expect it before the launch of the console.

It's widely felt that Nintendo is too far behind both Sony and Microsoft when it comes to all aspects of online, including online multi-player gaming, digital downloads and other interactive entertainment. If Wii U is to become a success story its online strategy will be key; hopefully we'll find out soon if Miiverse is up to the task.