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Could This Be The Finished Wii U Interface?

Posted by Orla Madden

Let's face it, it looks mighty fine

Wii U demo units have been set up in Nintendo World Store in New York City, where gamers will get the perfect chance to test out the upcoming console and what it has to offer. Not much information has been given about the Wii U eShop or the console's front-end interface, something we touched upon last week.

It may be time to put the mystery aside, as the guys over at Nintendo World Report have shared a video which appears to show what could be the final Wii U interface.

The video below shows how the interface allows users to scroll through select game titles, where you have a choice to play a demo or watch a video on that specific game. There are quite a few game demos available, and the whole layout itself looks easy to navigate.

A nice touch is the game category selection for those of you that can't tell your puzzle games from your shoot 'em ups. At 1.05 in the video, we can clearly see an empty space for the Nintendo Wii U eShop. However, it is likely that this could just be for demo purposes only, but it is pretty exciting all the same as it gives us a small glimpse into what hopefully could be the final product.

What do you guys make of this fresh piece of information? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mk_II said:

Looks very spiffy although i do wonder how smoothly it will work when there are hunderds of games available.



antdickens said:

Interesting, its as if all the menus/controls will be in the gamepad, and not on the main screen - which makes sense.

That would leave the main screen to be about Miiverse and the videos. Hopefully we'll get some more confirmation soon, but seems legit to me.



phoenixology said:

Not sure why Nintendo didn't show us their dashboard on their last big Wii U announcement or at E3 2012? It's not like it's something they need to hide.
Microsoft love to show off their Xbox dashboard updates as an example.



19Robb92 said:

Doubt that'll be the menu system. Probably a early build if so. I heard somewhere that you'd be able to switch the menu and Miiverse between the GamePad and the TV. This look way too touch based.



GazPlant said:

If this was the actual main menu then there would be no way to actually launch the game in the drive. Or access anything other than a horde of demos...
More likely it's a prototype eShop



Sylverstone said:

Absolutely not. It gives a hint at how menus can be worked on the GamePad, but this is just a demo station.

Expect it to be much different.



Grodus said:

This isn't final at all. Think about, there will be hundreds of games on the eShop. The one thing that bothers me--don't ask me why--is that blue! Blue is my favorite color, and my favorite shade is light blue! Why do I hate this blue!?



DarkNinja9 said:

it does look nice i can just see my self just sliding my finder left and right to see the games pass by for the heck of it xD



Kirk said:

This actually looks really nice and intuitive, even if it's not exactly what the final Wii U menu design will look like, which is why I really don't get how amateur and clumsy looking the interface for Nintendo TVii currently is imo. Hopefully the interface for Nintendo TVii isn't final and the end result is a bit more like what we are seeing in this video.



rjejr said:

The Wii menu is tiles and the 3DS menu is tiles so I don't think it's much of a stretch that the WiiU menu will be tile based.
Hopefully the folders get to have more than 1 letter in their name



ThomasBW84 said:

It's interesting, though I reckon this is just a custom marketing app designed to run specifically on select demo units. It's clearly just to help people learn about the system and look at previews of the games, and let's not forget that the Miiverse bubble-stuff is interchangeable between screens, so it's not as if the GamePad will be reserved exclusively for OS touch navigation like this.

Frankly, I hope Nintendo can produce more interesting presentation than that in the system's OS!



hYdeks said:

looks very plain, like most Nintendo things, so yay, it looks like the real thing



AVahne said:

This is just a demo menu. Not the home screen. Not even an early build of the home screen. Pretty sure 3DS demo station menus look EXACTLY like this in Japan.



dew12333 said:

@Koto and theperson
I also saw a menu like this at Eurogamer when they was selecting which game to play. Seems more likely a demo thing than the real thing to me, And I expect more from the real thing than just that.



Expa0 said:

This menu looks strangely similar to certain Wii homebrew programs menu..



LittleKing said:

...This is a standard, generic demo browser. How would this work with anything else? Also, AFAIK, Miiverse is going to be integrated into the interface just like we saw when they showed it off originally. You know, with the game and application icons floating around with all the Miis around them screaming their thoughts at you? Yeah.

Not sure how anyone could think this could be the final interface. If it is, I'll eat five hats with salt and pepper.



FonistofCruxis said:

I doubt this will be what the final interface looks like. Its probably just for the demo stations. As @GazPlant pointed out, there wasn't even an area to select a game to play



Hokori said:

IDC about folders anymore I don't use them on my 3DS anymore since I have too many games and folders make things too confusing, I just put them all on my screen in order of release



Spooky said:

They have shown the main menu already. It's called Miiverse, we already know its the first thing you see when the console it switched on. All the games are shown there and load from there. Besides multi-game disk-free demo Wii consoles had an almost identical menu shown on the TV and this is nothing different.

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