We have more news about the exciting innovation in video game retail: the Amazon Wii U guessing game. It was only a week ago that Amazon UK listed a black version of the system at £199, before swiftly removing the listing and cancelling any pre-orders shortly after. That product page had stated it'd be available on 14th July, along with some other oddities, so that was hardly a surprise.

It seems that the Amazon counterpart in Germany is jealous of the attention, as it's now joined in with its own listing for the console. In order to play it safe it's leapt to the other end of the pricing scale at €399.99, or around £322, with a release date of 21st December. We'd suggest that it's very unlikely that Nintendo would release the system that late in the holiday shopping period, while that projected price point could potentially see the system struggle to get off the shelves.

All we need now is for Amazon France to estimate an October release at €299.99, and we'll have the likely launch date and price estimates balanced out. Or we could wait for official word from Nintendo, of course.

[via mcvuk.com, amazon.de]