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Male, 20, United States

Thu 3rd Nov 2011

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Rikublade95 commented on Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones:

I already got to the last boss on the my VBA(virtual boy advance) but i never beat maybe i'll beat it this time. Can't wait for fire emblem for 3ds



Rikublade95 commented on Sonic Generations Gets Online Play and StreetPass:

I'm pretty good at sonic games, but sonic heros really stumped me. I don't know if cause it was when i was little or what, but sonic colors I beat in 8 hours. could have beat it in lesser time, but distraction and other stuff. I got it on christmas and beat it on christmas. I just hope they make up for leave modern sonic mode like the classic sonic mode. Still getting it either way.



Rikublade95 commented on Sonic Generations:

I wish they make the 3ds one like the ps3 and xbox 360. The modern sonic is played almost like the classic sonic. I wonder how online play will be.
Go Sonic!