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Fri 10th Jul 2009

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Baer commented on Game Freak: The Pokémon World Will Be Evolvin...:

@AlphaIchimoru First person? You must be kidding.

The current formula isn't a bad one. Though the whole thing needs to be kept fresh. I think another remake of the red/blue/green version would be the best option to introduce new big changes to the series.
Simply using the 3D models from the Pokedex 3D would be the very best <3



Baer commented on Rumour: Wii U Priced at €399.99 by Amazon Ge...:

What gets totally clear with this is:

  • Price will be 399€ or less
  • Nintendo releases consoles usually on fridays in Europe, 21th Dec. is just the last friday before christmas
    > so it will be released between 2. November until 21. December