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Pokémon Typing Adventure Announced for DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Gotta type 'em all?

Satoru Shibata's European Nintendo Direct broadcast had a few moments of charm and Nintendo quirkiness, none more so than the announcement of Pokémon Typing Adventure for DS, which arrives in September. It's Pokémon played by typing, just what we all expected.

It will come bundled with a rather sleek wireless keyboard — which we assume will also work with 3DS — and the game footage showed Pokémon creatures running and avoiding objects, with the player typing prompted words as quickly and as accurately as possible. In part designed for children learning to type, the trailer did show a grown-up having a jolly time, with Shibata saying that it'll feature plenty of challenges for more experienced gamers.

In fairness, it could be the most fun way to learn typing that's ever been conceived: we'll keep our eyes peeled for any North American release details.

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Knuckles said:

If they had a Sonic version of this when I was a kid, I would be the fastest typer on the block. Time! 1 min on 3DS browser [roughly ]



C-Olimar said:

If it doesn't work with other games with text chat (i.e. Animal Crossing) or the 3DS web browser then its pretty useless.



Millenia said:

I love The Typing of the Dead so I'd definitely love this. Hope it comes to North America.



ThreadShadow said:

"sleek, wireless keyboard"? That's pretty cool, and the keyboard does look quite nice.

I don't care for Pokemon myself, but the keyboard has potential.



sillygostly said:


Didn't think this would happen (which would have been stupid as this game is guaranteed to print money), but I'm so glad that it is. Hopefully the keyboard will also be compatible with other hardware (assuming that it operates on bluetooth like the Japanese version).

Geez, there's certainly no shortage of new Pokemon games is there? =O



Geonjaha said:

Sure, Sure. I just have one question. What exactly is the DS supposed to floating on? Are we supposed to provide our own stand? Because I wouldnt want to have to prop a flower pot up behind my DS every time I wanted to play.



Moshugan said:

I wonder what other games are going to be supported? This game is just a means to launch the peripheral.



C-Olimar said:

@Geonjaha All the bottom screen shows is the keyboard I think, so you put the DS on its bottom screen. Not very portable though :/



Kirk said:

HOW does this make sense for a portable game?

Surely this kind of thing would be more suited to a home console where it doesn't completely go against the whole idea of something being portable in the first place.

What the hell is going on at Nintendo?

I mean it looks kinda fun but surely that's got to be tempered with just a tiny bit of common sense when developing these products.



C-Olimar said:

@ChunkyDroid That makes sense
Ironically, I play my 3DS mostly at home anyway, so it wouldn't be a problem for me. The fact that it is compatible with all bluetooth devices is interesting though. The DS and 3DS aren't bluetooth, so it is like they are making this for other devices... I still hope it's compatible with Animal Crossing though!



GreenDream said:

LOL @ separated keyboard on a portable device xD
Granted, I think Blackberries are silly.



Crystalking18 said:

I actually wanted this title for a while, so I'm hoping it comes to North America. Maybe it'll be like Typing of the Damned.



MarkyVigoroth said:

For a while, I thought NintendoLife uploaded old news by accident.
I needed to read more to see that the system was going to be releaed in Europe.
...just when I was about to buy a Nipponese version for the Bluetooth keyboad for my tablet...



Poketendo said:

@C-Olimar I've ridden that it works with a bluetooth thingy in the game card, at least it does in Japan, so I think it isn't going to work with that
I also think that this one isnt going to mean a lot of fun for me, because I can already type fast and that can become boring after a while



Kitsune_Rei said:

OMG I really wanted this when I read about it, but never expected it to get localized. Please for NA too! I love typing games, and this looks super fun!



C-Olimar said:

@mario-gek I thought that, but I still hope the Animal Crossing card has bluetooth in it as well - maybe they could offer an Animal Crossing bundle next year as well?



Henmii said:

A big keyboard...and the DS!

I could have said something clever, but words fail me!!



sinalefa said:

Hey, I read the mandatory "Typing of the Dead" mention in the comments, so it will be up to me to make the one for "Mario Teaches Typing", which would mark the first time Pikachu makes something good and useful for kids everywhere. Parents' wallets could even justify just one more Pokémon game for their kids.

As others have mentioned, it would be great if this is compatible with the web browser on both DS and 3DS. You can already plug an USB keyboard to your Wii anyway.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Funny. I always envisioned Nintendo making a keyboard add-on. Now it looks like a tiny computer.

And, yeah, @PrettyMuchEveryoneWhoCommentedAbove, this had better have someusefulness to it; otherwise it's just another CPP in that it works with very few games.



geneon101 said:

i hope that you can use the keyboard in other games/apps as well. all we need is a mouse next :3



HawkeyeWii said:

I kinda hope it works with Wii too. There are so many times I wish I had a keyboard while playing Animal Crossing City Folk!!

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