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Tue 6th Jul 2010

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ShawnWilson commented on Review: Retro Pocket (DSiWare):

I'm gonna have to side with grumblegrumble on this one. Not about weather its actually better then G&W titles, but about not sharing the same view as the review. I think Retro Pocket deserves a better score then what it recieved and the only game out of the 8 of them I don't like is the one with the fire man, because it is really slow and it never gets challenging. Just sit there and rack up points. I'm gonna have to say myself that I would give this a 7 out of 10. I'm happy with my purchase of this game.



ShawnWilson commented on Review: Decathlon 2012 (DSiWare):

I think NL give excellent reviews. I may not agree with every score they give but in the end this is the only place I come to for reviews on games. I often like to find out a bit more about a game before I make a purchase because even though it may look appealing the actual mechanics of a game may be trash. Even if I or others don't agree with a score and post our thoughts I had never had any reviewer retaliate against my thoughts thus far.

As for cinemaxgames, if they try to play it off like a bad review from NL doesn't hurt them then they don't have me fooled. Even though NL doesn't always effect my final decision they sure do have a lot of influence over my choices in where I put my money in dsiware games. In stead of remaining humble about the review saying by saying something like we will work harder in the future to make more epic games they choose the low road and decided to play if off as a joke. That to me is insulting. If you think simple sliding of the stylus for all the events is entertaining then good luck with those simple mechanics in the future. Why do you have an account on this site if you don't think that an a review on here wouldn't effect your game sales? It couldn't be the huge following of people who visit this site and comment on every review could it?

As for developers and games and reviews in a nutshell, I hope that every review embodies the game itself and nothing else. I wouldn't hold a developer down because they released one bad game. If I don't like cinemaxgames because of how they reacted on this post or because of the release of a game to cash in on the olympic fever and then they make an epic game after all this then I am going to buy it. After I buy it and I enjoy it, if it gets a lesser score then I thought it deserved myself then I might simply say I enjoyed this game and it scored a little higher in my book. In the end to me its all about the games man.



ShawnWilson commented on Review: Petit Computer (DSiWare):

I picked this game up with no prior knowledge of any programming but I figure I can give it a try. As for the review I have to agree it would of been nice if they could of offered more tutorials and better language for beginners but I guess people like me will have to deal with it. As for the score I have to disagree because anything that gives you a creative outlet on dsiware is and instant 9. This is a gift that keeps on giving because I am sure I will play a lot of other peoples programs and that will offer endless hours of entertainment. Those are my thoughts.



ShawnWilson commented on Review: Amoebattle (DSiWare):

I won't buy this game. Real-time strategy games demand Multiplayer maps and the ability to make your own custom maps to battle human opponents or against a computer, So after you beat the campaign there is no replay value. I wouldn't even compare this to epic games like Warcraft. If games like that only had a campaign and nothing else I doubt they would have risen to the level they have. So you using excuses like price point and being a small independent developer will keep you in the very same position that caused you to skimp on areas of this game. I don't mind paying a little more for quality then paying less for crap. I wanted to buy this game but the fact there is nothing past a main campaign is a huge let down for a huge fan of RTS games like myself. I hope in the future you keep this in mind when trying to tackle what in my mind is the very best genre in gaming. Its not one to be taken lightly....



ShawnWilson commented on Review: GO Series: Picdun (DSiWare):

I got this game. Didn't enjoy it as much as the review led me to believe. Doesn't score a 9 in my book. I agree with the 4/10 review. I'm not much of a puzzle guy though so that might be the reason for me.



ShawnWilson commented on Review: AfterZoom (DSiWare):

@bboy2970: I have to agree with you. I feel like there isn't any other games on the shop that are unique as this. In my own mind this game is at least a 7 and I can see real potential for innovation in a sequel. I think they threw this game under the bus and didn't give it any credit for having its own style....