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E3 2012: Ubi's Wii U-Exclusive Zombie Shooter ZombiU

Posted by James Newton


Not content with showing off more of Rayman Legends for Wii U, Ubisoft's also lifted the lid on ZombiU, a Wii U-exclusive zombie-based survival horror.

It's actually an evolution of last year's Killer Freaks from Outer Space, but with zombies instead of aliens.

The publisher showed off a very lengthy trailer showing Dead Rising-style action set in the UK: zombies are decapitated in front of Buckingham Palace. Just like this week with the Jubilee, then.

Ubisoft®’s Infectious ZombiUTM Coming Exclusively to Nintendo's Wii UTM

Survival-Horror Shooter Showcases Nintendo Wii UTM GamePad, Delivers Intense and Terrifying New Gaming Experience

LOS ANGELES — June 4, 2012 — Today, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft challenged gamers to find out how long they can survive in the dilapidated, infected world of ZombiU – a new survival-horror shooter that will be released exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii UTM. ZombiU headlines a group of eight titles from Ubisoft that will be available for the Nintendo Wii UTM.

Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the studio behind critically acclaimed titles like From DustTM, Beyond Good & Evil® and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter®, ZombiU puts players in the middle of London circa 2012, where an outbreak has infected the population, destroying their humanity and turning them into mindless monsters preying on the flesh of the few remaining survivors. This fear-fueled first-person shooter takes all the terror, chaos and tension found in the best of the horror genre and adds original interactive elements, including a unique death mechanic that puts players in the body of a different survivor each time they die, allowing them to track and take down their old, infected characters, recover their equipment and see if they can stay alive just a little bit longer this time.

ZombiU showcases the innovative features of the Nintendo Wii UTM GamePad and creates new game experiences not possible on other consoles. The Nintendo Wii UTM GamePad serves as the player’s ultimate survival kit, called the “Bug Out Bag.” The Bug Out Bag is a backpack containing all the maps, tools, weapons and supplies that players can scavenge from the limited resources available in the devastated cityscape. ZombiU also uses the Nintendo Wii UTM GamePad’s touch screen, gyroscope and camera to create a tactile connection between gamers and the in-game world. Finally, ZombiU features a distinctive multiplayer adversarial mode that allows one player to take on the role of “Zombie Master,” spawning and controlling enemies from a top-down view on the Nintendo Wii UTM GamePad while the second player fights for survival on the big screen in first-person shooter view with the Nintendo Wii UTM Pro controller.

“ZombiU is a dark and daunting game that gamers will love to play again and again,” said Guillaume Brunier, producer at Ubisoft. “ZombiU takes advantage of the Nintendo Wii U’s one-of-a-kind capabilities and will be a launch title that every gamer will want to sink their teeth into.”

For more information on ZombiU, please visit the official ZombiU website ( and

ZombiU also can be pre-ordered at UBIShop® by visiting:

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MetroidMasher17 said:

@nimH37 I agree. It's nice to see Nintendo finally embracing the more hardcore side of the gaming spectrum, while still being linked to the casual side.



C-Olimar said:

This must be the zombie game that the weird guy was playing in yesterday's Nintendo Direct. I would prefer Killer Freaks, but this still looks pretty good.



citizenerased said:

A really, really fantastic teaser. I'm cynical about gameplay, we'll see!

@XCWarrior: Ubisoft games include the Assassin's Creed, Rayman and Prince Of Persia franchises. And a little game called Beyond Good & Evil. Yes, they have a ton of crap, but Ubisoft is worth paying attention to for Michael Ancel alone.



Whopper744 said:

Looks ok....sad they changed it to another Zombie game though...what is the obsession with those?



ennan said:

Like the idea of jumping into another character and hunting your former self.



3dbrains said:

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Ras said:

Gameplay graphics didn't look too good in Iwata's presentation. Hopefully that was an early build.



accc said:

@tealovertoma I personally thought Beyond Good & Evil was awful, and Assassin's Creed represents everything that's wrong with the videogame industry today. You're right that they do occasionally put out something worth paying attention too, though.



WaveGhoul said:

If Wii remote 'pointing controls' + Nunchuck are confirmed as an alternate control scheme than I may actually check this bad boy out....However if it's just traditional dual analog controls via the Wii U Game Pad than i'm out. This is what i'm afraid of, developers not using the Wii remote + Nunchuck for first person shooters(for ex) as an alternative control scheme...Taking a massive step backwards in controls BUT with innovative Wii U gamepad touch screen(ect) elements doesn't fly with me for genre's like this 'at all'



SMW said:

Sounds very cool, but why the change from alien critters with huge heads and a ton of teeth to generic zombies?



WaveGhoul said:

@SMWI was thinking the same thing! Zombies are seriously played out in this day age. They were extremely fresh in the videogame world when the first Resident Evil hit the scene for the playstation, but now it's just overblown like King Koopa on an All you can eat Koopa Troopa Pancake diet.

Still, i'll check this out if it offers Wii Remote Pointer + Nunchuck controls, if not I't's a big fat giant pass. Looking forward to some actual gameplay trailers. Pffff, and lets see if the in-game graphics actually live up to the amazing looking visuals as seen in the Flashy Uuber westerniZed E3 Teaser trailer.



Ras said:

@Assassin87 Yesterday's Iwata presentation featured an unidentified zombie game. It featured Royal Palace guards, so it has to be the same game. As analyzed here, I think (maybe Nintendo World Report), the graphics looked more Wii quality than "next gen."



Morpheel said:

Too bad we already know how to beat that zombie boss.

@WaveBoy: Actually, if you see the trailer carefully, it seems the guy is aiming with the gamepad ala wiimote.



WaveGhoul said:

@MorpheelLooks like he's either performing Melee-like attacks or just getting wild with the controller since it's a commercial or whatever. You can use the GamePad as a Pointer device, but what do i care? It can't replicate the feeling of holding a gun like the wii remote can in this case for ZombiU.

C'mon Ubi Confirum the Wii Remote + Nunchuck as an alternate control scheme and you might possibly have me at a YESSS. Besides, analog 'aiming' controls make the character animations look robotic, stiff and clunky. Using a wii remote gives it realistic fluid 1:1 moments as seen in metroid Prime 3 instead of that tank controlling/looking analog stuff. The last title i played using analog/aiming controls was BioShock 2 and it made Big daddy's arm cannon animations look awful

I'm suprised nintendo didn't actually build on the wii remote foundation....Why not give us a wireless nunchuck with superior gyro controls and Motion plus inside? That would be amazing for using Link's Shield for example with real 1:1 movements to block enemie attacks while using the Wii remote plus to swing your sword.Instead the Wii U has gone into a completely different direction. I know I know, i've been pretty negative as of late. At least I'm not a biased fan boy, i call it like it is regardless of company, as much as i love the big N.



SonyFACE said:

So, do you upgrade the scanner to look for antibodies on the zombie boss' swollen glands?



RevolverLink said:

"...including a unique death mechanic that puts players in the body of a different survivor each time they die, allowing them to track and take down their old, infected characters, recover their equipment and see if they can stay alive just a little bit longer this time."

This sounds like it could be really interesting.



Henmii said:

ZombiU, awfull title. Hopefully it has good gameplay and good graphics! At Nintendo's conference we will see some real gameplay!



siavm said:

@MetroidMasher17 But this is not a nintendo made game. So unless nintendo make a M game internally (not happening), nothing surprises me with what is released on the system. Remember nintendo had Rare once upon a time and they made some of the best mature games of all time. Also wii had bloody games like madworld and no more hero.



MAB said:

Here we go again with the played out FPS crap. These games actually turn innocent people into zombies, like Wavesta if it lacks Wiimote + Nunchuk support then no buy, maybe if we can use the gun cradle with U gamepad on top it might be cool.



CommanderAudio said:

@dark-insanity (Watches Dead Island trailer) That's pretty awesome....but poor girl

Dosen't everybody remeber the Dead Island trailer? Didn't everyone say it would be awesome when they watched the Dead Island trailer? Didn't most people wonder why the hell they said that when they played Dead Island? Calm down! I much preferred it as Killer Freaks From Outer Space anyway.

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