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E3 2012: Nintendo Land to Show Off the GamePad

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A theme park of well-known attractions

Nintendo Land will arrive on Wii U, which will primarily aim to make use of the GamePad for innovative gameplay through a compilation of themed mini-game experiences. It'll feature game areas based on three big franchises: Zelda Battle Quest, Animal Crossing Sweet Day and Luigi's Mansion Ghost Mansion.

It'll make use of Miiverse for multiplayer, which will be expanded upon in an upcoming roundtable. There'll be standard multiplayer as well, with Wii Remotes used alongside the GamePad, with the latter having a different perspective. An example shown was in Luigi's Mansion 'Haunting Hijinks', where the GamePad had an overhead view of the other players running through a maze, similar to the Chase Mii concept shown off at E3 2011.

Will Nintendo Land enjoy the same success as Wii Play? What do you think?

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dizzy_boy said:

should be good fun, hopefully it`ll be bundled in with the wii u, don`t know if i`d pay out for a stand alone copy.



Geonjaha said:

Wait for the madness as people blame their hopes and dreams not being shown on this quite nice looking minigame collection. :3



Punny said:

I'm pretty sure this will be bundled with the console. Either way, Nintendo Land has peaked my interest, mostly because it has made two dreams of mine a reality; both a Nintendo-based theme park AND a theme park that I won't have to wait in a line for! (Granted, a real Nintendo theme park would have been better, but this will have to do...)



WingedSnagret said:

Hmm, I'm not to sure about this. And it does look like they could have made the game series' spectrum broader. I mean, wheres Kirby, Metriod, and Pokemon? But this doesn't look too bad all the same. (I'd rather have a REAL Nintendo theme park though!)



rjejr said:

Reggie on Spike just said this will be available at launch. i realy don't think hey are planning on packing it in. And Wii play sales don't count, it was free w/ a Wiimote. They could have called this "WiiU Play Nintendo". I really liked Wii Play Motion but it was $30 w/ a WiimotePlus in the box. And it doesn't mater what this costs i fnobody has a WiiU to play it on. Nobody i sgoing to buy a WiiU for this, they should be working on better games for launch and save this for next summer after the kids get out of school.
Where's Watch Dogs?



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah the way he said NintendoLand will be released at the same time as the WiiU it makes it sound like it's not a pack-in, which it should definitely be otherwise there's like zero chance I'll get it.



Reala said:

This part of the show really dragged on, such a disaoppinting way to close the show I thought.



hYdeks said:

Looks like a good game for the kids to pick up and play, and parents to play with them. I don't know if they should have focused so much time on the game as they did but hey, I guess there excited about it

I'ld play it if it came with the system, wouldn't buy stand alone though.



TKOWL said:

At first I thought it was an official IRL Nintendo theme park opening.

I is disappoint.



NintyMan said:

Seems like a marriage between casual and core, which might not sit well with some but I'm going to stay optimistic. This is being made by the Animal Crossing guy, after all, so I think it'll work out. Wii Sports Resort was pretty fun, and I thought about Miis in a Nintendo-themed game before. We should learn more throughout E3.



WreckItRyan said:

"We'll end with some more gameplay from Nintendo Land. Thanks everyone!" shows fireworks ...hahah what.



WesCash said:

Hopefully bundled with Wii U. Looks fun but probably wouldn't buy separately unless they had some bundle a la Wii Play.



sinalefa said:

If they really want to emulate Wii Sports' success, this should come bundled with the console. They are trying to emphasize how it showcases the asymmetric gameplay, kinda like WS showed the motion controls in all their primitive glory.



GreenDream said:

Even though this is a casual experience, it actually seems a little bit TOO complex. Wii Sports was such a runaway success to sell the Wii due to it's simplicity. I doubt "Nintendo Land" will have anywhere near the cultural impact...



AVahne said:

Hope its a pack in like Wii Sports. If it's a retail game like Wii Play...then no.



shinesprite said:

Koto said:
Hope its a pack in like Wii Sports. If it's a retail game like Wii Play...then no.




mamp said:

It needs to come with because it's too lame to come with a price tag.



paburrows said:

It was officially stated in the presentation that it would come with the Wii U System.



Emaan said:

Wait is this being bundled with Wii U like Wii Sports was? The way Reggie worded it made it sound like an individual retail game. They need something included with the system, New Super Mario Bros. U or Nintendo Land, it only makes sense.



TimboBaggins said:

This game looks very fun, but half of the conference should not have been devoted to it. I actually fell asleep. I would rather have seen more New Super Mario U. Horrible way to end the conference, I was sitting their waiting for more. WTF are Retro and Silicon Knights? And they said they weren't going to focus on 3DS games, yet they spent a good chunk of the presentation talking about the new mario and luigi mansion 2. I am stoked for this game if its a pack in....actually, I expect nintendo to include some sort of pack in game, or I'll be pissed. All the best nintendo systems came with a pack in game (NES, SNES, Gameboy, Wii)



ThreadShadow said:

This looks fun. It should be open to dlc, in case they think of a good game for a Nintendo property that isn't already in there.



Henmii said:

Could be fun, but it's yet again a mini-game compilation! This should come free with the Wii u! It could even be already installed into the system (like face-raiders was on the 3DS)!

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