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Iwata: "Animal Crossing 3DS Won't Rely on Add-On Content"

Posted by James Newton

Get what you pay for

To some, Animal Crossing on 3DS sounds like the ideal opportunity to sell as much digital add-on content as possible, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has again stated the company's strong opposition to this model.

Iwata told investors Nintendo will stick to its ethos of not selling products that consumers would deem "incomplete", preserving its relationship with customers. He particularly spoke out against so-called "gacha-type" business models, which mimic the popular capsule toy machines by asking users to pay upfront without knowing which particular item will come through. In Animal Crossing parlance, imagine buying a chair without knowing which series it was from.

Of course Iwata didn't say that Animal Crossing 3DS won't feature add-on content — both Wii and DS versions have received regular, free updates — but that Nintendo is sticking to its principles:

We will continue to make efforts to avoid such misunderstandings as, “the next ‘Animal Crossing’ might be a game which relies upon add-on content sales.”

As for a Western release date, Iwata said that information will be revealed "at a later date." The most recent schedule lists its release date outside Japan as "to be determined."


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BenAV said:

Good to hear.
I'd hate to see the Animal Crossing series get ruined by something like that.



RevolverLink said:

That is reassuring to hear, hopefully they'll stick to that philosophy over this next generation and beyond. The age of DLC certainly has its benefits, but it's been exploited far too often by greedy publishers.

And they can be assured that a policy like this earns the respect of many gamers everywhere, not just loyal Nintendo fans.



Prof_Clayton said:

Yay Nintendo! Thanks for keeping one of my favorite game series from falling into the DLC trap! I hate spending money on stuff that coukd have just been in the game in the first place.



Mk_II said:

And this is the difference between a marketing conglomerate (ie Microsoft) and a game company.



Burning_Spear said:

Animal Crossing is so much about individual expression — making your own clothing, landscaping your town — that to make it about buying stuff rather than creating stuff would rob the game of its unique essence.



Froggievilleus said:

What I am hoping to see for AC would be AR cards. We had AC eReader cards and I would love to collect AR cards for this game.



V8_Ninja said:

Considering that Animal Crossing would most likely be Nintendo's easiest game to monetize with extra payment options, I'm happy that Nintendo still holds a firm belief on letting players access all of the (finished) content that's on the disc/cartridge.



Whopper744 said:

Great to don't need to put out new downloadable content to keep a game fresh in my opinion....if it's going to cost money anyway. Nintendo's the best.



grimbldoo said:

Seriously, screw DLC. If you can't make a game good enough to play for long hours or replay without DLC, then you sir have no skill whatsoever and do not belong in the gaming business.



Robo-goose said:

Animal Crossing is one of the easiest types of games to fall into the "You got the game, now buy what it's supposed to come with!" category. Whether it's buying extra bells, vanity items,rare furniture, or special guests, Animal Crossing is something that would have suffered greatly from that kind of approach. Good on you, Nintendo.



mamp said:

IDC if there is paid DLC as long as you don't go overboard like Crapcom.



C7_ said:

This is how you do DLC, You develop the game so that it's compatible with it, but don't intend to make any until after the game is released so that the players can put in an opinion on what they want added or improved. Then you make it, fix any bugs that may have existed in-game, and ship out fair DLC.

Starting out right Nintendo



Chrono_Cross said:

Good. That's the one game this year I don't want DLC for. I want the entire game in my hands with no strings attached.



Shworange said:

Awesome! That's great to hear. Any news on play coin usage? I've got plenty of play coins to burn. .
I saw that amazon France has put a release date at September 28, but that's to be taken with a grain of salt. If its true through, Ill take credit for it.



MeloMan said:

I'm indifferent. Make a complete game, but still offer something to extend the game after the usual stuff. As long as DLC isn't a requirement because a game wasn't finished, so be it, but you can only cram so much in a finished product without leaving "something" out. But I digress... I'll love Animal Crossing regardless



DarkKirby said:

Fantastic, although in my opinion the thing that made AC: Wild World messed up was the massive amount of hacking that made all items, no matter how rare, have no value, and in addition made interacting with strangers extremely dangerous. Even if they were not hacking there was nothing preventing people from coming into your town to wreck things up.



Cloud-San-VII said:

You know, I am as happy as I am sad. It would have been interesting to see DLC, as long as it is free, but yeah, it would have felt a bit incomplete. If they do the Nintendo stuff they can pass out stuff you would have got through DLC. I think that they should do something with the play coins though. I wanted my town to have an old Japanese and/or a city feel to the houses (I would switch every so often). I hope they have it so you can play all of the holidays all over the world (Ex: America and Europe able to do the Cherry Blossom Festival, Boy/Girl Day, Midsummer Day).



ReaperX30 said:

I like DLC when it's an expansion and not something that should've been in the game to start with. If they release some DLC with new stuff after the game is out I'd be cool with that. I never played any of the other Animal Crossing but I'm really interested in this one. Hope it's coming soon.



lanabanana said:

Yeah, I don't want add-on content either. My parents don't let me use their credit cards... so yeah, that would really suck for me.



sinalefa said:


"Of course Iwata didn't say that Animal Crossing 3DS won't feature add-on content"

So no reason to be sad then.

Kudos to Nintendo for that. Another company that has earned my respect is Squenix/n Space for announcing a whole year of daily free missions for Heroes of Ruin.




I agree 200% on all this. TRUE! You DON'T need DLC to enjoy a game the whole way through at times. So long as everything is there, it's like, what the heck is the point? -__- But I do agree with Cloud-San-VII on the whole deal with the Play Coins. They could have like a way where you can cash in the Play Coins you earn towards stuff that you wouldn't normally be able to get with the game's currency, bells. Give you something to do to earn a little something extra for yourself or your town if you feel the need, whether you want to or not.



Capt_N said:

Dlc is ok, only if:
1. the price is fair
2. the game was complete, prior to dlc
3. the dlc has an easy method for distribution; this allows players who have, say the money for dlc, but not an internet connection, get it. Maybe each player can "carry" the dlc. When their 3DS comes into contact w/ another, the player w/o gets the d/l, but it doesn't install. They later get a prompt to install, or discard/delete the updated information/program data. This ensures they get the data, so they can decide later on installation.

As it is, I prefer to buy a completed game.



Sir_Deadly said:

Ok, soo i never was into animal crossing before. I always played Harvest Moon now can anyone tell if there similar games and if soo which do u like better? This games looks pretty good and graphically beautiful soo i was wandering if i should get this or not?



Geonjaha said:

@Assassin87 - I play both franchises, but I tend to get bored of Harvest Moon a lot. Animal Crossing is great though - I recommend you try it out, because it's a game that many people instantly love. The games arent exactly similar, and Animal Crossing boasts more activites overall.



Sir_Deadly said:

@Geonjaha - Thnxs man, that's what I was hoping to here. I love the way this one looks soo i might give it a try. Should I try any other Animal Crossing games because I got a gamecube, Wii, and a 3DS soo i think i can get the games already out there.



Dizzard said:

I hope if they do have dlc for Animal Crossing 3DS that you buy an entire set of something and not just buying chairs individually.

Perhaps dlc packs based on themes with lots of items packed into them?

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