Today is a big day for Nintendo's latest bid for continued handheld gaming dominance: the 3DS is one year old in Europe. Its North American anniversary arrives on 27th March, so there will surely be plenty of high-fives and Mario style 'wahoo' whoops coming from the famous old company's regional teams.

It's been a rather dramatic first year for 3DS, certainly not the simple rise to glory and sales heaven that some may have expected. It had a high-profile launch, a painfully slow summer period, a major price cut and an impressive revival courtesy of some exceptional games. The device itself has also evolved since launch day, with Nintendo showing a genuine enthusiasm and willingness to improve the portable with a number of system updates. It's been a truly remarkable year, though one that seems to have finished well.

During the course of this week we'll be naming our favourite 3DS games so far, looking at the successes and failures of the system's first year, and also sharing a number of other articles and opinions about the handheld.

Today, we just want to hear from you. What have you thought of the 3DS' first year? Which periods or events stick out as bad moments for the console, and what system features or games have given you the 'wow' factor? Let us know in the comments below.