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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC Confirmed for 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Can't stop the rhythm

Way back in November last year we posted the news that Nintendo was promising 3DS DLC in 2012, though there were no further details. According to a report from Official Nintendo Magazine, the starting gun has now been fired for this extra content to go on sale.

It's been confirmed that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, the music title currently only scheduled for release in Japan, will be the first retail title to offer paid DLC on the handheld. Eight additional music tracks will be available to buy, with it being reported that they'll be available in groups two to three weeks apart. They will apparently cost 150 Yen each, which is around £1.20, and will include the following themes from throughout the Final Fantasy franchise:

Final Fantasy II Battle Scene 1 (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy IV The Final Battle (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy IX Fighters of the Crystal (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy XIII Fighting Fate (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy V Hikari wo Motomete (Field Stage)
Final Fantasy VII Cosmo Canyon (Field Stage)
Final Fantasy VIII Ride On (Field Stage)
Final Fantasy X Someday The Dream Will End (Field Stage)

If this title is ever released outside of Japan, would you be interested in this paid DLC? We'd also love to know what you think of the pricing: do you think this content represents good value for money?


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pariah164 said:

I want this game so badly. I am thisclose to buying a Japanese 3DS for this game alone.



warioswoods said:

I still don't "get" this game. It looks kind of like Elit Beat Agents in the screenshots — but that's the top screen! ... but the top screen isn't the touch screen, so how the hell does this work?



gerhilt said:

Doesn't it seem odd that they announced DLC before the game has come out?



Kyloctopus said:

It sounds cool how it shows a scene and characters from each Final Fantasy, including Dididea.



zezhyrule said:

Oh god no. Not the Barthandelus fighting music. I effing hate him! Well I guess the music itself ain't that bad but... bad memories of the Oerba fight ;__;

I really like those FFIV and FFX tracks. The FFV one is weird, I can't find anything on it at all except stuff having to do with Theatrhythm :/

Also, "Fighters of the Crystal" is a track from FFXI, not IX.



JustAnotherUser said:

The songs should have been in the game to begin with since they've announced the DLC.
As you can tell, I hate DLC. (unless it's free, then I only find it annoying)



Completezero said:

I've been playing Gitaroo Man for the past few weeks, and this looks reeeeaaaaal similar. I hope it's just as good as that game, or at least good but completely different.



warioswoods said:


Yes, I know that you use the bottom screen, but that means those "pathways" aren't for your stylus to follow. It can't work like Elit Beat, so what do you actually do?



Wildvine53 said:

In Gabrielle's Ghostly Grooves, you had the paths on the top screen, and traced on the touch screen. A cursor appeared on the top screen to show where your stylus is placed. It doesn't work as well as Elite Beat agents, but it still works.



bonesy91 said:

if It doesn't get DLC of Final fantasy Mystic quest then I will pass on this. FFMQ has the best soundtrack I've heard in an FF game.

Live on neglected but awesome game, live on.



Objection said:

$1-2 for a song isn't horrible, as long as full effort was put into its presentation and layout. Any more than that would be ridiculous. Personally, I like to get a couple hours (ideally ~5) out of every $10 I spent on/in a game.



Linkstrikesback said:

I have to say, £1.20 is far more than I'd pay for a single song.

If they were £0.60 each, with all 8 bundled for say...£4.20, they'd have my attention.

£1.20 each is an instant no though.



Yosher said:

Yeah, that much for a single song is a bit much. I'll only be buying them if I -reall- like the songs in that case.



KoiTenchi said:

The whole DLC situation for this bothers me a little bit, but I'm even more bothered by the fact that the game still isn't even confirmed to be released anywhere outside of Japan!



Noire said:

There's no way in hell I'm going to be paying those pr--oh hey look, FFII Battle Theme. $2? That's not much ... and they have the Final Battle theme from IV? I should get that too...



Angel_Fur said:

Ok so how are you meant to pronounce that idiotic word?! Sounds like something cooked up by committee.



zezhyrule said:

Too much for one track? This is SE we're talking about people. And besides, like most DLC, it's optional. If you don't like the tracks, no one is forcing you to buy any of them.



Freelance said:

I am awful at rhythm games so I doubt I'd buy this but I wanted to say that the DLC is expensive, especially when you consider that Dissidia 012 DLC has 3 to 5 music tracks from each game for a mere 99 cents : /



Pogocoop said:

So, they already have planned DLC and prices for it, for a game thats not even out?

Why not just put it in the actual game before it releases....



Pogocoop said:

So, they already have planned DLC and prices for it, for a game thats not even out?

Why not just put it in the actual game before it releases....



GC-161 said:

@Pogocoop So you wanna pay $49.99 for the game that includes everything - all the DLC content/songs?

Or would you rather just pay the regular 3DS price for the base game and buy whatever song you like. I dunno about you, but this options better.



kkslider5552000 said:

@36 At least Capcom had a reason to make that RE game more expensive, if they can put it in the game via DLC, then I would assume they do not need the game to have more memory than other 3DS games. Like a lot of DLC, this is clearly because they didn't want to delay the game and they were gonna be in the game originally anyway. Which is fine I guess? But if the game was delayed, it would be in the game normally and the game would cost exactly the same. I would assume. I would hope.

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