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Team Meat: "We Never Said eShop Limit is 2GB"

Posted by James Newton

"Don't know what it is!

Yesterday we reported that the eShop game size limit is 2GB, but Team Meat's Tommy Refenes has taken to Twitter to say he never claimed it was 2GB.

Refenes, via the Super Meat Boy account, said:

Never said that 2GB was the size restriction on eShop. I do not know what it is.

Reset button hit.


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nick_gc said:

It's probably going to be somewhere around a 250-500MB. I would be surprised if it was 2GB.



19Robb92 said:

Good. I hope there is no limit. And even if there is, it should be more than 2GB. Developers shouldn't have to be all that limited.



3dbrains said:

Their is no limit. It depends on how much the dev wants to pay Nintendo per sale. The bigger the file, the more they have to pay to Nintendo per title sold. It seems to be size related payments with no limit at all.
I know someone who works for a certain company who gather happy faces who are making an eshop title.



AndyCarolan said:

Well, whatever the eShop app size limit is, large capacity SD cards are relatively cheap. And with Nintendo releasing Demos now, maybe a bigger card would be a smart move anyway. I dont have a Huge amount on my 3DS, but the 2GB card is half full (or half empty lol) already



Spoony_Tech said:

Yeah I agree with some here. There probably isn't a limit and if there is has to be fairly high in order to even consider full retail releases! Even on the smaller size end just imagine how long it would take to download on full retail game. Maybe a half an hour or longer. The best way for Nintendo to do this would be to pre pay for the title and automatically send it to you to arrive at a certain time. Assuming the title is a new release type!



Chobi said:

Hmm, Well the two biggest games on the Nintendo eShop in terms of size are Mighty Switch Force! (1,617 blocks) and Let's Golf! 3D (1,520 blocks) I'm guessing both games are a bit above a gig. So 2GB is a possibility.



AbuJaffer said:

@Steampunk A block is 128KB of data; a 1GB SD card is around 8,000 blocks. So those games are around 180MB in size each.

I doubt Nintendo has set no limit; however, I'm guessing they'll allow full-retail releases to a prestigious set of developers/publishers, like they do for 4GB/8GB game carts.



TingLz said:

Nintendo Everything inserted "Wii" and "3DS" into the quote, so it's not Team Meat's fault. Actually if I'm not mistaken, Team Meat never even said there was a limit on eShop games.

Still, 2 GB is a lot of data for a handheld downloadable game.

@XCWarrior: Aw, that's cute, but your trolling is too late. Mighty Switch Force is 200 MB



RR529 said:

Why are people automatically assuming that the limit is less than 2 Gigs? They said the limit wasn't 2 Gigs, but they never said it was smaller. It could be bigger.



Vincent294 said:

There's probably no limit, or why would Nintendo consider full retail releases. Or maybe it's a really big limit.



C-Olimar said:

They will have to allow up to 2GB for retail downloads, since most 3DS games are around this size. Doesn't really bother me, got an 8GB card and could get 16GB for less than a tenner on Amazon. 16GB Vita cards are just under £40 on Amazon, which is frankly ridiculous. Proprietary memory cards in 2012.. it's nice for another company to be behind the times for a change



Ren said:

who cares? Most games have to be pretty heavily compressed anyway. 2 gb is pretty huge for a DL game. A "retail" game would probably be allowed more and have a different pay structure anyway. Like many other things the Wii was a sad experiment ie: dinky game size limits, late in addressing file storage limit/ SD card game running, underpowered for this gen/ bad online. It was a place to experiment since it was a success based on the new controller, but failed on many other fronts.

The 3DS and Wii U are basically a return to form for the usual sizes and power in line with other systems, no reason for anymore of the trolling about "Nintendo is underpowered and old" from people, it was never that way before the Wii, but now it's catch up time. I"m only concerned about online stuff, Nintendo has always had a bad attitude about online features.



Moonhillwat said:

I'm still very sore about not being able to enjoy Super Meat Boy on my Wii.

Damn you, Nintendo!



StarDust4Ever said:

The theoretical limit for eShop downloads is 3.99-something Gigabytes, because the 3DS requires that the SD card is formatted using the FAT-32 file system, which cannot handle file sizes over 4 gigabytes. Seriously, folks, that would take forever to download...



3dbrains said:

No magic needed.
3DS reads the data off of your SD card using a format/filesystem called FAT32.
This allows you to read files UP TO and INCLUDING 3.9Gigabytes in size.(which is still a lot) It also allows you to store a finite number of these on the HDD depending on the size total of the HDD you use.
It stops you from having a file over 4GB as it can NOT read any bigger.
This limit exists 'basically' because they didnt used to think you would need more than that when they invented it.
You can use other formats that can read more per file but they are not used by the Nintedo 3DS SD card. This goes for the PS3, Wii, XBOX360 and your digital camera.
These include NTFS and WBFS etc.
Stardust is correct and has just pointed out the ONLY limit on filesize for the 3DS.



AbuJaffer said:

Both @StarDust and @3dbrains are correct; the 3DS uses a FAT32 system. I believe it can be changed; however, it requires a full format of the SD card, sometimes doesn't work, and is a major obstacle for the major consumer; it takes a long time (read: hours) for large SD cards while converting the file system, so it's not a viable solution. 4GB is the logical limit; this is a massive reason why Sony has a proprietary format. Since PSV games go up to 16 GB it's simply not a viable solution to utilize SD cards. It just won't work.



hYdeks said:

2GB is an impressive amount of room for a game, you could basicly release a Wii game for that I can figure it would be around 1GB or 2GB just because Xbox 360's is 2GB now too (was at first only 100mb).

So really, hard to say, but I guess 1GB Wii U will probably have a 2GB though.

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