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Dragon Quest Monsters 3D Bundle on the Way to Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Quest begins on 31st May

Japanese release details for Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D have emerged, with Andriasang reporting that two retail options will be available from 31st May. As well as a standard game release there is also a 3DS console bundle on the way, adding yet another design for the handheld in its homeland. Clearly based on the 'Ice White' 3DS, we here at Nintendo Life are unsure whether this new-look console is snazzy and attractive or, alternatively, a bit ugly.

Limited edition console aside, this remake of the Game Boy Color original, Dragon Quest Monsters — also known as Dragon Warrior Monsters — brings a new look to the Monsters spin-off series. This is currently only confirmed for Japan, so fans of the series elsewhere can only wait and hope.

Do you want this title to be released worldwide, and would you be interested in the exclusive 3DS design?


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Tsuchinoko said:

OMG are you kidding? That thing is cute! Of course, I'm getting the Monster Hunter 3DS, but still I kinda like the design.



MrKenta said:

I think it looks great, I'd be interested in it if I didn't already have a 3DS.



elchavo90 said:

I remember on one cold christmast day morning I opened my presents. I had the pokemon trading card game, which i really wanted, and Dragon warrior monsters, a game i had never heard of. I ended up throwing Dragon warrior, somewhere and played the pokemon trading card game like crazy. Eventually I gave Dragon warrior a chance, and boy had I misjudge a book by its cover. I cannot imagine the number of hours I must have put into that game. I for one would hope that they bring this game to the world wide audience. Also, I think that that 3DS doesn't look too bad. If your into slimes and what not.



Mk_II said:

not my taste but interesting. and another instant collectable of course



Jarod said:

dunno what you guys are on about this is the nicest 3ds ive ever seen the "dragon quest since 1986" really makes it, too bad theres no way were getting it even if we do get the game, the snake eater 3ds wasnt even released here this doesnt have much hope



Geonjaha said:

Please Japan! We know much of the west is still ignorant to its brilliance - but you must bring DQM here! I need it to survive. D:



ljinkakidd said:

I want this so bad. One of the reasons I even got a 3ds. Just a classic and in my OPINION kills Pokemon's same ole story. I'm not a fan boy I still love Pokemon so chill.



ToxieDogg said:

Hope the game gets a release on this side of the globe...I enjoyed the GBC original much more than I've ever enjoyed Pokemon and would happily buy the remake.



komicturtle said:

I want. I think it looks real nice.
But I just want to know when that sweet remake is coming over here.



Kyloctopus said:

This looks great and cute. But why are there 3 grey Slimes? I hope they release DQM for VC.



Corbs said: But it could have done without the text. I'll still take it!



Prof_Clayton said:

Awesome! But I would prefer just the words 'dragon quest' and one big blue slime, instead of 43 blue and 3 silver.
(The silver ones represent metal slimes, right?)



Radixxs said:

Methinks such a design better and more wholly suited for that of a simple desktop wallpaper. Placed as thus, woe is the misguided consumer.



hendie001 said:

i love it . i never gave dragon warrior a chance till last year when i found a gameboy color version of dragon warrior 1 and 2 so i dug out the gba and gave it a shot and have not looked back currently on dragon quest (warrior) VI still love the first 6 ff more. love the old dragon warrior box art.



sykotek said:

It's alright, but I think I would've preferred a design more like this, one that takes into account the external camera lens and incorporates it into the image.
You'll need to use your imagination a bit...and pardon my lack of MS Paint drawing skills.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Its cute, but I don't think its one of the better 3DS designs. I am curious about this game, I never played it so I hope I can get the chance.

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