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Renegade Kid Wants Your Mutant Mudds Questions

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ask away!

With the upcoming release of Mutant Mudds coming in early 2012, we know many of you obviously have questions about the game.

Thankfully the game's director Jools Watsham has kindly agreed to take part in an exclusive question and answer interview, and you get to ask the questions.

All you have to do is submit your questions in the comments section below and Jools will then choose a select number of questions to answer for the upcoming Q&A article.

You have until 2nd January to get your questions in, so act now.

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Karakato said:

As you said earlier, in another board, at another site, this game will last 8 hours to complete, is that true? If not, how long is the game's length?



GeminiSaint said:

I just want to know how this game differentiates from a generic platformer. All the trailers I've seen so far show what seems to be fairly generic gameplay. Yes, I know there are layers, but the core of the experience still looks like it's jumping here and there and collecting gems--you know, nothing out of the ordinary.



Jfilesguy said:

1) Are there any other gimmicks other than multiple layers?
2) Will the game be mostly linear or will it have non linear aspects? (chosing the level order, branching pathways, backtracking, thindoorind of thing)
3) Will there be any thing other than the main campaign?
4) What 8bit/16bit game gave the team for this game the most inspiration?
5) Will story be a big part of the game, or will it be more of an afterthought added to the manual at the last minute?

That's all I gots



Retro_on_theGo said:

Will there be ways to upgrade items?
Will we get anything special for collecting everything in game?
Can we get a solid release date already?



brandonbwii said:

Does this game truly support SpotPass as mentioned in Nintendo Power? Does it take advantage of the new add-on content feature?



Rockgamer said:

With the shift from 3D DS retail game to 2D 3DS downloadable game, how much of your original vision for the game has stayed intact?



eirikr said:

What is the difference between this game and Cave Story? obviously apart from the character and level design. In other words what distinguishes this game from others?



alLabouTandroiD said:

Which buttons does it use for which actions ? Yes, control layouts are important to me to get an idea about how the game will feel.
Also what JHardin(3.) said. That's all for now.



daznsaz said:

what will the boss battles be like,blast till their gone or inventive thinkers



bahooney said:

How will the many unique features of the 3DS does this game take advantage of (ie: Spotpass, Streetpass, Play Coins, etc.)

Will the original build of the game for the first DS ever see the light of day?



crazyj2312 said:

Will there be any kind of incentives for me to replay the game, like bonus levels and the like?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Okay, so this isn't exactly for the interview, but it IS a question related to the game...when was it pushed back from a December release date? Seriously, I thought this morning that it would either release today or break the last known release schedule, because I hadn't heard that it had been pushed back.



accc said:

Can you thrown in a playable prototype of the 3D platformer game that this was originally supposed to be as an unlockable bonus?



weirdproq said:

Were you inspired by the parts in Virtual Boy Wario Land where you could jump into the background and then back into the foreground?



Radixxs said:

Who wrote/created the soundtrack for the game? And, (If applicable) How did he/she go about writing the music, to fit the game's atmosphere or to sound good on its own?



marioman said:

How many bosses?
How many weapons, will it be like cave story; mostly optional
Any multiplayer functions or streetpass



Knuckles said:

(Slightly off topic) Do you plan to make more 3DSware games like Mutant Mudds, or going back to retail with impressive graphics like the Dementium games



TeeJay said:

Did you have to drop any of the team or hire more developers because of the shift from 3D to sidescroller?



Bassman_Q said:

Will there be a party for the game's initial release and am I invited?

/me crosses fingers



alLabouTandroiD said:

Okay, one more.
Do you plan on bringing Mutant Mudds to the WiiU ? Did you get any infos on its special features and limitations yet ?



RightHemisphereG said:

Is Nintendo Teaming Up with EA or Steam for on-line Gaming? :~')

  • No, no just having fun.
    1.1) Is there going to be a control setting that can change up the button layout? 1.2) Ether, preset or manual settings setup? Thanks Jool looking forward to this & wild ride 3d.


EmmanuelMunoz said:

How was the process of working with the e-shop in mind different from doing so with retail in mind?



Nintendude92 said:

Is the pace of gameplay we've seen in footage as fast as it gets? As in, is there a run button?

It just looks slow to me. To put it bluntly,

"I think the game looks slow. Is it slow, in your eyes?"

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