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Mighty Switch Force Gets Release Date

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Get ready to switch!

We've just gotten word from WayForward that its upcoming 3DS eShop platformer Mighty Switch Force is coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America, Europe and Australia on 22nd December. The game will also only set you back a paltry $5.99 (€6 in Europe).

If you're somehow still on the fence, you can check out our Mighty Switch Force preview. Of course, we'll have a full review of the game soon to further help you make up your mind.

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Pyrodon said:

I might get this, I don't know yet. I heard the previous one on DSi was pretty good.



MontMartre said:

Was really looking forward to this game the second I heard first news about it! This will definatly be a release date purchase for me!



Retro_on_theGo said:

Now why would you get me hyped and say the American release might be the same as the others if Nintendo said it won't release here until 2012? Did Wayforward imply the release would be the same date as others? I hope it is. I want this game badly and I'd be really annoyed to know 2 regions have it before us for no good reason. (If there is one though it should be stated.)



Monsti said:

Wait a second...that is week!!!! When am I supposed to play al these games? I won't get anything done for university this christmas. ^^



BenAV said:

Might have to pick this one up.
My game collection on my 3DS is starting to become pretty large with all my DSiWare, 3DSWare (including the 3D Classics), VC games and the 20 Ambassador games...
Looks like I'm not going to be short of something to do on the train any time soon.



Colors said:

@Daisaku36 ikr? They only made 3 of the best DSiWare and are releasing an amazing 3DSware that looks as if it will surpass their other games.
/me hands out the pitchforks and the torches



WolfRamHeart said:

YES!!! I just saw WayForward's announcement about the game coming out in the US next week. Fantastic news indeed! Thanks for the update NL!



C-Olimar said:

Hopefully £5.40, any more and I'll pass, since price is what put me off the first 2 games.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Good god ! That's much sooner than i expected.
Nlife's present to us will be a December 24th review then ?



Corbs said:

Actually it will be a December 21st review. It's already done.



Joco84 said:

If it's £5 - £8 price range, it's a Day one purchase for me.

Shantae is currently £10.80 on eShop, which works out at around $15. On iOS, it's about $3!!

Things like that make me sick!!!



Stine said:

I didn't notice this in all of the Ambassador madness, but that's awesome! I probably won't get it for a while because of the GBA games, but I look forward to reading the review and impressions from forum members.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Even better for 'em. Guess a WayForward / Ninty employee can still buy a cheap, quick & dirty present with my money then. The cheaper the better for me though.



chewytapeworm said:

Ahhhhh class. Wasn't expecting this til next year sometime. I'm gonna be absolutely swamped in games! I just got back in, downloaded all the Ambassador games, and what do I play first? Pushmo. I just can't keep up!



brandonbwii said:

Wow BEFORE Q1. I told you guys to take Nintendo's release schedule with a grain of salt. I also bet a number of those title will slip to Q2 (if they don't, then when the heck can we expect more 3DS VC)?



FonistofCruxis said:

Great news! This looks like it will easily be the best 3DSware yet. I wonder if it will be better than the previous Mighty games.



Punny said:

Just in time for Christmas! Looks like WayForward was right on schedule - no delays this time!



Ntommy said:

According to Nintendo's site, this game will cost only 5€! If that's true... nice!



Bassman_Q said:

Wow, only $6. If I had a 3DS, I would surely buy this day one. I think the price is to coincide with the $6 price tag of the Playstation minis version of Mighty Flip Champs, $6 being the price they probably originally wanted for each of their Mighty games.



C-Olimar said:

@Ntommy Thats only £4.50 in the UK, making it one of the cheapest 3DSWare games! However, £4.50 is 500 points, so why are the other Mighty games 800 points?

@Corbs I hope in future more download reviews will be up before the game is out, it means I will make more day one purchases! Although I did get Pullblox on day one - so worth it!

I have a feeling you will review Mutant Mudds before it is out...



sfogation said:

man i don't know what to play anymore SM3DL MK7 pushmo GBA games and its too hard to decide what to play XD



Djrr-ific said:


The other Mighty games are 800 points because it was a big game. 16mb or something. Nintendo based the price of the DSiWare software on how big it was. Biggest size category, biggest price category...

I was hoping Wayforward would lower the price now they can, since 3DSWare doesn't have such strange rules.. (:

So Great, a day one purchase for me (:

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