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Europe Feels the Chill of Ice White 3DS in December

Posted by James Newton

Update: bundle delayed

Update: Nintendo has now told us the package will arrive two weeks later on 2nd December. We've revised the story below.

The array of 3DS colours just keeps on growing: after the recent Metallic Red console hit Europe, we now have confirmation that the Ice White machine is on the way too.

The console launches in a bundle with Super Mario 3D Land on 2nd December, but will be available to buy separately in the same month. No prices have yet been given, but expect the solus machine to retail around the £150 mark in the UK.

Perfect gift this Christmas - Nintendo set to launch SUPER MARIO 3D LAND and Ice White Nintendo 3DS bundle
25th October, 2011 – Mario fans will be able to get a white Christmas regardless of any snow fall this year, when the SUPER MARIO 3D LAND™ and Ice White Nintendo 3DS™ bundle will now be available across Europe from the 2nd December.. The perfect shade for winter fun, this Nintendo 3DS bundle will help anyone beat those winter blues with a little help from Mario. 
SUPER MARIO 3D LAND is filled with fresh new Mario gameplay and brand new levels that draws on both newer 3D Mario titles such as Super Mario Galaxy™ (Wii™) andclassic side-scrolling Mario titles like Super Mario Bros.™ 3 (NES™) and New Super Mario Bros.™ (Nintendo DS™). Everything you love about Mario is back but with some fun new twists exclusive to Nintendo 3DS. SUPER MARIO 3D LAND offers something for everyone whether you are new to Mario games or a diehard fan.
Mario comes to life in the palm of your hand in the Mushroom Kingdom for this all new adventure. Mario’s arch rival Bowser is up to his old tricks again, Princess Peach has been kidnapped and only you can rescue her. To help you in your adventure you can use a mixture of brand new and classic abilities such as the Tanooki Suit, Propeller Box, Boomerang Mario and binoculars to name a few.
The popular Tanooki Suit returns allowing you to float in mid air and use the cute tail to attack enemies, whilst Boomerang Mario provides an interesting twist on the classic Boomerang Bros. enemies, as Mario dons a blue shell and helmet and has the ability to immobilise his enemies with a boomerang. The Propeller Box allows Mario to fly high in the air and reach hidden areas, while the binoculars placed within some stages allow you to shift perspective to first person and survey the vivid and colourful landscapes. By using the unique motion controls of the Nintendo 3DS to move the field of vision of the binoculars, you can spot enemies, obstacles and even hidden objectives.
The new SUPER MARIO 3D LAND and Ice White Nintendo 3DS bundle launches across Europe from 2nd December and the Ice White console also will be available on its own in December. Featuring a copy of the game and an Ice White Nintendo 3DS, the bundle is the perfect present for any family member this Christmas.
Nintendo 3DS offers Parental Controls so that parents can control the level of 3D their children can view on the Nintendo 3DS as well as the content they can access. Nintendo 3DS also features a 3D depth slider which lets players turn off or adjust the level of 3D they want on the 3D Screen, two built-in screens for different functionality, a Circle Pad which provides a full 360 degrees of direction, a built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor, and houses a 2GB SD Memory Card. It is equipped with three cameras (two of which are facing outwards to allow the taking of 3D pictures and video*), and is compatible with AR Cards which come packaged with Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS is also backwards compatible with most existing Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games, which can be played in 2D on your Nintendo 3DS system.

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TKOWL said:

Aww, c'mon... this looks really nice. I wish this thing could've come out sooner...



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

ew... no... WAY too much contrast there, I'll stick with my blue-ish green (teal I guess) 3DS thank you very much



Linkstrikesback said:

I wouldn't even consider buying any 3DS that isn't black as long as they continue to have the horrificly contrasting black top screen + other colour for the rest of the system.

I assume its needed for the 3D but the mix of colours really puts me off.



SKTTR said:

Finally my color! But still no built-in second slider pad.
Well, that's ok. I'll wait some more and catch-up on Wii games instead.



LordTendoboy said:

Aww what?! A Mario bundle would be a perfect way to boost sales in North America.

NoA sure knows how to displease us.


You really think Nintendo would release a redesigned system this early? That would make the early buyers even more angry.

The second slide pad is an OPTIONAL accessory. It's not required at all. There is no guarantee the 3DS will be redesigned. Nintendo might think it's not worth it.



Blaze said:

Woah! Nintendo are definitely pushing 3DS Sales this Christmas! Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter Tri G in Japan. Tons of games over here in the UK (Cave Story 3D, Tales of The Abyss, Sonic Generations) and two new colours! Plus the September Price Drop and the fact that 3DS has no competition from Vita apart from Japan, I bet there is gonna be some massive sales worldwide!!!



Kifa said:

Now I'll have to buy a second 3DS and hope that I'm able to transfer stuff from my Aqua Blue and sell it to someone... Sheesh... Why couldn't we have white systems back on the release day?



Tasuki said:

ANy word of this bundle coming state side? I am thinking of picking up a 3DS for my son for Christmas and a bundle would just make it a bit sweeter.



carson said:

so cool!

i knew i would never be satisfied with a PLAIN BLACK 3DS.

I want this one.

I want a multicolored Green One. Forest Green, Green, Light Green



Dodger said:

Man, I wish this and the red 3DS were out at launch. I like my blue 3DS but these are cooler. Still not buying a new one.



AVahne said:

So Pink and White are coming to Europe this year, any news for NA yet?
My friend said he'll only buy a 3DS if the white one comes over



shoopdawoop70 said:

Bring to NA please NoA! It's a guranteed way to get more sales. I'd be willing to petition this...



Aviator said:

It's amazing sometimes how when something is announced in the UK, US folks immediately complain that they're getting zip.



Doma said:

THIS will be bought with MK7 (releases on the same day, right?). Screw waiting for the 3DS lite now, lol.



Henmii said:

I originally wanted to buy the blue one in Januari. But white is also nice. And as a bundle with a game I already wanted, this could be a good deal for me (wich also saves me money, I guess). I still want to buy it in Januari though, but I don't think that's a problem!



Ickaser said:

OH MY GOODNESS. That looks so stinkin' awesome. I would take that over my Aqua Blue any day. WHY?



SunnySnivy said:

Aw man! Why doesn't Nintendo ever have good colors at launch?!?! I would love to have this over my blue one... hmph.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Aside from the smooth look of a white system the box of the bundle looks so nice i guess i couldn't resist buying one if i hadn't already. Untitled
But yes, it would look even better with a red 3DS included and if it was released on November 18th.



N3dsfan said:

wow the the new 3DS Ice white and the new pack look awesome O__O!!
just when they ganna bring this pack to UAE am ganna sell my aqua blue 3DS and buy this one !



N3dsfan said:

and hey if anybody wanna add me plz pm th name is fox and my FC is in my profile pm here in the comment section

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