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Nintendo Download: 11th August 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Back with a vengeance

A small download this week with four titles reaching European shores. Wii owners get nothing sadly, with the Wii Virtual Console drought stretching to two months now.

3DS Virtual Console

Avenging Spirit (Game Boy, JALECO, £2.70/€3) — You play a murdered gangster out to rescue his girl. Luckily your ghostly form can inhabit other characters to help you along the way: think a very early precursor to Geist. We'll bring you a review shortly.


GO Series: Fishing Resort (Gamebridge, 200pts/€2) — Another bite-sized morsel of gaming from the GO Series, this is not to be confused with Wii retail release Fishing Resort. In Japan this is known as Itsudemo Tsuri Biyori, which roughly translates to "Every Day is a Perfect Day for Fishing". We'll hook a review soon.

Oscar's World Tour (Virtual Playground, 500pts/€5) — Another entry in the globe-trotting series for serial mascot Oscar, check out our Oscar's World Tour review for the full verdict.

Hearts Spades Euchre (GameOn, 500pts/€5) — Play cards, on your DSi! We know it seems a crazy concept but here's a decent shot at turning physical cards into digital fun. Our Hearts Spades Euchre review is a diamond.

What's on the cards for you this week?

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User Comments (37)



bboy2970 said:

So yeah Nintendo......3DSWare? You had a pretty good start with Let's Golf IMO but...let's keep the ball rolling!



Bass_X0 said:

They will likely alternate between 3DSWare and 3DS VC. Weeks with both 3DSWare and 3DS VC can happen, but it'll usually be one or the other in both America and Europe.



Hardy83 said:

Well it looks like Nintendo still doesn't get it with digital content.

Not that anyone didn't know that. I mean where are the sales? Sales for digital content is essential.



Savino said:

I guess Wii VC will soon move to eshop!
And about the 3DSWare, well.. the system is brand new, I think that we will see more games by the end of the year. The same will happen with VC... nintendo only needs time to fix some network problem that they are probably having!



Samholy said:

wow. what the hell is wrong with nintendo. seriously, thats all they could think of publishing for a gameboy title ?
nothing's really appealing... nothing to push me to go check the eshop by curiosity.
if digital content doesnt grab your attention first, then its a fail.

nintendo had enough time to fix things already. you dont fix things when your product is out on shelves. problems like these are supposed to be fixed BEFORE its hardware launch.

whats next. ambassador titles will be pushed back to october ? yeah right, i see it coming.



Sneaker13 said:

No WiiWare and no VC. Come on Nintendo. I have some interest in Avenging Spirit and that fisihing game might be interesting.



Geonjaha said:

@3 - Yes, if by alternating you mean 5+ weeks 3DS VC and then 1 week 3DSWare; thats probably what you can realisticlly hope for.



Supremeist said:

I want to see what NA gets this week. Avenging Spirit looks fun.
Oh and btw, guys. Please stop complaining and just wait for the games you want.



Bass_X0 said:

Please stop complaining and just wait for the games you want.

Been doing that for eight months now. Now what? Can we complain yet?

thats all they could think of publishing for a gameboy title ?

Jaleco submitted this game to be released and Nintendo released it. Had to come out at some time.

whats next. ambassador titles will be pushed back to october ? yeah right, i see it coming.

I'm expecting the GBA ambassador titles to be released throughout September to December.



Ristar42 said:

Looks like I'll never get the arcade version on Super Hang-On on the Wii.

Nintendo have such weird practices, why drip feed digital content like this - did they at no point think if they had put the 'free' 3DS VC games up for sale in the first place, they might have sold more consoles?



WarioFan63 said:

AND reportedly games are being REMOVED from the Wii Shop Channel
It's not like this just happened or anything. People are only just now noticing.



McRokert said:

Defintly gonna buy avenging spirit, great game ! But everybody keep on naggin, in the mean time i bought every week something good from the e-shop and i have some quality time with it



komicturtle said:

The weekly updates seems to give Hardy83 leeway to bash Nintendo.
Nothing new on Hardy's and Nintendo's part (the latter, I really don't care much).

Well, actually- at least he updates are new and different and the comments made aren't... It's the same thing. Every week...

Might as well avoid the comments.

Mario 3D Land demo plz.



FonistofCruxis said:

@trikxy The wii is not a piece of crap! It has some of the best first-party games nintendo has made like SMG and its sequel as well as SSBB and many other great first party games like Punch-out, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid: other m, Sin & punishment: successor of the skies etc. There are some really good third party games too like the NMH games, Zack and wiki, Little king's story, House of the dead: overkill, a boy and his blob etc and while the wii vc seems abandoned now but it has a some awesome games on it and wiiware may have been having a pretty bad year but that has had some great games in the past few years too.



Beechbone said:

Avenging spirit, never heard of it but if it gets good review on Nintendolife I might get it.



Megatron2000 said:

Why has NoE stopped releasing digital content for the wii?
NoA is still releasing wiiware games every week vc every 2 weeks and a demo each month



edhe said:

@komicturtle92 @Teh-Ray

Thumbs down.

Firstly, for the personal attacks towards hardy83, secondly, because Nintendo's download platform is awful.

Every other download service (steam, xbl, psn, itunes store, gog ad infinitum) offers discounts - why can't Nintendo? Furthermore, I can buy several PSone games on the PSN store for the price of most items on the Nintendo download services. Some are cheaper than the Gameboy games offered for download.

Then there's the fact that all Nintendo doesn't get the interesting indie games PSN or XBL gets. Partly because Nintendo won't let them profit easily, and partly because they stated indie games aren't real games (or something to that effect).

I can't remember the last time is was actually excited about (and compelled to buy from) the Weekly Nintendo download.

I'll be happy when the ambassador program is rolled out - there'll be plenty of games for me then.



YorkshireNed said:

oh dear, are they dumping the Wii already? I guess Skyward Sword will be their last big release.



jdkipfer said:

How can you complain about too much 3ds vc and little 3dsware! Developers want to take time, as this is their first 3dsware game. Nintendo doesn't release them because they are not finished. so they are helping the wait by releasing older finished games on the vc. Something people want. Later there will be a vc drought. and too much shovelware. But be happy now!



Olaf-symbiote said:

Still no 3DS prepaid cards in Europe... Still can't buy anything at all... Still no Megaman 5 for Wii VC, which I can buy... keeps banging head against wall, Von Karma style

Hope we're not denanding too much from you, NOE. It must be awfully tough to print some cards with 16 digits. We all surely understand why the prepaid cards will be released in January at the earliest. [/sarcasm]



XyVoX said:

In all honesty CONSIDERING the vast back catalogue of games Nintendo has at its disposal and in my opinion have never understood why so few games are released every week digitally across their various platforms is a mystery to me, and YES Half the time the games released are pure RUBBISH, i mean COME ON Donkey Kong on the 3DS is outstanding but WHY only give people the gameboy version why not give them the SuperGameBoy version as well thats full colour etc, many things just dont make sense.



Bass_X0 said:

why so few games are released every week digitally across their various platforms is a mystery to me

Nintendo can only publish Nintendo games usually. You want a Konami game, you have to wait for Konami to want to. Nintendo is not able to publish Konami's games for them. They won't beg either.

Half the time the games released are pure RUBBISH,

Well, half the entire Game Boy catalogue are pure rubbish. There are only an incredibly small number of games that are still considered "good" by todays standards. Those are spread out over the months.

why not give them the SuperGameBoy version

Think as if you were Nintendo. Do you produce one emulator that runs all GB games in black and white, or produce two emulators with the second running Super Game Boy compatible games in color?



Omega said:

I thought they would release Monster World IV for the Wii Virtual Console. But it seems that they won't release nothing anymore.

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