Nintendo of Europe has just published the Iwata Asks Wii U discussion first made available just after E3, and while it's the same discussion as before something intriguing stood out on a second reading.

Shigeru Miyamoto touches on Wii Fit's future when enhanced by the new controller. Although the original created the fitness game boom all-but single-handedly with the Wii Balance Board, it's been overtaken since by full-body tracking from games like Your Shape: Fitness Evolved on Kinect. As the Wii U supports all previous Wii accessories it's likely the Balance Board will still find a home, but there's something tucked into the new controller that could also help out.

While reluctant to discuss in detail, Miyamoto reveals he's working on a new Wii Fit for Wii U with activities that use the camera to track the player:

I can't really talk about it in detail, but we're working on new ways to do training exercises with Wii Fit, like using the camera, you can place it against something and play while the game looks at your status.

We've seen the camera used for video chat in the Nintendo E3 Wii U video, but nothing with any gameplay applications yet. If the player recognition is better than DSiWare's WarioWare: Snapped! this could be a welcome addition to Wii U's capabilities, though we wouldn't expect anything on the level of Kinect's limb-tracking functionality.