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  • US 5th Apr 2009, 500 points
  • EU 3rd Apr 2009, 500 points
  • JP 24th Dec 2008


  • Review WarioWare: Snapped! (DSiWare)

    After two years we finally get our hands on the sixth game in the WarioWare series, but is it anywhere near as good as its predecessors?

    So far, every WarioWare game has focused on a certain gimmick: the original game simply had button controls, Mega Party Game$ was multiplayer-based, Touched! used the DS touch screen and mic, Twisted! had players...

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WarioWare: Snapped! Screenshot
WarioWare: Snapped! Screenshot
WarioWare: Snapped! Screenshot

WarioWare: Snapped! Guides

  • Guide Best WarioWare Games Of All Time


    Remember, this ranking is based on the games' User Ratings in our database and is subject to real-time change even now. If you haven't rated your WarioWare collection, feel free to add your scores and potentially influence the order below. Enjoy! The original GBA title in this anarchic series, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! launched on...

WarioWare: Snapped! News

  • Feature The Wild And Wacky World Of WarioWare

    Minigame madness

    Being an arch-rival to the iconic red-and-blue plumber and hunting for treasure on the side all have their perks, but what better way to get rich quick than to develop video games? Ever since he dropped the yellow overalls and snagged the stylish biker gear, Wario's name was cemented as the immature, garlic-chomping greedy pig who...

  • News Iwata and WarioWare: Snapped!

    Playing WarioWare Snapped! - 500 Points; Watching Iwata play WarioWare Snapped! - Priceless

    If you've played WarioWare Snapped!, then you know by now that it will make you do things that you ordinarily would never be caught on camera doing. But WarioWare Snapped! changes all that, by taking pictures of you while you play through the various...

  • Nintendo Download DSiWare, Equilibrio & Uncharted Waters (US)

    A monster DSiWare update to kick off the new North American ‘Nintendo Download’. Worry not, Wiiware and VC fans are not completely forgotten this week either.

    As you will see this week’s 'Nintendo Download' update is a bit of a beast as it includes all the DSiWare launch titles (which of course came out on Sunday!). For those thinking about...

  • Nintendo Download DSiWare Launch Games and Majora's Mask (EU)

    DSiWare makes a splash while Link experiences a Groundhog Day

    The European launch of the shiny new Nintendo DSi has predictably been accompanied by a smattering of equally shiny new DSiWare games. European gamers can choose from the following downloadable items: Art Style: AQUITE - 500 Nintendo points Art Style: CODE - 500 Nintendo points Birds...

  • News US DSiWare Launch Titles Revealed!

    In a press release today, Nintendo has finally confirmed the complete list of North American launch titles. And there are a few surprises.

    The North American market will unwrap their brand new DSi units on Sunday, and if they decide to log on to the DSiShop, they will have the following five titles to choose from. There's WarioWare: Snapped!,...

  • News DSiWare Launch Titles in Australia (and elsewhere...?)

    The Australian DSi Shop is open for business. Could its contents hint at identical launch titles for EU and NA?

    Just a quick run-through of the launch titles that Australia is now able to access and download on their brand-spankin'-new DSi units! Not really a very surprising launch as very similar rumors have been circulating for the past week or...

  • News DSiWare Launch Titles Clarification?

    IGN is reporting slightly different launch titles than were previously revealed.

    In this article, IGN lists WarioWare Snapped! and Art Style: Azurio as DSiWare launch titles. That should come as no surprise, as we've already reported this. However they make no mention of Moving Memo, the utility that allows users to create and share simple...

  • News US DSiWare "Launch" Titles Confirmed

    "Launch" deserves those quotation marks as we can only hope they will be available at launch.

    ...but, at any rate, they are North America's first confirmed titles, according to today's press release, and we have to admit, they're some pretty good ones to start with! The first is WarioWare Snapped! (500 points), which promises to make good use of the...

  • News DSiWare: Pre-release Roundup

    For us here at WiiWare World, April can't get here soon enough. The Nintendo DSi will launch on April 2 in Australia, April 3 in Europe and April 5 in North America. That makes for a pretty exciting few days!

    The new DSi (for those intending to buy one) offers several intriguing new features, perhaps the most substantial being DSiWare. And with...

About The Game

Wario returns with more manic minigames made especially for Nintendo DSi! WarioWare: Snapped! uses the internal camera to literally make you the star of the show!

Take part in wacky challenges simply by moving your face and body as you fly along four wild roller coasters, hosted by Wario and his wacky pals. While Wario’s games are all about big movements, Mona’s require more dexterity. Kat & Ana’s challenges are played with a friend for double hilarity!

Stay tuned to the Nintendo site this week for sneak peeks of the titles mentioned above, and use the links on the right for an overview of WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare titles!