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Sat 19th Sep 2009

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Mukkinese commented on Wii U Controller Patent Reveals Interesting Fe...:

". This magnetic sensor detects the azimuthal direction which relates to the angular measurement between an observer position and a point of interest."
Could I have this line in English?

As I understand it, this is used to calibrate the gyro sensors "on the fly", hopefully putting an end to the "lay the Wiimote on a flat surface face down" moments.

One thing that occurs with this controller -being so flat and plain, is that it is crying out for customising. I can see some smart, third party bringing out all kinds of stickers and overlays.

I'm still wondering what the Infra-red emitter is going to be used for?



Mukkinese commented on Angry Birds Could Be Flocking to Wii U and 3DS:

Never played Angry birds, but hey, the more the merrier. The wider the genres and play-styles that the Wii U can incorporate, the better the machine will do. I think it is a bold experiment by Nintendo and I want to see it succeed.



Mukkinese commented on Irrational Has No Plans for Wii U Games Yet:

Thinking about this, Ken Levine, and others who publically take a "wait and see" approach, are actively sabotaging the chances of the Wii u building a mature games market. If you are thinking of buying a games machine, and want to play mature games on it, you would be more reluctant to buy a console for which developers of some of the biggest mature titles have said they have no plans. If they are too cowardly to risk building a mature games market for the Wii U, then it would be far better to have said "no comment" than virtually nailing the coffin lid down before the thing is born.

I'm disappointed in Irrational, Crytek and ID, they must know what effect such comments will have?



Mukkinese commented on Irrational Has No Plans for Wii U Games Yet:

We know that porting to the Wii u is very economical; THQ ported Darksiders 2 to the Wii U in five weeks with only three programmers, so ignoring the Wii U would seem to be a silly business decision. For those that doubt there will be a market for mature hardcore titles, such a market has to be built with a steady supply of that kind of game. I'm betting irrational announce something for the Wii U, within a year of the machines launch, even if it is only a port with exclusive controls.



Mukkinese commented on Fatal Frame IV:

Not releasing this outside of Japan seems a strange decision, especially when Nintendo are claiming that they want to bring more adult/hardcore gaming to the Wii. We can only hope that if the upcoming slew of survival horror games for the Wii are a success, Nintendo will change their minds.



Mukkinese commented on Review: Cursed Mountain (Wii):

I recently got this and now think it is a good game overall, despite my serious problems with the gesture mechanics early on. Lots of people, including me, have had trouble with the gestures for the compassion ritual, which is a shame, because when they work, they make a novel and satisfying way of finishing off the bad guys.

These tips will get the gestures to work nine times out of ten. First don't rush things, all the ghosts and demons will freeze when you go in to ritual mode, so you have a little time to do it properly;

1/ Get your hand into position to start the gesture and;

2/ hold that position for a second, say "one Mississippi" (that well-known ancient Buddhist mantra) to yourself, then;

3/ make the gesture in a big, smooth movement.

Do this for each gesture, it is mostly a matter of timing and clear movement.

Once you get this procedure down, the compassion ritual works almost every time. Learning this simple procedure transformed the game from a frustrating disappointment to fun and interesting for me.

Deep Silver dropped the ball here, the instructions for the compassion ritual should have been much better.