Pokédex 3D is one of the free applications you'll be able to download next week, and Nintendo Europe has revealed a few more details about what the monster encyclopedia will include.

The free download comes online early next week, when you'll be able to download your very own portable Pokédex of the monsters from Pokémon Black and White. As well as being able to look at them from all angles, you'll get more detail on their moves, abilities and evolutions, building quite the comprehensive tool for the Pokémon trainer.

You'll start off with just 16 monsters but can gain more through SpotPass, StreetPass with friends or scanning special Pokémon AR markers, which are a lot like the Mii QR codes. Each monster has its own code you can scan to add it to your Pokédex, so to complete your collection you'll need to search out these AR markers — that sound you hear is the Pokémon accountants rubbing their hands while salivating.

These AR markers can then be used like the AR cards that come bundled with the system, letting you place individual Pokémon wherever you want to snap in 3D photos. Unlike the character and Mii AR cards bundled with the system, the monsters will appear in fully animated form, letting you just enjoy watching them bounce about on-screen. You can also get them to perform tricks with special items a la Pokémon Snap, and add them to previously taken photos.

Pokédex 3D lands next week with the free eShop update.

Download Pokédex 3D from the Nintendo eShop for free and watch your Pokémon images come to life in 3D on your Nintendo 3DS system

3rd June 2011 – Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, which launched across Europe earlier this year on Nintendo DS, unleashed over 150 all-new Pokémon into the world. Now for the very first time ever these Pokémon can be seen in full 3D thanks to the capabilities of Nintendo 3DS. When Pokédex 3D launches across Europe on 7th June, via the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS, you will be able to complete your Pokédex data by connecting with friends and the Nintendo 3DS SpotPass feature. View Pokémon images in 3D and even use the Augmented Reality Markers to watch them come to life and have a 3D photo taken with them.

Pokédex 3D allows you to unearth information about all of the new Pokémon featured in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version – without having to own these titles. Pokédex 3D is the most detailed and comprehensive Pokédex so far within a video game and takes Pokémon into real life. Enjoy viewing images of your favourite Pokémon from all angles, in various poses and in cute animations, all in full 3D.

After downloading Pokédex 3D onto your Nintendo 3DS for free from the Nintendo eShop, you will start off with information on 16 Pokémon. To collect data on more of your favourite Pokémon, simply wirelessly connect with your friends, scan special Pokédex 3D AR Markers or amass the information via SpotPass. The SpotPass feature connects your Nintendo 3DS to compatible public hotspots and your wireless broadband Internet connection at home, even if the system is in Sleep Mode. Once connected, your Nintendo 3DS will receive new content and updates on a regular basis and up to three new Pokémon data can be collected each day.

To collect all the Pokémon data, you will need to share with your friends and connect to SpotPass as well as looking out for the special Pokemon AR Markers – so get connected and look out for some extra special downloads hiding away.

Pokédex 3D not only lets you view your favourite Pokémon images in 3D, but you will learn more about Pokémon than ever before. You can list out, cross reference, and sort data on each Pokémon, not only finding out their vital statistics, but also more in depth information such as at which level they evolve and at which level they learn new moves. Enriching your Pokémon knowledge has never been so easy – enjoy becoming a master Pokémon fan!

If you ever wanted your picture taken with your favourite Pokémon, then now is your chance. Each Pokémon in Pokédex 3D has its own individual Pokémon AR Marker, - a small black and white image which brings the Pokémon to life in 3D through Augmented Reality. Place the Pokémon AR Markers anywhere and everywhere – watch Pokémon jump out of the marker in 3D using Augmented Reality technology. Set up scenes by placing more than one Pokémon AR Marker side by side and take a picture of your fully animated Pokémon together.

When using AR Viewer, your Pokémon are fully animated and can be coaxed into performing special actions using Items – some items receive different reactions from the Pokémon. Why not try tossing various items their way and seeing how they react! You can also use pictures you’ve already taken from your SD Card and add Pokémon to your pictures. Enjoy unlocking lots of new features as you begin to increase the number of Pokémon AR Markers you collect!