Create and share your Mii

Easily one of the more popular features of the Wii console was the ability to create personalised avatars called Mii characters. Nintendo has brought this unique feature over to the 3DS, with a host of new features that make creating and sharing them not only much easier, but more fun as well.

We know that many of you already know how to share your Mii characters, but for those who haven't yet discovered this function we've put together this guide to help you get the hang of it. Below you'll find a step-by-step explanation of how the QR Code function works and how it can help you not only share your own Mii, but also how to scan other Miis into your system. We've even included a few of our staff Miis to get you started.

The first thing you'll need to do is launch the Mii Maker program found on the HOME menu of your 3DS system. Once inside the program you'll see the QR Code/Image Options. Here is where you'll be able to Scan your QR Code, Save Mii as QR Code or Save Mii as Image. In order to make things easier, these three options are explained in further detail below.


Scan QR Code

Rather than spend all of your spare time creating different Mii characters for use in various games, Nintendo has offered up an easier way for you to build up your collection of characters via the QR Code. These square barcode-like images that you've likely come across on various Internet message boards and forums can be scanned using your outside 3DS cameras and saved to your SD card for future use. It's as simple as selecting the Scan QR Code option, lining up the square target on your 3DS screen with one of the QR Codes and seeing the corresponding Mii magically pop up on your screen.


Save Mii as QR Code

In order to share your Mii with other 3DS owners, you're going to have to convert it into a QR Code. To do this all you have to do is select the Save Mii as QR Code option from the menu and then choose the Mii you'd like to convert and save as a QR Code. Pop your 3DS SD Card into your computer and upload the QR Code that you can now share with the world via email, the Internet or even printing it out on paper.


Save Mii as Image

While displaying your QR Code is sufficient enough for other 3DS owners to add your Mii to their growing collection, you might also want them to see exactly what your Mii character looks like before they scan it into their system. To do this you're going to have to save your Mii picture to your SD card in much the same way you saved your QR Code. Simply click on the Save Mii as Image* option, select the Mii you want to save a picture of and then choose whether you want to save just the _Face or the Entire Mii. You can upload the picture file to your computer and share it just like you did with the QR Code. Many gamers even group the Mii Pic and the QR Code together when posting or emailing them.


If you haven't already done so, you can post your own QR Code and Mii Pic in our Mii QR Codes forum topic, not to mention scan some of the ones that have already been posted. After all, can you ever really have too many Miis?