Whatever the reason is for delaying the system update on the 3DS, an update that will enable the Nintendo eShop as well as other functionalities, gamers are past caring now and just want to know when it will be available.

According to a message supposedly posted on Nintendo's development site Wario World, the company is holding a developer conference on 17th May in Hollywood, California. In attendance will be designers, producers and key decision-makers. Talking points will cover the console's content and messaging distribution methods and its native capabilities.

Online features such as the anticipated eShop, Nintendo Zone viewer (an out-of-house distribution service), applications, online matchmaking, Internet connectivity, friend presence and digital distribution will be discussed. Other areas that will be explored include StreetPass, AR functions, anti-piracy measures and middleware updates.

If this is indeed accurate, then it coincides with the Japanese retailer meetings that are reportedly taking place this week (as reported by AndriaSang). The waiting continues.

[via neogaf.com]