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Thu 12th May 2011

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chicksdigscars commented on Rumour: 3DS Developer Conference Next Tuesday:

definately coming this month. they cant hold this update back another month. consumers will be very upset. I think they will announce the date for sure this coming tues. Its not whats in the update. they got that figured out already. Its all about just tying up all the lose ends and making sure the update goes smooth. I am kind of displeased cuz when i got the ds3 i was told it had these features already. Think they were going to release it with the launch of the system but something messed with it. r4 cards maybe. dont know. but i do know there are rumours that this next update will consist of blocking that type of hack. either or they must release something. they did officially anounce it for this month. Also if i remember my manuel even has some of this in it. Thats why i think this update would have already been on the system