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Mario and Link Make eShop Cards Look Good

Posted by Trevor Chan

Is this to trick us into buying more?

With the worldwide 3DS system update just around the corner, Nintendo still hasn't officially announced what the new prepaid cards will look like, and as Japanese gamers start snapping theirs up, we can't help but think: "The eShop Cards in Japan look cool!"

In revamping its virtual currency system, Nintendo will now be using eShop Cards for its various digital stores. UKey566 has uploaded a photograph of a couple of Japanese eShop Cards, as spotted by Aussie-Nintendo, and they look good enough to be framed.

In addition to a rather plain-looking orange and white design, Japanese gamers can buy eShop Cards in at least two denominations: a 1000 yen card depicts Mario in various classic poses, and the 2000 yen card shows a crouching Link from the NES era, as well as a more contemporary Link riding Epona.

As shown at the top of the packaging, the eShop Cards can also be used at the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop.

Gamers in the United States have been reported seeing 3DS prepaid cards at their local retailers, but we're sure most can agree that these Japanese eShop Cards look the prettiest.


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Dodger said:

Why don't we know what the prepaid cards are going to look like? Are the game cards that all the game stores here are selling not the final design?



FonistofCruxis said:

I think its ridiculous that nintendo haven't told us the launch games, pricing or size limit when the eshop launches next week. These cards do look awesome though, it would be great if they came to the west.



Link79 said:

I can't believe they still haven't announced pricing yet on the Gameboy downloads. How much are these old games going to cost us anyway?
They might want to give us that information some time soon.
Don't tell me the e shop will be delayed yet again.



RYBlast said:

Looks nice and colourful. Finally Nintendo using their mascots to represent themselves, instead of plain white and Miis.

Anyone remember that Mario with a tool and a tie logo?



komicturtle said:


I do. I always thought Mario was real because of that logo when I was little-er. I wanted him to fix my console- even though they needed no fixing. And breaking my console just to to that would mean I get the belt.



TwilightV said:

I saw some regular ones for $20 at ToysRUs yesterday. The big day is almost upon us! 8D



RedYoshi999 said:

The Mario one is shown on the Australian shop so my guess is they're only going to sell Mario in Australia and overcharge us again by pricing a $10 card at $15.



Milkman-123 said:

clothes dont always make the man, so why should looks define an eshop card?? they're not worth more OR less. but if they're more pricey than before, than shoot that mess, man.



Retro_Gamer said:

Theses would make me impulse buy points more often, much more appealing than the cards people have spotted in the states.



komicturtle said:


.... Lucky you.

Do you know how I wished I could jump into paintings and enter a new world? Blues Clues didn't help much either. I remember doing the whole "Blue scadoo- we can too" thing and was disappointed

Very imaginative. Yet, kinda stupid. Well, anyways

From the looks of those pictures, it seems Japan will still be using the whole 1000 and 2000 points a handful of people are [questionably] complaining about.



OrangeSmoothie said:

@komiturtle92 i totally know what you're saying about the blue's clues and mario painting thing. but japan isn't using points, their prices are just in yen-a 1000 yen card is roughly the same as our $10 cards will be



daznsaz said:

ive heard we get a free pokedex game with eshop aswell as excitebike which will be good if cant get card from start



AltDotNerd said:

I hope Nintendo does some kind of system update where you can use the points on your Wii Shop, DSi, and eShop as one account. I'm sick of having an odd amount of points on my Wii and DSi. You should be able to transfer the points from one account to another.



NintyMan said:

Wow, I would hate to throw away those. Japan always does get the better deal, but maybe we might get lucky this time.



dinkelberg said:

looks awesome if this is the desgin of the cards maybe i keep two or three of them. i have buyed numereus cards because when i firts buyed the nintendo wii i saw back at all the games that i could not play or get before and when i buyed them it was a blast only need pokemon stadium 2 on the vc now then i have played nearly all childhood games im goanna buy a 3ds when ocarina of time 3ds comes out then i get eshop browser and the game yay maybe i buy these pretty cards as well



Supremeist said:

They should sell 10$ and 20$ cards. Sometimes I want either one, depending on how much money I have to spend. I hope to see these designs come to North America.

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