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Capcom Brings New Super Mario Bros. Wii to the Arcades

Posted by Trevor Chan

With a twist, or shall we say "spin"?

A Mario game from Capcom? That's what Japanese arcade gamers will be playing, although it's not exactly what you would expect.

Capcom has announced its medal machine New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin World has hit arcades in Japan. Based on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the cabinet supports four players and the object of the game is to spin a slot machine and match icons to earn medals. Should players reach Bowser, then they will have the chance of winning a Mario jackpot.

For more images and a gameplay trailer, please visit the arcade page on Capcom's website. To play the video, click on the tab that's second from the right hand side at the top of the screen (the one that's been filled in).


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Tylr said:

Never would've seen this coming. Especially from the great Capcom. Wait, they're still making arcade machines?!



Shugo said:

Aww, it's just a slot game? What a disappointment. I was about to get excited and go "A-HA! See? You CAN play NSMBW without motion controls!" and go on another rant about how NSMBW would've been just fine with a Classic Controller/GCN control option...



motang said:

And here I though it was a April Fool's joke, but the article is dated for the 2nd. hehe



626b said:

Is it still the first of April in another time zone or something?



Punny said:

Sweet! This isn't the first time Capcom put Mario in the arcades. They did at least two different Mario Party-themed arcade machines in the past.



DiggerandIndy said:

This is some of the coolest news I've heard in a long time! I wonder if it'll go internationally?



X-145 said:

You can play witn the classic controler and (I think) the GCN controller.

I could care less about this. Its still a cool thing.



PSICOffee said:

This will never be west-bound. One excuse against it, would be "it's too similar to gambling bacause it has slots!" Also arcades are pretty much dead here, except for bs redemption games.



TKOWL said:

I feel like playing Super Mario with an arcade stick is just wrong.



The_Fox said:

If the gambling label doesn't hurt it in Japan (where restrictions are much tighter) I doubt that it would hurt it here.



NintyMan said:

Ha, if this article was posted yesterday, nobody would've believed it! But it does sound cool, and I would definitely play it if it was in arcades over here in the states.



PhazonBlue said:

As cool as this is, I just can't get over that ridiculous name. It just doesn't seem appropriate at all! Something like Mario Party: Arcade just seems like it would be a better name and cause far less confusion.



Bunta said:

thats pretty cool! hope we get it in the states, but i live in hawaii sometimes our local arcades get some imported arcade systems!



shinesprite said:

@31 Shugo meant without the need to shake/tilt the controller (which you need to to pick up objects/manipulate platforms)



Woots said:

the caption should read mettle, not metal. unless it's a pun that I'm totally not getting.



Tony3DS said:

I would like to purchase one....for my "game room' basement. Although I do not think a $25,000 check would even procure one, if I had such a check or such a basement.



Henmii said:

Doesn't sound very exciting. On the other hand: I think Nintendo really should ad modern arcade games to the arcade section of the vc. Wouldn't we all love to play Mariokart arcade 1 and 2? And I also heard that there is a DK jungle beat arcade game that inspired DK jungle beat on the Gamecube.



dustin_g said:

Mario Kart arcades I would pay 25 bucks a piece for part 1 and 2, I love those, pac-man labyrinth is a fun stage. I go and drop rolls of quarters at the arcade on them.



SuperLink said:

5 things I have to say:

1. What's your deal Capcom, you don't OWN Mario!

2. Before I saw the video, I thought it was just gonna be a game where you play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, plain and simple, not a whole bunch of wheels and slot machines. (Although, if it was just playing the game, then it would be too easy to reach Bowser and win the "Mario Jackpot")

3. Good luck trying to get a turn for this game. It's gonna be crowded and hogged from the first minute the arcade is open, to the last. All the other games are gonna be collecting dust and thinking that they were as cool as Mario.

4. I hope you brought your coins because with all that stuff you can play, and with all of the tickets you can earn, it's gonna cost you AT LEAST a dollar in tokens.

5. All they need to make now is a The Legend of Zelda game (sword-slashing based, like those Samurai games). Then a Warioware game (mini-game based), then a Donkey Kong game (just like DKCR, that'll make a fair fight to win a final boss jackpot), then a Yoshi game (Puzzle based), then a Metroid game (Shoot'em-up based), then a Kirby game (side-scroller based, as it already is), and FINALLY a Star Fox game (flying/shooting based, like the Star Wars arcade game).

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