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Fri 13th Aug 2010

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Bunta commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd June 2011 (North America):

Another dull week. i really hope they put more effort into releasing games. i would have thought that with all the time the 3ds was in development Nintendo would use that time to get games ready for the e-shop.

Also to the people saying "be patient and finish X games remember that not everyone plays the same games as you do. i currently only have 2 3ds games (Super Street Fighter 4 & Samurai Warrior) that i have already completed and just finished Link's Awakening. i have no plans in buying OoT since i played that game on N64/wii vc. so about the only thing i can look forward too is upcoming vc for 3ds, and RE: Merc.



Bunta commented on Outbreak of Resident Evil Revelations Planned ...:

its actually a good thing at least for me. i mean they are at least giving us time to play the game. i would much rather buy 1 game at a time, play/enjoy it. then be ready when the next game comes whereas i buy both and get torn between which should be played now, or both at the same time, etc.



Bunta commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars ...:

This game (along with Samurai Warrior) were the 2 games i was considering getting because they look interesting, but i didnt get them because of the little info i knew about the game and pre-launched videos didnt help, this review gave me little hope that i may enjoy this game and i thank you! ill probably wait a little till i see some actual footage of gameplay (hopefully walkthroughs)



Bunta commented on Talking Point: The 3DS Friends List is Severel...:

Give it some time people! i assume that either they were having problem with trying to implement some sort of messaging system (hence why we have the 16-character note) just to let us have some function of it when the real thing will come out later, or they thought it wasnt that important and is/are currently working on it now.



Bunta commented on Review: BlayzBloo: Super Melee Action Battle R...:

I'm still debating to get this. I still have my 1000 points from when i first got my dsi, but im thinking it might be ok not the greatest game of all time, but still kinda good when you get really bored.