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Metacritic Career Ratings Pit Aonuma Versus Miyamoto

Posted by James Newton

But who wins?

Love it or loathe it, Metacritic is here to stay. The site collates review scores for thousands of films, TV shows and of course video games, but while the site is the source of plenty of debate it has given rise to an entertaining pastime: Metacritic Top Trumps.

The site was recently updated to allow you to see average Metacritic career scores for game developers, letting you pit the best designers in the world against each other. So how do Nintendo's best stack up against each other?

Nintendo's biggest name, Shigeru Miyamoto, comes out with a career Metascore of 80, his score brought down by his involvement on 46-scoring Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.

Legend of Zelda man Eiji Aonuma has a monumental score of 91, his lowest score a 73 for the GBA version of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Even more impressive is the career score of Yoshiaki Koizumi, with an average review score of 92 thanks to his work on Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

To find out the career metascore of your favourite designer, head over to Metacritic and type their name in the search box. Is there anyone whose score beats 92?


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lex0plex said:

Why would anyone loathe it? It is interesting for fans, and motivates developers to do their best work. Hopefully future game systems will have a smaller crap pile than the Wii does (don't get me wrong the Wii has some really great games, just too few)



V8_Ninja said:

Ooo, Metacritic added a feature to see a game designer's career score? This is getting interesting.



MasterGraveheart said:

Well, Miyamoto's also made MORE games, so it stands to reason there would be a couple "eh" games in there. He's stil the greatest of all time.



Adam said:

The fact that Aonuma is credited with the rating for a port of a Miyamoto game makes this whole comparison worthless, in traditional Metacritic fashion. I don't see why he'd be credited for Zelda II (GBA) when all they did was adjust it to fit the GBA screen. Overall I rate Metacritic 6.3444559.



MeloMan said:

#4 put it best. I mean, you do more games, odds are you have some "meh" games under your belt... now once the others do this for as long as Miyamoto has or at the level he has, then it would be worth exploring again.



jerryo said:

no point, they just generate interest and give blogs something more to write it's all about the money honey! and they have found the perfect way to make money without doing much really so i would give them a 5 for their achievements



Luffymcduck said:

"Nintendo's biggest name, Shigeru Miyamoto, comes out with a career Metascore of 80, his score brought down by his involvement on 46-scoring Donkey Kong Barrel Blast."

I´ll go bit off-topic and say DK Barrel Blast isn´t that bad. It´s worth 8 to me.



Sylverstone said:

Weird, I expected Miyamoto to destroy the scale.

At least he has the highest rated game of all time.



moosa said:

Yeah, this is pretty BS. Not that I mind, it's just silly and doesn't really mean anything. I foresee a lot of immature gamers on the Internet making a big deal out of this.

Edit: @11 Yeah, there you go! He gets it.



DrCruse said:

Mark Cerny 88
Jason Rubin 87
Andy Gavin 83

Miyamoto: 80

Interesting... So the creators of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon are ranked higher than the creator of Mario.



Noire said:

I'm sure Miyamoto still holds the Master Sword though, so in a fight he could easily take anyone else. I mean, that thing can shoot laser beams.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I looked up Alex Neuse (does not include any Bit.Trip), Yuji Naka (I don't believe it's up to his leaving SEGA yet) and Goichi Suda (up to Desperate Struggle). Not seeing an average, though. Do we need to calculate that?

Luc Bernard has an incredibly high score, but the only games that have a rating are all versions of Beyond Good and Evil.



James said:

And as soon as they went up, they came down: Metacritic has obviously realised it's not up to date enough on this so they'll bring it back later, hopefully.

@wanderlustwarrior I was also surprised by Yuji Naka's page. Seems they didn't realise he left Sonic Team years and years ago!



SKTTR said:

Metacritic is far from being a complete and working instance. Too much of the information that is needed to spit out correct numbers is simply missing.
There's no point to the career feature either. It's just multiplying wrong numbers with more wrong numbers.

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