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Nintendo Download: 3rd January 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Kick off with the first download of the year

The first Nintendo Download of the year isn't a classic, but it brings some notable titles to DSiWare and a new WiiWare demo as well. Let's get this show on the road.


Sneezies (Chillingo, 500pts) - A cutesy puzzler that began life on the iPhone, Sneezies is a decent enough title but doesn't do much to stand out in the crowded field on WiiWare. Our Sneezies review coughs up a 6/10.

Ghost Mania (Legendo, 500pts) - Dubbed an "original puzzle game" by the press release, Ghost Mania is a coloured block-stacker with ghosts and things. We'll see how this title stacks up in our review later this week.

WiiWare Demos

Robox - A slow-paced side-scrolling platformer, Robox is a very acquired taste so it's good news that there's now a free trial available for gamers to try out. Our Robox review has all the information you need.


Alt-Plat: Jason Rohrer Anthology (Sabarasa, 200pts) - A collection of indie games from Jason Rohrer, there's genuinely nothing like this on DSiWare. Of the three titles here - Passage, Gravitation and Between - the last is only playable with another DS owner. Released in Europe last week, we'll have a full review soon.

Music on: Drums (Abylight, 500pts) - A drum sequencer rather than a virtual drumkit, this could prove useful for laying down beats on the go and creating your own songs, with a wide range of sounds available. It was released in Europe on Christmas Eve so our review is coming soon.

Word Searcher 2 (Digital Leisure, 500pts) - Another 100 themed wordsearch puzzles from DSi puzzle obsessives Digital Leisure, who released prequel Word Searcher almost exactly one year ago. We don't expect much to have changed, so have a read of our Word Searcher review to prepare yourself.


Jan. 3, 2011

Remember 2010? Seems like only last week, right? Time marches on, but one thing hasn't changed: Every Monday still brings a fresh lineup of downloadable games to the Wii™ Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi™ Shop. If you're new to the WiiWare™ or Nintendo DSiWare™ services, now's a great time to browse and discover hundreds of available titles. From puzzle games to platformers, brain games to action-packed shooters, you'll find something to please any hand-held or console gaming appetite. The WiiWare service even features demo versions of select games for zero Wii Points™, giving players the chance to sample them before deciding to download the full versions. You can also explore the Virtual Console™ service, which offers a wide range of video game classics that can be played on your Wii system. The future sounds pretty fun so far, doesn't it? Happy New Year!


Publisher: Chillingo
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: Sneezies is an overload of cuteness! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back in your favorite plush chair and enjoy soothing, relaxed game play featuring fantastic graphics and sweet melodies. Use your Wii Remote™ controller to drop a burst of sneezing powder into the field of floating Sneezies and watch as they sneeze themselves out of their bubbles in a marvelous chain reaction. Try to rescue as many Sneezies as you can. Sneezies features beautiful graphics, varied backgrounds, hilarious sound effects and soothing background music. Play through 45 relaxing levels of Sneezies in the Classic Mode or unleash your skills in 15 Challenge Mode levels. Post your high scores online from within the game (broadband Internet access required) and see how you stack up against other Sneezies players around the world.

Ghost Mania
Publisher: Legendo Entertainment
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: Ghost Mania is an original puzzle game for players of all ages, offering a new twist on the falling-block genre. Build and expand colored stacks of ghosts and blocks in any direction and any number. The game features multiple single- and two-player modes, including a relaxed and thoughtful puzzle mode, an arcade mode and a variety of two-player modes such as Battle and Enduro. The game centers on the misadventures of Becky and Tim, a pair of ghost guardians who've just lost their jobs. Having fallen asleep on active duty, they accidentally let all the ghosts escape from the Spirit World. Help Becky and Tim get their jobs back so they can return to the Spirit World. Catch the runaway ghosts before it's too late.

Robox® (demo version)
Publisher: DreamBox Games
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Fantasy Violence
Price: 0 Wii Points; full version available for 1,000 Wii Points
Description: Jump, explore and shoot as you discover a planet filled with strange and menacing creatures. Go through a beautiful and lethal forest, find your way out of a labyrinth cave, jump into jelly bubbles and go for a ride on a giant slug. Fight epic battles against giant final bosses. Regain the abilities you've lost with the help of tiny creatures. Move through walls, break the floor or get new gadgets such as drills and gigantic cannons. Discover one of the most beautiful, exciting and challenging games of the last few years.

Note: Some demo versions do not support all game features, and players cannot save their in-game progress in demo versions.

Nintendo DSiWare

Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology
Publisher: Sabarasa
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: Alt-Play brings the best of independent gaming to the Nintendo DSiWare service, introducing players to some of the most unique experiences this medium has to offer. In this compilation, award-winning game auteur Jason Rohrer's work comes to the Nintendo DSi system, including three of his best games to date: Passage, Gravitation and Between. The deep themes and distinctive presentation in Rohrer's work help to blur the line between visual art and video games, evoking thoughts and emotions rarely associated with gaming.

Word Searcher 2
Publisher: Digital Leisure Inc.
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: You'll need a sharp eye and a quick mind to complete 100 themed word- search puzzles. Word Searcher 2 contains fun words from multiple categories including palindromes, pirates and painting. Packed with a huge assortment of subjects to choose from, there's sure to be a puzzle anyone can enjoy. Help improve your vocabulary, memory and problem-solving skills. Keep track of - and try to beat - your own play- through times again and again as words are scrambled each time you play. Put on your thinking cap and conquer all 100 puzzles today.

Music on: Drums
Publisher: Abylight
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: It's a beatbox full of features for creating songs and rhythms. With a library of 160 sounds, use your creative skills to assign them to eight available tracks per pattern. Activate or deactivate each of the 16 steps that make up a track using the buttons or the stylus and combine the eight patterns to compose up to 64 songs. If you want to produce a more complex tune, you can customize each step and set the volume, change the frequency and assign a panning. Like a professional DJ, you can create and play in real time. Once you've laid down your patterns, you can use them to create much more complicated rhythms in Song mode, where you can add them to a sequence of up to 32 parts and change their length, activate or deactivate tracks, add repeats and so on. Music on: Drums also includes a pre-recorded song.

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User Comments (44)



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Sweet I was hoping for a Robox demo despite the 5/10 score it got. This to me is enough for a decent week.



x10power said:

Only Wiiware games, demos, and DSIware this is a disappointing week for me since I see nothing in my style of gaming.



theblackdragon said:

sweet, i'm interested to see what all the fuss is about re: that Jason Rohrer Anthology. :3

@supersepiroth: lol, that's how it always is. we're always at the mercy of Nintendo and what they want to release. this week is no different from any other week.



Lobster said:

This is a meh day. Meh on this and meh on having to go back to school. At least I'm finishing up my major in ten weeks.



Birdman said:

I'll wait for the Alt-Play review. Otherwise, back to Vaynard's challenge!



CrazyOtto said:

I'll probably download the Robox demo. At least I'll be downloading something every week now.



wallyobass12 said:

This is bogus. Im sick of them holding back on releasing VC and look at all these crappy crap crap. TWO PUZZLE GAMES! THE WIIWARE IS ALREADY FILLED WITH A HUNDRED USELESS BORING YAWN PUZZLE GAMES! IM SO SICK OF THIS!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

What a great way to kick off the new year with NO VC. GRAHRP. An iPhone port and yet another puzzle game!? Seriously?



Bass_X0 said:

Probably next week, JumpMad. Europe's getting them this week after our own week of VC games. Exed Exes and Ghosts n Goblins. Only Ghosts n Goblins is worth getting. IMO.



theblackdragon said:

@stuffo: hoping is one thing, bemoaning something that's always been true is another... though that's what happens every week around here, so why i bothered saying anything at all is beyond me, lol.



argus said:

Ghost Mania looks like it has potential. Has anyone tried it yet? I guess I'll wait for the review.



Destro said:

Weak sauce releases. Get back on the VC train Nintendo! I hate this Wiiware garbage.



Gameday said:

Lots of color , but too many puzzle type games at once , thumbs up for the demo though.



WolfRamHeart said:

I just tried the Robox demo and I thought that it was pretty awful. I am so glad that I didn't download it before. The rest of the releases for WiiWare just aren't very interesting. Oh and it is nice to see that Nintendo is back to neglecting the Virtual Console again.



astarisborn94 said:

Well 2011 got off to a bad start for Nintendo Wii. Sadly, I have a feeling that this may be the Wii's worst year (and the first I can honestly say is bad. I can even consider 2008 a decent year for the Wii).

At least my PS3 should be here within a matter of a few days and there's always a large amount of good and great Wii games I have not picked up from previous years. Should look at them soon.

@theblackdragon: Doesn't mean Nintendo can keep treating Virtual Console like crap. I've been incredibly unsatisfied with it's offering ever since March, 2010. I'm sorry but either Nintendo change with VC or I'm going to start retro collecting cartridges of games I want.



theblackdragon said:

@SSBFan1999/Limelight 788: Nintendo can, in fact, keep VC releases at a bare trickle. nothing you can do or say will change that, because if it were possible, they'd've already changed how they do things. why people keep complaining that things aren't magically different now than they were a year, than two years ago, is beyond me. :3

also, no one's stopping you from collecting retro cartridges of games you want, lol... you say that as if Nintendo cares whether you do so or not. :3



Bass_X0 said:

I imagine as far as Nintendo are concerned, all they have to do is put out two or three releases across the WiiWare and Virtual Console every week. It wouldn't matter to them whether its 1 WiiWare game and 1 VC game or 2 WiiWare games; its still two downloads that week.



FluttershyGuy said:

The VC Nazi is back! (in Soup Nazi voice) NO VEE CEE FOR YOU! I think this is Nintendo's special way of bringing us back down to Earth after the holidays. Letting us know that the days of presents, gifts and holiday cheer are over. BACK TO YOUR SAD, BRUTAL PRE-HOLIDAY LIVES (Evil laugh). Ah, one and two VC weeks, I'll miss you! See you next December... Well, see you in March on 3DS (hopefully). Buh bye, Wii VC!



slidecage said:

wonder why nintendo hides the release dates.. too bad they dont put out what is all coming out in jan all at once.. like these 3 games come jan 3 these 3 games comes jan 10 and so on



MeloMan said:

VC-wise, awaiting Faxanadu, Arcade Ghost N Goblins, 1942.
DSiWare-wise, I'm still awaiting myDiary which has gone auspiciously quiet...
WiiWare-wise, sorry Legendo, I'm not really much the puzzler fan. Although, I 2nd Pearl Harbor II... when's big bad Nintendo gonna let you guys release it?



Bassman_Q said:

I tried Alt-Play... interesting concepts, but my biggest gripes are how the 3rd game is multiplayer-only and it doesn't save your high-scores in the other two games. So its pretty meh in my book.



Capt_N said:

I have a bad feeling 3DS VC will eventually get treated this way, too.



Megumi said:

@38....Greeeaaat..... (
Well at least the 3DS VC will be terrible....IN 3D!!! xD



eripmav said:

@Jumbit it's not a port, a port is when a game is literally ripped from one system and taken across to another with bare minimal changes. Ghost Mania on the Wii is of the same ilk, granted but it's a spiritual successor (sorry, pun intended...albeit a bad one). Check the thread in the WiiWare section for more info.

@Pixelman no word yet, the game will be done when it's done:) I believe the team wasn't unshackled for the festive period and haven't seen daylight for two months:)

@Argus give it a whirl, if you like puzzlers you'll like GM. It's an addictive little gem, well worth (bias aside, as a gamer/journalist) the 500 points. An impulse buy, if you will.



vaguerant said:

A port is when you take the original code and you port it. Whatever definition you're using is made up, perhaps by you. Even if the WiiWare edition of Ghost Mania adds a bunch of features, odds are high it's originally built from the same codebase, and is, as they say, an "enhanced port". Which still has port in the name.



shinesprite said:

I tried out the Robox demo, and I'm glad I skipped it. The game isn't bad, it's just not good IMO.



eripmav said:

@vaguerant You hit the nail on the head, a port is exactly that. No original code from Spooky, what-so-ever, is in GM. No need for hostility.

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