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Mon 15th Mar 2010

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Destro commented on 3DS Battery Life Revealed:

Not a big deal to me, but Nintendo, like Apple, is always quick to make a better version of their hand-helds shortly after release (GBA, the GBA Advance, DS then DS Lite, etc), so I'll wait for the 2nd run of these bad boys.



Destro commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd August 2010 (North Amer...:

This update blows chunks. We want more VC stuff, Nintendo, you'll print money if you release more of these, get on it!!

Where are all C64 games, NES, SNES games? What is going on over there?

These updates are almost as bad as the Sony PSN ones.



Destro commented on Nintendo Download: 19th July 2010 (North America):

Almost comical that we keep getting screwed and boinked over by Nintendo. How many have they released this year vs last year? It's laughable.

Release some friggin' games already, it's easy money! Is 1 a week THAT hard to do? What is their reasoning behind this snowjob?

Castlevania Bloodlines
JPN Fire Emblems
JPN Advance Wars
SNES Shadowrun



Destro commented on Blaster Master: Overdrive:

Really like the original one way back when, and will probably give this one a shot once Mega Man 10 & Castlevania are outta my system.