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iPhone ports are happening so often these days that they should barely come as a surprise anymore. Sneezies is yet another one of these titles, and like many other games, we can't say the transition has really been all that useful.

Sneezies is pretty much yet another arcade-esque highscore game. There are four different game modes, but they pretty much all boil down to the exact same objective: scattering some sneeze powder over a bunch of little creatures in bubbles to make them sneeze, which sends out a little explosion of more powder. You can probably guess what happens next – a chain reaction starts, with one group of Sneezies popping the next. At least, that's what you should try to do.

The differences between the game modes are honestly pretty minimal. In Score, you go through level after level, trying to pop the required amount of Sneezies in each one of the 45 total stages. There's no way to fail at this, or any of the other modes, for that matter – should you fail to meet the requirement, you can just try the stage again indefinitely.

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Challenge Mode is pretty much the same, but each of the 15 "levels" actually consists of multiple stages. The required goal in every level is much higher than in Score, so you've got to build up a good chunk of pops across all of the stages. In each level, you get five doses of sneeze powder, but you can earn additional ones by popping at least 75% of all bubbles in a stage. You'll also get bonus pops for meeting random achievements, like not popping a single orange bubble.

Easy Mode is the same as Score attack but gives you two uses of powder per level, while Score Ex is a harder version that has a higher requirement to meet for each level. All in all, Challenge is by far the most interesting mode due to its, well, challenging nature, but the lack of game overs in all of the modes detracts from that.

One nice addition to Sneezies that more developers really should be using is a simple online leaderboard system: you can enter your highscore on any of the modes into a corresponding leaderboard to see how you stack up against the rest of the world or your friends.

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Aside from that, though, there's not much to do. As stated, although there are four modes, they're almost completely the same and the gameplay may get repetitive quite fast. The game's graphics are pretty simple, but the backgrounds are decently done and change every few levels to keep things a bit fresh. The music is fairly laid-back, but the sound effects will probably get on your nerves, with every single pop you make resulting in the exact same "achoo" from every single Sneezie.


Sneezies does pretty much what is to be expected of a port, but with four barely different modes we can't say it's really much of an upgrade. The Wii Shop Channel can't offer anything at a price below 500 Wii Points without it being free, which is unfortunate, because this would have benefitted from a slightly lower price; it just feels like there's too little content.