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2011 Release for 3DS is a Move to Avoid Stock Shortages

Posted by James Newton

Seems a smart decision

The pre-conference buzz around 3DS was for a release in Japan late this year, with Nintendo's share price jumping hugely at a rumour the machine would launch in October for ¥18,000 (around $215/£136/€157), though that news turned out to be the Mario edition DSi XL.

It turns out the original plan was to launch the machine in 2010, but Nintendo realised it would never be able to produce enough consoles in time. Considering this situation has happened in the past with the Wii console, Nintendo is obviously looking to alter its tactics for its next hardware launch.

That explains the release date, but what about the pricing? It turns out Nintendo's route to the price included, amongst other factors, evaluating the reaction to the machine's unveiling at E3; Nintendo clearly knew it was onto a winner judging from the excitement created by the console, some critics even labelling it "absolutely incredible."

We await news of North American and European release information with bated breath.


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colmtheperson said:

Stock shortages? Bu****it! The middle of a recession they can find cheap labor anywhere in the world!



zezhyrule said:

I'm fine with it, gives me more time to save up my money, and more of a chance of getting one.



Token_Girl said:


It's not just labor, they'd need to buy and refurb new factories as well in order to significantly speed up production, most likely. This would give them time to build up stock without expanding factories.

All that being said, Nintendo LOVES stock shortages, so they must have been really unable to produce the necessary amounts. It works great for sales.

1) Parents promise their kids 3DS's for X-mas.
2) Parents can't find 3DS.
3) Parents need to have something under the Xmas tree to not feel like bad parents, so they buy a couple regular DS games for their kids instead.
4) Parents also would feel bad about breaking their promise, so in January/February/Whenever retailers stop being sold out they also buy the 3DS.
5) Nintendo profits.

They would need to be real short on production to not attempt to get this console on the market. Fine with me if it means it just took them too long to perfect it before they started large runs. Quality>Speed.



MeloMan said:

LOL @ NESGamepro, I still remember seeing Corbie's reaction to the 3DS on the Nintendo Channel. The 3DS's price is all your fault Corbs! j/k



DavidRY said:

Did the Wii have a stock shortage? I just remember certain unnamed friends trying to sell their copies online for ridiculous prices and not getting a single bit. Perhaps with the 3DS being pushed back Nintendo is trying to avoid all the profit going to ebay and craigslist sellers instead of them!



NintyMan said:

Good, the last thing I want is for the 3DS to be sold out for months like the Wii. I was lucky to get my Wii for Christmas of its launch year, but a lot of people had to wait a long time to get it, even up to a year. Here's hoping there will plenty of the 3DS when March comes around!



Punny said:

Ah well. The holidays already look good for Nintendo, anyway.



James said:

@Stuffed I know over here it was ridiculously hard to get hold of a Wii at launch (four years ago now, believe it or not!) and I'd heard the US had a similar situation. A March release gives everyone plenty of time to save up over Christmas, though



pixelman said:

"It turns out Nintendo's route to the price included, amongst other factors, evaluating the reaction to the machine's unveiling at E3; Nintendo clearly knew it was onto a winner judging from the excitement created by the console, some critics even labelling it "absolutely incredible.""

Thanks a lot Corbie. Because of you, the 3DS will cost 300 smackers. It's all. Your. Fault. >;[



Kyloctopus said:

Actually it's a smart idea, now with it having a later release, more people will know about it,therefore loving it, therefore buying it. And more companies have time to put some of their work on a 3DS game, Virtual Handheld, or the rumoured but licensed by Nintendo "3DSware"



Burning_Spear said:

Maybe we should just believe that they're not able to manufacture enough in time for Christmas. They're not solely motivated by an intent to screw everyone.



danschemen said:

i know that was smart but still there is not that many people in my area that would know about it let alone buy it.



Corbs said:

It seems I owe everyone an apology. I should have looked into the camera and said, "you mean that's IT?" Then maybe it would only have cost $150.



Peznaze said:

I daresay that regardless of whatever these mythical "steps" are that Nintendo is taking, a 3DS will be as easy to obtain at launch as a Wii was, an iPhone was, an iPad was, heck, even a Kindle was. Which is to say, unless you've got camping gear, don't expect to even see a 3DS before July.

I suspect the wait is due to the winning formula being having a nifty piece of technology that works. (Then you can charge whatever you want! People will buy all your stock for whatever price! ) They must need the time to get the 3DS up and running.



Objection said:

lol corbie, you jerk.I blame this all on you.

But really, I'm more than ok with a March release.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

@Stuffed Yes, the Wii had huge stock shortages when it came out. My mom only managed to find one for me because she happened to be in Target about an hour after over 20 Wiis had arrived, and even then, she was buying the third-to-last one left. The shortages, though not as bad, were actually continuing somewhat for the entire next year and spiked again around Christmas. Then, it happened AGAIN during the 2008 Christams season.



GamesX99 said:

Oh i remember the shortages! My parents had to buy me a $500 bundle with random accessorys! Yet im happy that i got it at all!



she_gamer said:

@TokenGirl: They do seem to love shortages, don't they? There were several games (not to mention the system itself) that just disappeared one day, despite assurances from Nintendo that they were definitely still in production...



Rasche said:

Sadly I have a feeling that this is all gonna turn out bad. No one really knows all the details yet and they want 4 million hits in the US. It just doesn't sound like it's gonna turn out good...



KiroX777 said:

im just glad we get to wait only a month after japan so we dont have to do that "import a japan one because we are impatient" BullShxt!



Birdman said:

As much as everyone might be thinking about this reason for the 3DS delay is a pile of a large mammal's excrement, I expected it. Just go and enjoy everything Nintendo has coming out this holiday season already. I mean, we're getting a new Kirby game, a Donkey Kong Country Returns and much more compared to two years ago when all we got was Wario Land: Shake It! What more do you guys want (besides a holiday 3DS launch, of course)?



HipsterDashie said:

I'll definitely be aiming to get one on launch day. I couldn't get hold of a Wii until November 07. Hopefully I can avoid that this time round.



Nintenzo said:

STOCK SHORTAGES?! They had about a hundred million at E3, just slap those in a box and sell 'em!



Iggy said:

Im happy there selling it next year gives me more time to save up money. Because i hate when u have enough money for the system but not enough for any games or accessories.



TheBaconator said:

Yeah I'd much rather get it on day one without any worries or having to be withing the first 5 pre-orders to get it on day one like I had to for the Wii.



Wolfcoyote said:

That's great that they're attempting to accurately gauge demand and adjusting supply accordingly. There's been too much in the form of good news surrounding this handheld that I'm more excited for this than the original PSP back in 2005. A Virtual Console with GB and GBC support. Backwards compatibility with DS games. A better DSiWare interface. Updated graphics with and without 3D effects. Adjusting supply to meet rabid demand is a must in order to avoid the mobs.



Capt_N said:

Still wondering if N will artificially create shortages to rise interest in the device, then flood the stores w/ them. Still want one..



gatygun said:

token girl, i yet need to see a parent that pays 300 dollar for a simple gift for christmas.

i dont think it will sell that well actually. Besides the fans. The casuals for 300 dollar will simple skip it.



jangonov said:

My question is, the system is $299 (translated currency) in japan... Does that mean they actually are going to have it strapped to a gorgeous model? Or am I going to have to get one in an accessory kit?



IronMan28 said:

Well, we're just going to have to wait for it. I can wait and I think it will be a wise choice to buy it, but when to buy it is the real question with this system.



zionich said:

This is refreshing to hear.

@Capt N it already prints money, might as well get it into as many hands as possible.
As for the price point, I always new that people would complain it to high if/when Nintendo put more current tech into a hardware device. It cost money.



Kevin said:

I'm good with it, I've got three games on pre-order that are coming out this year to keep me busy.



Rocky said:

We should have just allowed only Game Informer magazine to review the 3DS. Nintendo would have set the price at $49, with GI giving Nintendo it's usual 3/10 review. And then in 5 years when Microsoft/Sony copy the 3DS design, Game Informer would then give their versions a 10/10 review and the competition can overprice their "new" 5 year-old technology at that time.



Ivan_Winchester said:

totally smart choice.
ds/wii still have the powa to have pre-apocaliptic sales one last year, the 2011 xmas season... well, i think the world is not going to implode due total deception of not having a 3ds at your xmas tree, cause ninty is going to be prepared.



PaperLucario said:

I think it is a wise decision to postpone the release until more systems can be made, I sure wouldn't want to see the 3DS becoming incredibly scarce like the Wii did when it first came out.

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