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Nintendo President Wants Gamers to be Surprised by the Wii 2

Posted by Trevor Chan

So don't expect any concrete details until as late as possible

There was a time when each of The Big Three offered something a little different with their respective consoles. With motion-control billed as the main event at this generation of home consoles, Nintendo can take pride that it was the company that warmed up for the evening, and that it's still going strong today. So what can we expect from the Wii's successor then? Well, it looks like we're going to have to wait a while longer before we find out because that's the price we pay for innovative ideas being kept secret from the competition.

During the last general meeting of shareholders, Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata explained that the company is "developing new products all the time" and once a new product is released, development teams move straight onto the next project.

...we are of course studying and developing the next console to Wii. However, there is a big difference between studying a product and announcing what it is and when we will release it. I am afraid to say that the history of entertainment is also the history of imitation. A great idea will promptly be copied unless protected through patents. At the same time, it is really important for our business to positively surprise people.

Emphasis is on the "surprise" element as new products that have the inner-most details splashed about years before their release will suffer from the detrimental effects caused by such openness. Which is why Iwata prefers the release of information as late as possible:

Again, we are planning the next products for Nintendo's continuous growth, but we cannot tell you what, when and how we will release it here. Thank you for your understanding.


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I'm glad of this. Don't wanna see Sony and Microsoft rushing to copy it and saying "we started it!"
And after seeing how amazing the 3ds will be I can wait to see what they can do with a Wii2



NintenFreak said:

so they wont release details because they don't want anybody to copy it? makes sense after what happened with Sony's "move"



Megumi said:

I'm not ready for a Wii 2 anyways...still, gotta wonder what they're gonna come up with next. xD



KrazyKain said:

i'm still happy not buying another wii, so keep working at it, i trust nintendo to innovate.



MasterGraveheart said:

Maybe a game console that doesn't need a television? Maybe something that generates images and graphics upwards to present a 3D holographic technology?

...Maybe a pipe dream, but it needs to be technologically on par or superior to anything the competition has. I don't wanna see more multi-platform games get shafted or halfheartedly applied for Nintendo.



King_Boo said:

built in projector would be interesting, doesn't really go with Nintendo being the affordable system though.



Pegasus said:

If they're going to keep motion controls they better vastly improve on them. Even with Motion Plus I'm still not sold. And for pete's sake get rid of them frakking friend codes!

I wonder how it will compare processing-wise with the PS3/Xbox 360. Then again, by the time the Wii's successor will arrive I would expect to see their competitors' new iterations to release shortly thereafter.



NintyMan said:

People would be too busy with the 3DS anyway, so I wouldn't mind if the Super Wii (as I nickname it) doesn't come for a couple more years. It will be intresting to see what surprises Nintendo has in store, but for now let's look forward to the 3DS.



MetalMario said:

"So don't expect any concrete details until as late as possible"

When do we NOT do that?



GammaGames said:

maybe a projector thingy, an HD projector, making you NOT buy and HD tv? All you would need is a gigantic white tarp and option to use controller or wiimote, i would like that for the FPS games!



GammaGames said:

yes, NO FRIEND CODES!!!! please! use a gamertag system, so you just type in a name and your set!



Splat said:

I have only had a Wii for about a year so I'm not really in any hurry for Wii 2 or whatever they plan to call it, I still have many games I have not got around to playing.



Punny said:

Nintendo should bring back the old Seal of Quality. Make this system have little shovelware, Nintendo! Either way, I'll still purchase a Wii 2 (or whatever it will be called).



ToastyYogurt said:

Hopefully this next one is HD and gets rid of the friend codes (At least make it so we only need one Friend Code, Ninty!). I would love it if it had player profiles and achievements, too, and was always online, just like the other consoles.



Egg_miester said:

why is this even news worthy it really doesn't say anything its nothing new that once a console launches they start looking at the next one and i don't think nintendo can do any other surprises left after the wii motion control and the 3d in 3ds



fishman100 said:

Wow. That's called "being smart", or it's called "common sense". I can't figure it out...



Alphack3r said:

They've gotta go back to cartridges. Even if it was wireless.

I've just found the ultimate anti-piracy innovation! Forget downloads. Forget universal & easily copied forma-

/remembers Sony's attempt at non-universal UMD's

................crap................well, scratch that.
Leave it to Sony to sink a revolution in technology.

/goes on hating Sony



ExploderReviews said:

Excellent! I knew when i saw Kinect and Move that Nintendo would have to step it up if they wanted to stay ahead of the competition. And now those of us who own multiple consoles will be able to enjoy each one's motion controls separately. Unless of course you own an Xbox and a Ps3 and a Wii. But anyone that owns 3 consoles has to have some serious funding, so they still might be able to.

Speaking of multiple console owners i keep seeing a Halo Reach add on this site. Well i just remembered im gonna have to preorder that, but aside from my personal gain i find it odd that youd see that at nintendolife.



Egg_miester said:

@ExploderReviews this has nothing to do with ms and sonys products it will be a year or two before the next nintendo home console comes out
and they wont cut into the wii kinect is being called a joke and move a knock off



Popyman said:

I'm fine with Nintendo making a Wii 2, but Sony and Microsoft better not make another console. This gen needs to last a long time. The PS3 and 360 haven't been completely taken advantage of and games are already far too expensive to make.



Hokori said:

Wii Ni Wooh! well I hope that its backwords compatible with Wii and GCN, and I hope they add Dreamcast and Saturn to VC.
as for HD as long as the games are good I dont need HD and lets hope Nintendo themselves dont Use extreme graphics on there characters leave that to the Characters that should look that way ie Snake, RE Characters and maybe Contra. but never Mario or especially Pokemon and Kirby. Seriously those images online of HD Kirby and Pokemon look Horrible like Houndoom and Beedrill.



TwilightV said:

I'll be patient when they release it's codename. Until then, i'll just RAEGFACE! D:<



Hokori said:

I also want the system to have only 1 FC per person and tell you when there Online, hopefully the 3DS will do that.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Friend codes aren't that big a problem compared to random matches. Why can't more online games use online lobbies instead of random matches? I'd like to be able to choose my non-friend opponents based on their skill level (win/loss records) and how many players are grouped together (when you can play with more than 2 players), and I want to be able to easily confirm that noone is currently looking to play a certain game mode instead of having to wait for it to try to connect to an opponent and never succeeding.



Sakeraf said:

I think they should call it the N.A.S.
Nintendo Alpha System!!!
that would be right after they buy the rights to Sony's gaming branch.



ZeldaFTW said:

I'm happy of Nintendo's decision. e3 2012 will probably when we get our surprize. Oh, and Sony. STOP COPYING NINTENDO BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY PEOPLE THAT CAN CREATE SOMETHING UNIQUE



timp29 said:

Wii2 = Twoo

New control scheme: the vitality sensor with IR and motion sensing



Objection said:

Yeah I dont expect to see WiiToo or whatever (hope its a better name TBQH) until holiday 2012.

(2011 is likely the year of the 3ds and none of the console makers will want a new system when they're just now releasing stuff late this year (MS/Sony motion stuff) and 3ds for Ninty late this year or early next year.)



Markystal said:

When Nintendo does release a new Wii, I Just hope they call it a Super Nintendo Wii to bring back the memories of going from the NES to SNES. Plus Super Wii sounds kind of catchy.
NES -> SNES -> N64 -> Gamecube X
Wii -> Super Wii O



ThreadShadow said:

The next Nintendo console (Wii2) will be a stylish, and surprisingly affordable powerhouse. HD, 3D, output to two screens at once, high capacity discs, large onboard HDD. Motion controls, yes, with a Nintendo i "eye" camera sensor bar. One of the best online services yet, but a closed service like Xbox Live. Pictures, movies, music. Beautiful traditional controllers ready to go without hooking into another controller. A great starting line-up of games with all major 3rd-parties supporting it with quality titles! Plus there will be connectivity with the 3DS, and some cool augmented reality stuff, and no doubt a few other surprises Nintendo will have up it's sleeve.

A person can dream! : )

Yes the next system will be a refinement of the innovation just like SNES was to NES, Gamecube was to N64. Wii2 should be the refinement of Wii if everything goes as before.



Bass_X0 said:

Nintendo should bring back the old Seal of Quality. Make this system have little shovelware, Nintendo!

...thats not what it meant. It meant that the construction of the physical cartridges themselves were approved by Nintendo, not the quality of the games themselves. There were far too much "shovelware" on the NES which had the seal for it to mean the quality of games.



JimLad said:

It's gotta have some exciting new pull, to sell Nintendo style.
Like motion controls, touch screens, 3D...
They know that, and i can't wait to see what it is.
Personally though, I hope they also build on what they've got now. I feel like Wii hasn't reached it's full potential at all. A new console with motion plus as standard would do a lot to rectify it, but like I said they also need something new to excite people.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

I hope Nintendo makes a better job this time. I know the Wii sold very well (especially thanks to their new target groups). But nevertheless the Wii has also the most disappointing hardware of any Nintendo console I ever owned. There is so much room for improvement:

  • up to date hardware with competitive graphics and processing power
  • HD visuals
  • digital audio output (even PS2 and Xbox did already have Dolby Digital 5.1 support)
  • harddisk support
  • proper online multiplayer (and get rid of those stupid friendcodes!!!)
  • gamertags
  • no region locking
  • 60 Hz option for all Virtual Console games in the PAL region
  • Virtual Console games should be connected to your gamertag (making transfers to another console possible)


MeloMan said:

I'm figuring the next system will be 3D enabled pending you have a 3D TV, but that's not really much of a "surprise", or "hook". I know Motion controls will improve obviously, with most likely both the nunchuk and wiimote having supreme motion controls. Hmm... Maybe Nintendo will take all the good money they made off the Wii and apply it towards a system with competitive graphics and processing power for once so Nintendo doesn't lose developers because the system is "inferior". Time will tell, who knows when it comes to the big N...



mushroomer said:

I just talked to Iwata and he whispered in my ear the following:
"don't tell anybody this but, the next console isn't even gonna be a console. it will be a pill you take which causes your body to turn into a virtual reality experience. The pill contains melatonin which triggers one to fall asleep. during which time, your brain will have access to wifi and the internet. From there, people can "think" themselves to the Nintendo Conncection where they can "BE" mario or link in their respective worlds." Controllers? Discs? Televisions? 3D glasses? They are a thing of the past. We will call our next project "Image N" N standing for Nintendo. Please don't tell anyone because Sony and MS will definitely steal our ideas and we havn't patented them yet.!!"
oh he also added this,
"We also do not recommend children under 7 to engage in the pill activities. Also, adults over 40 will have side effects such as nausea, hallucinations, and loss of sexual desires."
pretty cool stuff coming down the road!!



Caliko said:

I've been saying Iwatas exact words in forums for YEARS.

Reminds me of the past couple E3s where people were complaining that Nintendo didnt announce 50+ games.



Wolfcoyote said:

@47: If it'll support all that, you better hope that it comes with a competitive price point.

As for me, I think I'm finally reaching the point where I won't need a non-portable console, especially if the 3DS will be as awesome as every journalist makes it out to be. I'm only 32 but after twenty-five years of playing games I'm getting worn out, I think it's time to go to handheld gaming with PC/Mac games for my high-res fix.



Sadsack_Awesome said:

I think that the Wii 2 (Hope they give it a better name) has some sort of special suit that you will have to wear and you use yourself as the controller! Only thing is, you'll have to plug the suit in
But anyway, let's forget about this until after the 3DS comes out, then we won't have TOO much to think about



Roltron said:

I predict it will come out in two years, but I'm not an expert on these kinda things. I hope it will have graphics that like those of the rivaling companies at the time. (I can't wait to see the newest graphics! Today's graphics are so good!) I WANT TO GET RID OF FRIEND CODES! Well, hopefully if they decide to add 3D on the next home console that it will not require glasses after how much bashing they did to 3D Glasses at E3. Motion controls should be up-to-date. The nunchuck should be wireless. The remotes shouldn't have those stupid batteries, include a docking station for recharging. Those are just some of my views.



Capt_N said:

Some suggestions for Nintendo(& these are not in any order, but as I am thinking on them):
1. allow us to make legal backup copies of our software, & all the content on our systems
2. allow us to literally "sell", or give/gift, or perhaps even trade away virtual content we own @ our choosing. It could then be stricken from N's listings of software we own, to in some ways avoid piracy.
3. make the system more computer-like, in terms of how it can be used, upgraded, & how legal it would be for amateurs/homebrewers to make their own games, & applications for it.
4. If child safety online/offline is an issue, work on a system far superior to friend codes, as these don't stop what they supposedly were intended for.
5. Lobbies for online gaming.
6. From the get go, allow for us to transfer our virtual existence from console to console. This will make you more dough in the long run, as ppl will always buy consoles.



thesignpainter said:

wii 2 would be a great name, you know how wiis modo is "wii would like to play" well wii 2s modo could be "wii would like to play 2." that would be cool.



Mach-X said:

@23 what? Since when did that seal of quality prevent shovelware? were you even around in the NES days? the only difference was the shovelware cost you $50 a cart instead of $10 a download XD

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