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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Lands with Bonus DVD

Posted by James Newton

Learn advanced tricks with second disc

Counting down the days until Super Mario Galaxy 2? Although the game is reputedly much more difficult than its predecessor, Nintendo still wants everyone to enjoy it, so the European release will contain a DVD containing helpful videos and tutorials of advanced moves.

Assuming it's a standard DVD, the disc of course won't play on a standard Wii console, limiting its usefulness just a tad, but it's still nice to get something extra. If the videos are up to the standard of New Super Mario Bros. Wii's Super Skills demonstrations then this extra could be very cool indeed.


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Tails said:

Where is NA's Release Item or Preorder Bonus? Please nintendo give NA another preorder item for Mario Galaxy 2 .



JakobG said:

I'll need this, since I haven't even beaten Super Mario Galaxy and the sequel's supposedly harder.



Adam said:

Seems cumbersome. Just put the tutorials on the disc, like every other game ever.



RadioShadow said:

I'm just going to buy the US version. It will be cheaper and won't come with the useless DVD.



Cipher said:

@RadioShadow - In the US, the game costs $50 (£32). Here in the UK, it costs £35. If we got the game three months after the States did, I could understand someone importing, but when we get it two-and-a-half weeks after the States, and we get an extra DVD to boot, I can't possibly understand your reasoning behind importing.



Issun said:

Still, it's quite funny the fact that it's a DVD. unplayable on the Wii...
But I thank the initiative.



Rensch said:

Wow, that's great. I really hope it is as good as the near perfect first one.



Digiki said:

Difficulty sounds like a nice addition, here's hoping it's not restrictive like the original.



Link-Hero said:

People, do you know that all Wii disks are DVDs? You CAN play this on the Wii as long as whatever is on the disk is programmed to play on it.

Anyway, this looks nothing special. Even though SMG2 is harder, I doubt I would need this. If I do need help, then I can just look online for advice.



NintendoWorld1 said:

Is it a bad thing that we're in Europe are getting a dvd with the game? I have mixed feelings to be honest. I bet North America will get a better deal, I just wish I could go to the Nintendo world store in New York for when the game is released over there, might be loads of limitied edition goodies!!!



Terra said:

This...sounds really boring. I'm glad to see Nintendo adding extras to their releases but this holds no interest for me



Retro-Commando said:

This is just pointless, Even if the game is hard I would not spoil the game using a DVD that does'nt even work on my wii.
How would it help anyway, you still have to do the level yourself just like in New Super Mario Bros Wii.



LordJumpMad said:

Wow a DVD we can't Watch on the Wii
Thanks alot Nintendo _....

The Mario Coin was much Better



suburban_sensei said:

I think a behind-the-scenes dvd would have been much more interesting, rather than some "helpful" videos. I am going to be so glad to own this game on day one, even if us U.S. gamers don't get anything extra.



TLink9 said:

This might sound really weird but I hate Mario games. Well except Mario Bros. 3.



alexanderpas said:

uhmm... could this mean... knowing the wii can technically play a DVD... they make the disk play on both the wii and your DVD player, with a simple update... Wii DVD channel maybe???



NintendoWorld1 said:

@ alexanderpas

You made a good point there! Nintendo please confirm...

Well with a 5-6 weeks before the new game is released Nintendo won't announce anything just yet.



Pj1 said:

I bet some how North America will get the DVD!! I'm looking forward to the game coming out, with the DVD will make it an even better purchase. I'd prefar a limited edition tin presentation or a coin, I bet Nintendo are thinking that they can't win...



StarDust4Ever said:

Not fair!!! Oh well. Looks like I'm just going to have to order this item on eBay. I can play PAL DVDs too. I just hope it's not region-coded but I have resources available to deal with that as well. My favorite super Skills video on NSMBW is the multiplayer demo for world 1-3, in which Luigi don't move the controls the entire time, but instead gets swallowed and spat out by Yoshi, bounces enemies, grabs coins, 1-ups, etc and even gets flagpoled!!!



rjejr said:

Does this have anything to do with the SMG2 trailer 3 on the Nintendo Channel where the "ghost" lady does the level for Mario? I haven't read anything about that at all.

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