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Sun 29th Nov 2009

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Retro-Commando commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

I know this is the wrong place to comment, but would anyone know the file size for Nintendo Pocket Football Club which is released later this week?

I've ran out of space but would like to know if I will need to buy a new SD card along with the game when it comes out.



Retro-Commando commented on Fluidity Is Your New Club Nintendo Reward:

completely agree this is very annoying, looking at the coins required to download these games, it seems you do not need much.

C'mon Nintendo Europe we need these kind of rewards not some keyring, and Points cards that only work on Wii!!!!!!!



Retro-Commando commented on Review: GO Series: 10 Second Run (DSiWare):

Will this game be longer than five minutes long too complete I might download this but im concered is it just a rush to get to the end of the level within 10 seconds are the levels varied, ten seconds for a level just can't be that interesting. Can it?



Retro-Commando commented on Alley-Oop! Hoopworld Slams WiiWare's Backboard...:

Don't go comparing this game to nba jam remember nba jam is a RETAIL game while this is a wiiware game. I am a big fan of NBA but I don't think this will entertain me no official players, teams etc. Unless it was 500 points then I would have looked into it.



Retro-Commando commented on Skyward Sword Swinging For Early 2011 Release:

Can you imagine what the reviews will turn out to be when this game is released if the controls turn out bad. (obiously nintendo official mag will still rate it good because its nintendo, around 90% negatives:
controls take time to get used too) but other reviewers will rate it bad due to the truth. It does'nt matter to me though I will get games whatever the rating.



Retro-Commando commented on Animal Color Cross:

I have this game and it is fairly good quite confusing at first (haven't played picross apart from the demos on the nintendo channel) and looking at the trailer alone you can work out that this is great for 500 points. ( 50 hours of gameplay excluding the amount of time that you will be going back onto each puzzle aiming for the best time possible.)



Retro-Commando commented on Lifting the Bonnet on TrackMania's Track Editor:

Trackmania DS was great but without an wifi mode to allow you to download and play other players tracks (like mario vs donkey kong march of the minis did) was just a let down and I can't see the wii one having one either but still it is Trackmania so I will be getting this anyway.



Retro-Commando commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Lands with Bonus DVD:

This is just pointless, Even if the game is hard I would not spoil the game using a DVD that does'nt even work on my wii.
How would it help anyway, you still have to do the level yourself just like in New Super Mario Bros Wii.