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Nintendo Download: 16th April 2010 (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Mega Man, Mr. Driller, gladiators and more

There's a little bit for everyone this week, as all three services get at least one good to great title. DSiWare obviously steals the show again with the usual four releases, while WiiWare gets two and the Virtual Console gets its usual one. Keep in mind these games won't be available until midnight (Central European Time), Nintendo has just revealed the releases in advance this time!


Rage of the Gladiator (1000pts - Ghostfire Games) – Clearly taking a lot of inspiration from Punch-Out!!, this is pretty much a fantasy version of Nintendo's boxing game, allowing you to square off against various mythological creatures. It's got quite a bit more depth to it than the series it's inspired by though, and on the whole is incredible enjoyable, as our Rage of the Gladiator review will tell you.

Bloons (500pts - Hands-On Mobile) – A very lazy port of a moderately popular mobile phone game in which the objective is to pop balloons by throwing darts at them. It was decent on the go, but it just doesn't work on a Wii - Thanks in part to the incredibly frustrating controls which consist of nothing more than simply attempting to time the power and arc of your throw correctly. Miss one dart and it's pretty much over! Our Bloons review will tell you exactly why to avoid it.

Virtual Console

Mega Man 4 (500pts NES - Capcom) – The fourth of the Blue Bomber's 8-bit escapades, and also the one with the most varied opinions, with Mega Man fans calling it both the worst and best in the series. It brought some new innovations to the table, at least - It's the first game where Mega Man can charge his shots, and the first game with two castles to clear after defeating the eight Robot Masters. Rest assured we'll have a review soon after release.


Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop (500pts - Namco Bandai) – The latest in the Mr. Driller series doesn't really try anything special. It's just plain old Mr. Driller, but now available for download on DSiWare, which we believe to be a better fit than the previous WiiWare release. You can read our Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop review to discover the specifics.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight for Survival (800pts - Ubisoft) – A cut down version of a retail game, this one is quite similar to the last one, only with dinosaurs instead of dragons. It's still fairly mediocre though, as our Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight of Survival review will tell you.

System Flaw Recruit (500pts - Enjoy Gaming) – Another game based on a retail release, this one is played almost exclusively using the DSi's camera. Simply aim around your current location and various creatures and other things will pop up, which you must eliminate to advance through the stages. Seems like it could be fun to mess around with, we'll let you know if it is soon.

Pocket Pack: Words & Numbers (500pts - Mere Mortals) – Unlike most DSiWare puzzle games, this one doesn't just contain Sudoku or something else, because there's at least five games, which are Anagrams, Sudoku, Kakuro, Word Cubes and Word Guess. If there's any more we'll let you know in our review.

Will you be partaking in some more Mega Man action after the recent release of 10, or will you get something else?

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For me, that is very good update. A couple of instas- in Rage and Mr Driller as well as probably system flaw (even though the retail game recieved a bad revw in n-gamer I believe). The pocket pack game is interesting, but I need a review. I'm a sucker for a good word or number game like say wordjong, scrabble, art style code - that sort of thing.



Gizmo said:

Wohoo, Mega Man 4! I can't understand how somebody could call this game the worst in the series. Why? It's another great Mega Man game.



Luigi-la-bouncy said:

Nice early update always appreciated. Looking at all the recent DSi updates, can we now say that the service has officially picked up? I might have to finally upgrade my old DS lite at this rate.



Cipher said:

As per Nintendo of Europe's Nintendo DSiWare page, Europe will also be getting the last three Game & Watch titles tomorrow.



Ren said:

hey after that talking point whats the verdict on this mega man? is in running in 50 or 60? just curious. I hope for you guys' sake it runs in 60, though I'm not sure a little slow down would always be such a bad thing sometimes with Mega Man.



HipsterDashie said:

See, these games are released on the shop channels here in the UK at 11pm, but always carry a release date that corresponds to the day after. So it's possible to download a game before it's released in a sense.

Fun fact tiem is over now.



Wardy said:

I've never heard Mega Man 4 called the worst. That honor always goes to 6. If anything, it's the least talked about game in the series. I'm getting more curious about the DSi but I'm worried that if I get one now something new will come out by next Christmas. And you tackle Toad Man first.



Drake said:

@Cipher: Very weird, those aren't listed in the press release they sent us. I'll assume it's correct and add them to the news though

@SoulSilver IV: Well, Nintendo of Europe is based in Germany, so technically the date is correct, since the Wii Shop updates exactly at midnight for them.



Donatello said:

Mega Man 6 is easily the worst. MM4 had it's moments, but overall it was just decent for me. 7/10 is what I'm talking about. Dive, Ring, Toad and Bright man's stages were pretty good, But i can't say the same for the rest, which were bland, boring and dull.

But all of that aside, I will be getting it once hits the VC



Donatello said:

@Tornado Man

MM5 is definitly in the bottom 3
2 and 9 Are the greatest. 3 and 10 are good, while 4 and 1 are decent. Yet MM1 holds a strong place in my heart as it was the first MM game ever played. I still haven't played MM7 yet, and it's been a while since I played MM8, although in my tween years I remember enjoying it, yet the music and voice overs were just awful. And for the millionth time, i need to play my copy of MM and Bass, I've only played the intro stage along with Cold man's level.



Scottie said:

Mega Man 4 instant download the rest i am not so sure at the moment. I need to save some points for Cave Story and some other games that are coming up soon.



Sneaker13 said:

Interested in Rage of the Gladiator and Mega Man 4 (although I need a more from the series). If I buy Rage of the Gladiator, it will be after 30-4. I'm hoping to win it with the twitter contest.



cheapogamer4life said:

ohohoh you guys get Donkey Kong Jr. before us! I guess that makes up for the other Game & Watch games getting released in the US first.



Ristar42 said:

Hmm, bordered 50HZ NES games bug me a bit as we shouldn't have to play them like that, think I'll stick with Mega Mans 9 & 10.
Nothing really this week for me then, still want Cave Story... and more VC arcade support would be good.

If I had a DSi I would get all the game and watch stuff, but I can just play the GBA collection on the DS...



Donatello said:

I for one would die if I had to play games running at's not right :C Thank god everything is 60hz here.



timp29 said:

Thats one of the best releases in a while... This and Rondo have probably been two of the best weeks this year (I'm not a mario kart fan )



Betagam7 said:

@ Ren

All NES VC PAL titles run in 50hz except for the Hanabi releases.

Yes, this does indeed suck.



StarBoy91 said:

I still feel sorry about Europe's 50 Hz situation. I had no idea how hard it must've been until I've read Betagam's article.



VOOK said:

Any other Aussies able to confirm we only got Megaman ,Dinosaurs and Mr Driller? I cannot see anything else on either store.



vio said:

Finally more Mega Man! Well, not counting 9 and 10 that is.



Zinjak said:

i firmly stand behind that mm5 is the weakest of the original 8 bit games.for one thing it has charge man in it, and he has a train for a head. i rest my case.



Wardy said:

To continue Zinjak's statement, none of the weapons are any good in that game. It's the only game in the series where I purposely don't use any of the weapons unless it's the only way. Aside from Gravity Man's stage, every level is bland and repetitive.



Cipher said:

Heh. NOE's changed the Game & Watch dates to 23 April.

Don't shoot the messenger, it DID say 16 April.



Bass_X0 said:

Don't shoot the messenger? But who else do we vent our frustrations upon?



Uncle_Rick said:

Very surprised that Nintendo didn't use "Drill Man and Mr. Driller" in the title this week!

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