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Long before mankind stepped into the world, the Earth was a harsh environment dominated by dinosaurs.

Every species of dinosaur had to fight to survive in this hostile environment. Travel through the hostile lands as one of three breeds of dinosaur while battling giant enemies to save your kind. Create and customize your own unique dinosaur. Explore four mysterious territories and discover buried fossils to complete your mission. Enhance your dinosaur's abilities and compete against your friends in epic duels.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

T-Rexes and Diplos and Toilets, oh my

Back in 2008, Ubisoft Quebec released Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs, a game aimed squarely at younger gamers in which you create your own dinosaur and use it to battle others. With the advent of the DSi and the popularity of smaller versions of retail...

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20thPaul said:

I'm assuming his is a sequel of the one they already released? Well the other one was okay... wish we they weren't releasing so many cut down versions of retail games though



Kimbers64 said:

I'm a bit confused cause I already bought this Dinosaur DS game for my son but this Fight for Survival is sequel? Where can I purchase it for my son please cause he really wants it?

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