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The original 2D classic Mega Man returns in Mega Man 10!

This latest Mega Man title continues to bring the series back to its old school roots with retro action, platform game play and classic 8-bit style graphics and sound. Rediscover the Mega Man experience with classically inspired new boss characters, each with their own unique weapons and vulnerabilities.

The year is 20XX and a suspicious outbreak of Roboenza, a Robot Flu, has broken out. It spreads through the world like wildfire bringing down robots everywhere. People who have relied on helpful robots for ages are unnerved trying to live their lives without their robot assistance. One month after the outbreak, the situation worsens even more. Infected robots have gone out of control, destroying the city and holding it hostage! It’s up to Mega Man to take on this sinister threat and get to the bottom of this viral mystery.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

More classic Mega Man gaming goodness.

With the release of Mega Man 9, Capcom was able to successfully recreate the classic 8-bit feel of the Mega Man series for game fans to enjoy, this time allowing the game to be downloaded on Nintendo's WiiWare service. Not only did the game bring back...

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User Comments (50)



I hope they fix the difficulty.
(yes I have said that lots of times but is very frustrating to have a game for almost a year and never finished it because the dev were trying to look smart > )



Knux said:

This game will be awesomesauce of epic proportions. Instant buy for me!



Kevin said:

Box art looks awesome. Can not wait! I wonder if there will be DLC...



Drake said:

I, on the other hand, learned to set very high expectations for this!



Xkhaoz said:

Wow, the boxart is actually GOOD. That isn't Mega Man!!!!!!! What have you done with Mega Man, Capcom?!?!?!!?



Croz said:

I hope they make stuff unlockable instead of having to pay extra for DLC. Can't wait for this though and hope it will a Wiiware exclusive atleast for a little while anyway.



TheLonelyGamer said:

Ahh yes, the same ol' epic, but terrible Mega Man boxart is still there!
But the boxart looks a little more better than the other Mega Man boxart out there.



Capt_N said:

Already got a gift card for Christmas, went to Gamestop, got a (Wii) points card, & am going to restrain myself from spending 1000pts of my currently 3200pts, that I'm saving for this. Btw, that box art reminds me of the Classic/Original Star Wars Trilogy box art. Be smart everyone, save @ least 1000pts now. & oh yeah, sidenote: anyone interested in Shantae, Wayforward is releasing a sequel in some time. So, save points for that too... If you like it of course...



primeris said:

Boxart reminds me of the US art for the 1st Megaman. Love it!
Hope the higher difficulties and alternate modes are acknowledged in the achievements this time around.
Not that I completed every ridiculous goal on MM9...



Namo said:

The gross "boxart" thing was kind of cool for Megaman 9, but I'd rather see some "boxart" like Megaman 6 if nothing else.

Easymode is something I think I'll be avoiding.



evilralfwiggum said:

If it has gamecube controller support I'll download the Wiiware version. If it does not I may only get the 360 version. OR I might surprise myself and get the Wiiware version over the 360 version, OR I will get both like I did with Mega Man 9 lol. The reason why I shelled out $20 for Mega Man 9 was because I wanted to be on those leaderboards. Oh the joys of beating games fast :3
Update Wow. Wii Fail again. How can they not have gamecube controller support? They don't want us to play Mega Man 9 or 10 with an NES controller? =_= sigh. That's too bad.



Iggy said:

This game is bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its going to take some time to adjust.
But this game is easly worth the 10 dollars
compared to megaman 9 you just get some much things to
play with out buying the DLC



Iggy said:

i just think its hard right now mainly because i dont
know much about the weapons and what is the most effective way
to kill the enemy. And i also dont have the whole game memorized:P
I think the level of diffculty is perfect no pain no gain.



Brainhost said:

My point-card has been redeemed, Sonic & Knuckles has been bought, and now I'm just waiting for it to be Friday. Man-o-man, I'm looking forward to it.



mixahman said:

The only thing good about this game is the retro artwork. I was looking forward to this & it failed my expectations. Oh well. I guess MM9 stays on top. If you haven't played MM9, buy it instead of this one.



Iggy said:

its only been out for a day i dont think you can say its better tell you beat the game. So far i think the weapons on 9 are better but the fact they give more challenges is a nice bonus. If someone doesnt have 9 allready there propally not a megaman fan so there propally not even going to get 10



c0nspiracy said:

The game has been out for a day and there is already buzz about someone unlocked Bass and 3 hidden weapons found.



Brainhost said:

Have we been desensitized by and for bad boxart? Because as people are saying, this one doesn't seem all that bad. It's actually kind of... sweet.



Rasnik said:

Bought it today and all i can say is they know their stuff. The control feels great and easy mode is a plus for the "newbies".



Nightmare_Toad said:

Completed normal mode, Not as many usefull weapons as in 9. Blade Cutter however is effective. Excellent game!



psychoboo13 said:

i liked mega man 9, but 10 kicks its butt! I like the addition of an easy mode, but a mega man game without difficulty is nothing. Also, I love the challenge Mr. Perfect. Its when gamers dream.



Donatello said:

No, MM9 easily kicks MM10's butt, there's no comparison. I was dissapointed after beating it...But it's still a good game, but MM9 kills it in every single way.



OmegaBlacky said:

I still pefer MM10 I loved the fact that capcom added easy mode it makes the game much less frustrating for me and on top of that Bass is a playble charecter.



HolyBlade said:

Game is pretty good, with useful options introduced (such as easy mode) and interesting DLC content.

Too bad it doesn't feel as inspired as Mega Man 9 was. The music and level design are mostly hit-or-miss this time around.



WaveBoy said:


10x this. mega man 10 imo is one of the weakest, most uninspired & gloomy/depressing entries in the franchise. it boarders on being irritating....Nitro man's 'incoming truck' stage is terrible, the music is barely hit and mostly miss, it's not as colorful and it just feels like Capcom is going through the paces again. I deleted it. However, 9 is the best mega since 2!

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