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This innovative action shooter uses the camera to turn your surroundings into the playing environment!

Truly unique and totally physical, with 100 action levels and 360 degrees of intensity, 'Flaw' is the future of handheld gaming excitement.You have been chosen to take part in this most arduous training programme to combat the threat we call the "Flaw".

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Posted by James Newton

Seriously flawed

Essentially a first-person Space Invaders, System Flaw Recruit uses the DSi’s external camera in a crude form of augmented reality. The bottom screen displays a radar showing enemies in your proximity, and the top screen lets you line up the targets...

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Macaronius said:

Cool, i love the retail, maybe this wil be like a mini prequel, or maybe an ad disguised as a game... we'll see




I read about this, you have virtual things to shoot at on a real background which your dsi camera uses? Cool



jhuhn said:

This game is from the retail version for the Nintendo DSi game systems, that's already out in North America back on October 27, 2009.



3230ru said:

omg I played similar game on my nokia years ago. I dont see any difference so I think that it could be fun, but for the short period of time. And prepare Your videocam when giving this game to play for a friend or (which is better) a girlfriend.



JohnshiBRPG said:

It is based on the retail version, and from what I've experienced, those enemies fly so fast along with the delayed animation rate of shooting (you actually get to possibly hit the target at the last of the 3 frames of laser animation) that it's needlessly frustrating and monotonous, because all you do is just shoot enemies with a delayed gun (some power-ups exist but good ones rarely show up) and end up with an almost unreasonable score percentage system (you must shoot all enemies while being in very good condition).

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