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As last of the noble and rare Bronze Dragons, you must defeat the evil SALMU dragons and reclaim the 25 exclusive bronze gems they stole.

Explore 10 maps and travel through the great jungles of Earth, the scorched grounds of Fire, the frozen wastelands of Ice and the floating islands of Wind. Customize your dragon's appearance by changing its body, wings, tail shape and colors – even add stripes. Test your dragon's fighting skills against your friends in head-to-head combat or four-player tournaments.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Sadly not the Gold Edition.

DSiWare has already seen plenty of "A Little Bit of..." games, which are basically smaller, budget-sized (And priced!) versions of Nintendo-published DS retail games. It seems that other developers are now taking similar advantage of the service...

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Raptor78 said:

The demo on the Nintendo Channel was the deciding factor in my purchase of this game. Fair enough it had been the demo of the retail but at least it gave me some kind of idea what the DSiware version would be like.
Nintendo and Gameloft could take a leaf out of Ubisofts book and release demo versions of games linked to their DSiware games around the time of the DSiware release.



Raptor78 said:

Yes it is, it is a decent DSiware title and the multiplayer is completely compatible with the retail version as well which is a bonus.

...also it compliments the retail if you already have it because instead of playing as one of the four elemental dragons you get to play as the fifth kind, the Bronze Dragon.
Seems the only difference between this and retail instead of having four story modes (one for each dragon) you just have one, so you can look at it as a stand alone expansion for the retail game with all original functions still working.



Azikira said:

When will this come out in america? D= Ive been waiting forever cuz it looks totally fun... =(

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