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Monster Hunter 3 to Feature Regular New Online Quests

Posted by Trevor Chan

...which will reward you with goodies

What makes an online multiplayer RPG even more exciting? Well, how about if the game is periodically updated with unique quests which you can embark on online? Yep, we think that hits the spot too.

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) is set to be supported by the creative team well beyond its release. For limited time periods, new event and arena quests will be rolled out where you can encounter exclusive enemies and gain various rewards. Upon completing these online quests, players will be able to upgrade their armour and weapons with rare items which are also usable in the standard single-player and multiplayer quests.

There's no need to worry if you miss any because they will be on a cyclical schedule, with quests becoming available multiple times. Gamers can check out the event schedule over on the Capcom community Web site, with updates on the first Friday of every month.

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Raylax said:

This may become that rarest of things for me - a third-party launch-day purchase. It's extremely rare I buy first-party games on launch day, so yeah. Extremely hyped for this :D



lovesnaruto512 said:

that sounds pretty awesome w/ all the online updates, but i may have to save some $$. i still can't believe that it costs $60.



Machu said:

This is gonna be so PHAT!!!!

I hope I like Monster Hunter, cos I've totally hyped myself up now. ;D



NSBlueLighing said:

I cant wait 10 days for this... I need to freeze myself for this game and i wont be going to school after this comes out! :)



Machu said:

Huh? Yeah, the ph scale, I got that, but what has that got to do with the word 'basic'?
Oh nevermind. o.0

edit: and what has any of this got to do with MHTri D: I wish I'd never said the bloody word now, ha!



NSBlueLighing said:

im not going outside for a long time also wont rly need to buy another game when this comes out since new quests come out! My eyes are going to hurt



Angaran said:

Cool more enimies and armour upgrades in only 10 more days, this might be the best wii game ever!!!:)



Kaeobais said:

This game will steal my life. I'll wake up one morning after playing some MH3 and realize I'm 63.



edhe said:

Let this be an example to the other third-party companies.

I love me some free content.



odd69 said:

Not only does this hit the spot, but this information also has sold me on this game.



HipsterDashie said:

@The Fox

Trust me, this game is pretty epic to play. And this is coming from a guy who knows jack about Monster Hunter. ;)



jbrodack said:

If only gamestop didn't suck and would let me have a demo I would know whether I was gonna get this or not.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

capcom is really give us the works for this game
welll thank u capcom
i will b on for all the updates



AVahne said:

@The Fox
if only it was any good? Well, let me just say this: THIS GAME IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people could tell you this game is top notch



The_Fox said:

I give no regard to Nintendo Powers reviews, seeing as who owns it.

That's super if you like MH3, but after playing the demo I walked away bored and annoyed with it. I do think it's great to see Capcom support it post-launch for those that will enjoy it.



Mr_G said:

I am going to become the monster hunter of note and go online and kick serious with other people. awesome



Spoony_Tech said:

Cant wait. Can someone tell me if wii speak works with a headset or is it only like a conference call.



Mendoza said:

I don't even own a Wii, yet it's very possible that I buy the Limited Edition one day early. After that I buy a Wii. I'm so excited for this one :D



Gavin_Rozee said:

Wish I had a better idea of how the game actually plays and it's structure etc.

Is it like Zelda? Pikmin? Compare it to some other games...



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, my thoughts are online following yesterday's preview event and I have to say I'm really looking forward to it. The online sounds like it's going to be great and this news has given me some incentive to bookmark the Capcom Unity site it appears.

If it wasn't for the quests giving it a bite-sized structure, I'd probably avoid online play for fear of having my life taken over WoW-style, but thankfully that risk should be minimised thanks to what looks to be the best online lobby system yet featured on the Wii.

The controls do feel a bit clunky, but the strong single-player experience and co-op online play have done the job selling the game to me - I'll definitely be picking it up on launch day.



Yanagi said:

Already got the premium bundle on pre-order. April 20th can't come soon enough.



irken004 said:

@Sean Wow, nice article! I had no idea about the pointer be used to record in the bestiary. Very impressive.



Highlar said:

I've had this pre-ordered from right after the Nintendo event where they announced the GameStop deal and demo disc. Went out and paid for it the day after it was announced. I've got the demo, and being the first MH game I've ever tried, I really enjoyed it. So did my girls. I cannot wait for 10 more days to play this, its going to be awesome. This news is just icing on the cake. Was the Japanese game treated in such a great fashion, with limited time downloadable quests? I don't seem to remember hearing about that before. If its something new for the US version, it just goes to show how much MORE Capcom has upped the ante for the western audience. This game is going to be epic. And from reading the IGN online preview, it sounds like the this game is going to offer up the biggest and best online (and offline) experience for Wii gamers yet. I just have one question which seemed to be answered by the IGN preview, but not quite: can Wii-speak be used by anyone at any time during a group, without swapping friend codes? Or do you have to be friends for it to work, ala Conduit? It sounded like anyone at any time can activate Wii-speak, which I hope is the way it is. I got Endless Ocean 2, not only because I wanted the game, but also because it basically came with a free Wii-speak, which I wanted JUST for this game. :) Can anyone answer this Wii-speak question?



Angaran said:

I don't know but who would you reccomend this to from the demo because i have not played the demo and i've been waiting for this for a long time! 3:)



Highlar said:

I would say anyone who enjoys action style RPGs would have a great time with this game, from the demo and remarks from others I've heard who've tried it. Also, it definitely seems to have the MMO flavor to it, only on a more bite-sized scale. I can't wait for this to come out, as I'm an MMO junky. lol



Sean_Aaron said:

@Highlar: I address the Wii Speak question in my blog post. According to the Nintendo staffer at the event Wii Speak will not require trading friend codes at all: you will be able to click on other players and select an option to hear them speak (and apparently add them as Wii Speak friends for future), so it's one better than The Conduit, which had a pretty good implementation.

So if you like, no friend codes required at all: open lobby, open chat, etc. The opt-in aspect to speech seems pretty good to avoid any verbal noise/assaults uninvited if that's your concern.



dreas said:

Well, I actually got the chance to play the demo and was a bit let down.

Though graphically impressive, the areas were all very small and connected by loading screens. The controls felt clumsy and I really missed some sort of locking feature.

Maybe it's just the demo not doing the game justice, but I was going to buy this on launch day and after playing the demo I'm not really sure about that anymore.



irken004 said:

@dreas My guess is that the small areas were chosen so they could fit more stuff onto the demo. The loading screens will still be there, but you get used to it over time. As for controls, there is no lock-on (though bowgun users can aim).



dreas said:

I guess you're right about getting used to the loading screens - I usually don't mind a loading screen every once in a while but I think the demo had too much of them. Hopefully it's less in the release version. I think I'll have a look for some actual (japanese) gameplay movies to see how it works out.



Highlar said:

@Sean: Thanks Sean, I appreciate the answer. This game just gets to sounding better and better with everything I learn about it Next Tuesday can't come soon enough! I even went down to the GameStop today to make sure that the game was available then, and not just shipping on the 20th (which I ran into with the release of shipped but wasn't available for pickup until the day after). They verified that will be in and available Tuesday morning, and I'll be picking it up as soon as I get the word.

I also went and read your blog after your answer. That was a great write-up, and just got me even MORE excited for the game. Especially since it sounds like the single player game is just as engrossing as the online mode sounds like it will be. I also bookmarked your blog for future reading too. Thanks for the tip! :)



Sean_Aaron said:

Cheers mate! James Newton has confirmed there are female hunters as well (I was starting to wonder if they were limited to flirty shopkeepers), so all you wimmin can get in there and hunt the beasties too!

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