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Male, 29, United States

Thu 11th Jun 2009

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lovesnaruto512 commented on Free NES Game Offer Now Available!:

well i've got my wii back in the year 2007, and i was so excited to play wii sports and everything! and later on, i somehow connected online by using my mom's laptop and downloaded the free trial for the Internet Channel. then i found out (later) that there was an update so i downloaded it. and last night i finally updated my wii then the message popped up saying that i could download any NES game for free!! but then, i just remembered that i didn't pay 500 points to get the Internet Channel... man, sometimes life is not fair! for those who have already downloaded your free NES game or games, well i'm glad that you guys are already enjoying playing them.



lovesnaruto512 commented on Shia LaBeouf Disses the Wii:

back when shia was younger, he was a pretty good actor! and now, i don't really like him. As long as he is continuing to act in movies, i'll be cool with that. also, when i've read this, i wasn't surprised. has any1 watched that 1 youtube video about Alex Pardee "broke" into his house? now that was pretty funny! ( it was just staged after all) and he's friend's w/ him. let's hope that his future will get brighter someday..