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New Pokémon Revealed in CoroCoro Magazine

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

New Dark-type 'mon on the way

The weekly Pokémon show in Japan, Pokémon Sunday, showed a silhouette of a brand-new monster due to be the first announced creature in the forthcoming fifth generation of the popular critter catching series.

Pokémon fansite Serebii has since gotten its hands on scans of the latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine, which has images revealing the identity of the new Pokémon and its first form. It's time to say hello to Zorua and Zoroark!

Zorua is the first form and classified as an "Evil Fox Pokémon", it's 0.7m tall and weighs 12.5kg. Zoroark is the evolution and is classified as a "Monster Fox Pokémon", it's 1.6m and 81.1kg.

Abilities of the two are to be announced at a later date and it's been revealed they will feature in the next Pokémon film "Phantom Champion Zoroark".


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Noire said:

Have it's types actually been pinned down yet? Because I though it looked Fire-type-y.

Otherwise, yay for new Pokémon! It means a new generation can't be too far off. :3



Kaeobais said:

I really wish they'd stop coming up with a million new pokemon and try to refine the games a bit. So far, every single pokemon game has been pretty much identical. But, I suppose that's just my opinion.



Sylverstone said:

I thought 150 would be enough but 438? Plus this new one?

As hard as I try, I could never catch 'em all!



Popyman said:

They are very awesome and, just like Lucario, very Digimony. Which is a good thing for me.



DarkLloyd said:

well well well i think i know whos going to be in my main team when this new pokemon game comes out

just like i made a
firered team
diamond team
Platinum Team
and soon heart gold and soulsilver team



Raylax said:

@Sylverstone: Catching them all hasn't been the primary aim (or the secondary, or for that matter even the tertiary) of Pokémon games since Gold and Silver. The message nowadays is "there's a whole lot of them, get your favourites." Besides which, it's 493 + these new ones + the hundred-or-so other new ones on the way, as in previous gens

I like these guys, they look cool. Zoroark looks quite a lot like a Dark Lucario with a new hairdo.



Noire said:

Ahh, so they are confirmed as pure Dark-types. Oh well, if you can't be a Fire-type, Dark-type is a great secondary choice. :3



AVahne said:

well they're confirmed to be Dark types, but they look like they should also have the Fire attribute....well i guess Vulpix and Ninetails already claimed ownership of the title of "Fire Type Fox Pokemon"



Objection said:

That first one (left) looks VERY familar, like they've done it before and now they just changed the pallette.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Hopefully this also means that the DS successor is not too far off also .
Still i can't wait for what the new Pokémon b#e like & what the new region of the unnamed county be like .



Klapaucius said:

Good news indeed!
I'd say they look like Fire/Dark types, but if they're pure Dark then fair enough.

I hope the new games are a bit further down the road. I only just got Soul Silver in December. I need a good 2-3 years between my Pokemon games. There needs to be time to complete one game, rest, and then get into the next one (for me, anyway )



Kurona said:

I really don't think that it looks like a goth Vulpix. Enough differences to make them two different pokemon, at least in my mind.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

From the looks of it, it may be a pretty fast Pokemon that is attack oriented. This is just a guess though...



Supermegaman said:

Say hello to the main pokemon of the dark gym leader!
(which there better be, or heads will roll)
looks kinda like poochyana/vulpix/shinx. But thats just me.
This guy looks like a potential team member! I will name him/her chibo for no reason whatsoever.



MetalMario said:




Megumi said:

Maybe it could be a Dark and Fight type, that's what I thought when I first saw the second form...



SmaMan said:

I dunno... I agree with a few other people here, they look too much like other already existing Poke'mon: Vulpix and Lucario... just darker...

I think after this fifth generation they need to combine all five gens together into one, huge, epic, adventure! You could traverse the entire Pokemon world from Kanto to whatever this new place is called.
Hmm, Pokemon Rainbow Version perhaps?



RyuZebian said:

I miss the old pokémon designs... So simplistic by comparison. @SmaMan If there were to be an ultimate Pokémon game like that, you could count me in!



funkyjj814 said:

as a reply to Objection_Blaster's comment
"That first one (left) looks VERY familar, like they've done it before and now they just changed the pallette."

Yes, it seems to me that they have just changed the color palette for Shaymin. I believe that you are correct with that thought!



grenworthshero said:

Holy crap, how many of them are there now? I'm pretty sure it's nearing the 50,000 mark. Just stop. 151 was fine.



SmaMan said:

From the 3rd generation onward it seemed as if they were running out of ideas, even with attacks. (Like "tickle"... wtf?!) I think this pallet swap is proof of that.



Rerun said:

It's good that the number of Pokémon are increasing. Pokémon are akin to flora and fauna in our world and there are a million species out there, some of which we haven't discovered.
Though the designs are starting to look a little bit too similar for my taste.
I like the idea of the all-in-one compilation. But I wonder how they will fit that all in a DS cart?
From a gameplay perspective, I they would make crossbreeding a possibility and not just to transfer movesets but come up with an entirely different Pokémon altogether. Of course these new breeds have to be sterile (incapable of having offspring) to keep the no of possibilities in check.



grenworthshero said:

The way I see it, even when there were only 151 Pokemon, there were only a few of those I actually cared about. Now that there's 256,000 Pokemon, that means that many more worthless Pokemon.



SmaMan said:

My guess is it would be a console release, IF they decide to do it. I'm thinking with all 5 worlds combined into one game it would begin to rival the size of Azeroth! (from World of Warcraft) Also, they'd probably have to raise the max level... to keep things interesting past the 2nd place you'd visit.



TehGamerXeo said:

Sweet? well, lets hope they stay in the lines of previous pokemon reality, and not something over done or the thought running out of original ideas.

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