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Mon 21st Dec 2009

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Kurona commented on Iwata Hits Out at Smartphone and Social Networ...:

I agree with him a bit. Sure, there are TONS of poorly made games on the app store, but there's also a couple of gems. Like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Tiny Wings. They're wonderful ways to pass the time, but I think I would rather play Chrono Trigger for hours on end than those games.
Also, I don't like Zynga and never will, after reading an article about them:



Kurona commented on Lend Your Voice to the Save Our Shining Force ...:

I have to say I've never played them. Heard of them several times, but I'm a little young to actually have been able to play them. If they come out for 3DS, I'd definitely be interested, that's for sure. But in order to play them, I'd have to get a 3DS first.



Kurona commented on 3DS Arrives at Nintendo Life:

What are the AR cards like?
(Please ignore the initial line)

@48 Hey, I'm having the same problem. Except it's a refurbished system... so no warranty.
I'm wondering how much the repair would cost. Do you know?



Kurona commented on 3DS Browser Jumps Ship from Opera to Access Ne...:

I think it's another way for web pages to display video.

I hope the browser doesn't suck, because I like the Opera browser for DSi. It's relatively fast (as long as you go to texty websites) and it's portable. I'd been fine with Netfront, if it wasn't for the fact apparently their web browser sucks. Now I'm worried.



Kurona commented on Review: Cave Story (DSiWare):

Erm, I'm kinda on the fence here... I've already played through Cave Story on the PC, but I'm wondering if I should get this game rather than Shantae... Because I only have 2000 Nintendo points. Which one would you recommend?



Kurona commented on First Cave Story DSiWare Screenshots:

Considering how awesome the PC game is, I'm looking forward to this one. But I think I'd like new features, like the WiiWare version, because the original was free, and as great as the game is, I'd like more justification.



Kurona commented on High Court Outlaws Flash Carts in UK:

"Yes you can. You can do whatever you want with the hardware. You can put anything you want on it, including ROMs. You however cannot download those ROMs. You may back them up as I do."

Eh? Am I missing something here? Just because you bought that product means you can do illegal things with it?
Uh.... no. At least, not in my opinion (which is probably biased). Time for an example.
If you buy a gun, does that mean you can just start shooting people (and not get arrested for it)?
And if you accuse me of comparing apple to oranges, let's use another example.
If you bought every component of your computer, and you use it to scam other people through phishing, are you breaking the law? Yes. Will you be convicted of a crime? Yes.

And as for the 'You cannot download those ROMs' bit, I'm sure you know that's what about a gazillion of people do anyways. That is dependent on the honor system, and sadly, some people out there don't follow it.

As for the complaints for the homebrewers, I think that Nintendo can form a compromise with them. How? Make the DSi shop more accessible. Make it about as open as the App store for iPhones/iTouches. That way, anybody could get their programs on for the masses to see. I'm pretty doubtful that will happen, though.



Kurona commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:


Yeah, sometimes the people go out and buy the games after pirating. But most of the time? They never will. Judging by my experience, people generally don't spend money to play the game the way it was supposed to be played than for free. Some of my friends have stolen some games... and to date, they've only bought a couple of the games they stole.
What you're talking about is the honor system - if somebody pirates a game, they'll pay for it later. However, what's going to make them do so? They don't feel pressured by the law, because they are aware of the fact that there's a million other pirates out there. They're safe in a huge, huge crowd. And about supporting the developers? Don't make me laugh! Some people just don't care, or rationalize it by saying, "There's a bunch of other people out there who'll pay, so why should I?". It's sorta a overused expression, but in this case, it's absolutely true.
Oh, and by the way, are you seriously suggesting that the companies arrest every single pirate out there?



Kurona commented on Review: The World Ends With You (DS):

Love this game like heck. :3 The learning curve is pretty steep, though - it takes a while to get used to it, which is why a 9 is a good rating (even though the fanboy in me demands a 10). But... this game came out ages ago. Why are you reviewing such an awesome game now?



Kurona commented on Okamiden is Set to be Released Into the Wild i...:

Cannot cannot cannot wait. This trailer makes me happy.
@28 A spinoff? It looks like it has all the features of the original game. I thought spinoffs usually had some defining difference between the gameplay (Like, say Soulsilver/Heartgold and Pokemon Ranger).



Kurona commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

Starfox & Kirby for Wii would definitely be awesome. I would love to hear about a Pikmin 3, too. Starfox.... drools



Kurona commented on Mega Man Zero Collection Aims Westward:

@Donatello - Erm, I've only played a bit of MMZ4, but the Mega Man Zero games are known for their difficulty. Especially the first one, according to my brother. Mega Man Zero 4 is supposed to be a bit easier, though.



Kurona commented on Hardware Impressions: Nintendo DSi LL:

Definitely considering this if I want to get a new DS. I'll try a demo first- but one of the major issues I had with the original DSi was the lack of a GBA slot.
Er.... how do you know they 'downgraded' the speakers? Just because they don't look like the DSi's ones doesn't mean they're as good. The holes in the machine are just to let the sound out- they have no indication of the hardware inside.



Kurona commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii):

I'm very interested in this game, but I was a bit disappointed that there seems to be no difference between the characters like in Super Mario Bros. 2 or Super Mario World. I kind of liked the idea that each character has their strengths and weakness. But that's just me.



Kurona commented on Review: Klonoa (Wii):

I've always been a huge fan of Klonoa, ever since I got it's sequel for Christmas. I loved this game. and I agree with your review and score.