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Metroid: Other M - Will Samus Get Sexy?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Is our favourite space bounty hunter about to shed her suit?

When Nintendo revealed that the next instalment in the massively popular Metroid series would be a collaboration with Japanese 'tits and ass' experts Team Ninja, more than a few eyebrows were raised.

Those eyebrows were soon lowered when the trailer started rolling, which displays what could quite possibly be one of the greatest reinterpretations of a Nintendo franchise by an external developer since Sega took up programming duties on F-Zero GX.

However, one question still remains: will Team Ninja make more out of Samus' womanly qualities than Nintendo has done previously? The developer is famed for its Dead or Alive fighting game brand, which in turn is largely famous for featuring ladies with massive, pendulous breasts that appear to defy the laws of gravity.

"Every female character in our games is as attractive as possible, both inside and out", said Team Ninja head guy Yosuke Hayashi when the question was put to him. "There has to be something attractive. But as long as we provide that in the one place - the inside - that's what's important with this game".


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Link79 said:

As long as they don't go overboard with the jiggly bouncing tits then sure Samus could stand to be sexed up a bit. She was already pretty hot in Smash bros brawl. I hope there's at least some part of this new game where you don't wear the power suit. I want Samus to kill space pirates with her sexyness.



Terra said:

Somewhere, Wiiloveit is loving this.

But seriously though, considering Team Ninja's track record, I reckon there'll be some changes but i do hope they don't go overboard with this. Not that I would mind this though.



Link79 said:

Samus is bringing sexy back! I still can't get over how good she looks in the new trailer. She can hunt me anyday. Meeeowww



Chunky_Droid said:

"But as long as we provide that in the one place - the inside - that's what's important with this game"

Yeah, what's inside the suit



Big_A2 said:

That would be terrible. Even Samus' SSBB incarnation was too much for me. She used to be the most respectable female gaming character. Nowadays she's just a sex symbol.



Kirk said:

I really hope you are being sarcastic Big A2!

Otherwise shut up!

I really hope Team Ninja gives her their trademark bouncy boobs!



greyelephant said:

This is silly. If they want to "woman" her up a bit, I've got no problems with that. As long as they don't go overboard with it, then no harm. I just don't want that to be the main attraction to the game. I want gameplay, and if I want boobs, I can go to the misses for those. LOL!



Ian_Daemon said:

Samus gets sexy? Um, hello...are you forgetting Samus running around in a bikini on the NES?



Knux said:

Looks like they are going to make Samus even hotter in this game,OH YEAH!!



JohnshiBRPG said:

@Ian Daemon

There has been no acts of changing since Megaman Zero 3 and yes, they did that trick on the NES to give hardcore some distractions.

It would be most likely to be unchanged.



Megumi said:

lol knowing Nintendo, Team Ninja will still have to keep this at T rating....unless they're making an exception. XD

M rated Metroid....hmmm...



Objection said:

It'll be T rated without a doubt, so while Team Ninja might add a little bounce, that's about it. (I'm fine either way.) Nintendo still has major control over the chracter and universe.



Megumi said:

Uh huh...before you know it they'll start making a Nintendo edition of DoA. xD



Lotice-Paladin said:

I hope making Samus look good doesn't effect the gameplay. I don't want to play a DOA Beach Volleyball version of Metroid. That's my opinion anyway.



James said:

"Anyways I keep hearing that Mother Brain is in this game..."




Noire said:

Well, a somewhat-large part of the trailer featured Samus outside of the suit, so it seems to me like Team Ninja has spent some time working on Samus' new look. Of course, only a few seconds of that showed off the blue spandex, so we'll see how fanservicey the game really is. IMO, we need some fanservice during the game, because that gives us a higher chance of getting Samus in a bikini, possibly playing beach volleyball, for the 100% ending.



Wiiloveit said:

Somewhere, Wiiloveit is loving this.
If only 'twas real...

Also: you guys need to improve on your headings, especially when compared to the Kokatu one: Will Team Ninja Take The Slutty Route With Samus? If only...



Pegasus said:

I'm pretty sure Nintendo would put a hold on anything inappropriate. Its their franchise after all. I doubt they'd want to sully Metroid's good name for some hormonal teens.



Knux said:

Imagines Mother Brain in a bikini.
Shudders at thought,imagines Ridley in a bikini,also shudders at that thought.



the_shpydar said:

Why does it seem that each time Team Ninja is referred to on this site, it's with respect to the "Dead or Alive" games and not the "Ninja Gaiden" series? I find it odd. It makes it seem like people think that the super boob-physics is all they do.



Damo said:

I think it's fair to say that Team Ninja is more famous for DOA than Ninja Gaiden.

And let's not forget that NG has its fair share of T&A, too.



City_Of_Delusion said:

Considering Super Metroid's secret ending (and Metroid's for that matter) it wouldn't be very new.

Also: Metal can't shake.



the_shpydar said:

@Damo #30: I suppose that is true, depending on what type of gamer you ask. But even the DOA series (at least the proper fighting games in the series) is about more than the boob physics . I'm just surprised there seems to less discussion/interest in how Metroid may/will be "Ninja Gaiden-ized" and instead the focus all seems to be on the DOA "fan-service" influence that may seep in.



Modern_Legend said:

wow this cud happen easily, like maybe theyre using the thing from brawl like u need to go thru a mission without ur suit and u have ur laser gun as ur weapon u no wat i mean



LittleIrves said:

@JimLad: Ha. Wow. That's just bad, sir. I can't believe no one's remarked on that yet. Super Missile, indeed!
Anyway.... I'm psyched that the original concept is from someone who's worked on the original NES game, the SNES game, and Fusion. Can't wait to see what they do with the 2D-inspired, perspective-changing gameplay.



Cheesy said:

lol I can't believe how many comments this has.

Anyways, I hope they sex her up but not too much. I want my hardcore game, too.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

lol, isn't she hot enough What makes Samus hotter than say, Kasumi, is that Samus is more real. Still "over the top" in the Zero Suit, but not as outlandish as the DOA cast.



Big_A2 said:

@9. Kirk: No, I'm not being sarcastic. If Samus gets another boob job, I won't buy the game. They're plenty of other places where you can look at gigantic breasts, and on a character I have to spend hours playing as is not where I want them.



Invertedzero said:

Yeh I kinda get what Big A2 means. Even though it's always nice to have a different direction, Samus has always been quite ordinary and serious, as well as being blonde, which has worked well for the character. I certainly hope the graphics improve from where they look now though - rather toy/plastic model-like.

And lol in the first part of the trailer where it went from space to that massive futuristic city and the young short blonde haired female, i was thinking it was the new zelda game till a bit later on in the trailer and realising it was samus and thinking who on earth is that guy in the captain's hat lol



JiNxX said:

@Invertedzero: the guy in the captain's hat says "any objections, Lady?"... which you'll remember (from Fusion) is how Samus's former XO Adam (and later, her ship's computer) referred to her. so my guess is that the guy is Adam.



mr_goron said:

samus has always been sexy. she is a strong independent female with a beautiful athletic body



Trisjedi said:

As long as she looks like a real human female she'll be great. She hasn't had a bad game yet, I hope Team Ninja is willing to do what it takes to continue that trend. Retro Studios did a great job but had to make some sacrifices to the Prime series.



Spoony_Bard said:

I agree with comment 48, which agrees with comment 8.

Also think they should sex up Mother Brain. I like an older woman with some smarts (and exposed brain matter).



jangonov said:

there is a lot of talk that if they make her "sexy" that people will not play it. No matter what they do Im going to play this game. Not because team ninja made her sexier, but because I like a good action game.
But I agree that samus' chest shouldn't arrive in the room 5 minutes before the rest of her does.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@JiNxX: I hadn't noticed that...nice catch! Now we have some idea when the game is most likely set within the Metroid timeline. It sounds really cool to get to know more about Adam.



MetroidMedia said:

In the trailer she didn't look over the top.
although 1 year is plenty of time to make Bs into Ds:(



Watchful_Eye said:

Its fine if she looks good or even sexy, as long she isnt "sexy" in the sense of "sexy bitch to make a lot of 14-year olds buy her games" (like so many games with female main characters).



retro_player_22 said:

If Team Ninja did turn Samus into the hot blonde she is, perhaps it would be wise to include her as a guess character in the next DOA game (without her power suit) that is if a Wii version of DOA is in their future.



Capt_N said:

A T is what this will be more than likely rated. I can't see N allowing this to warrant an M (rating), though I could be wrong. The worst this may get is a "suggestive themes". I do feel N has in recent years tried to sex-up some of their girl/women characters.

@Terra, & Hyper Luigi: Especially if it's the Mother Brain from where I took my username: Captain N, or even worse, on that series version of King Hippo, Simon Belmont, or Donkey Kong...

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