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US VC Releases - 7th April - Yoshi's Cookie

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you ask us, this is yet another rather uninteresting week for Americans. Yoshi's Cookie for NES is an OK game to waste some time with, but with so much better puzzlers already available on VC, and the SNES version of the game being better (A situation similar to Wario's Woods), we just can't highly recommend it.

Today's other choice might actually be a bit more appealing - Jaleco's Bases Loaded was ESRB rated quite a while ago and is now finally being released. As the new baseball season starts in the US this week, it is actually a rather good choice to release. It was pretty much the most liked NES baseball game back in the day, but with three other videogames based on the sport already being available on VC, including the sublime Baseball Stars 2 this will no doubt get overlooked by many which is a shame because it was great back in it's day.

Note: These games will not be available in the North American Wii Shop Channel until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Mon 7th April.

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Shrapnel09 said:

I wonder why its called "yoshi's" cookie.... it sad to see yoshi's good name being sold out just to cash in.



elbo21 said:

I gotta be honest guys, I'm getting really bored with the VC. I used to be so excited to see what was coming out every week. Now when I come to check this site it feels like a chore. I'm not saying there aren't great games on the VC and great games I've already downloaded. But for whatever reason, Ninty is holding back on so many of their proprietary games, it's beyond frustrating. Why drag this out so much? We'll buy the games no matter when they come out... it's not like they have to build anticipation for them to sell more. The positive energy I used to feel for the VC has all but been drained.



Serpent said:

Nothing worth getting here imo.
one horrible sport game and one decent puzzler.



Jolted85 said:

Funny how they release Bases Loaded just as baseball season starts, I still have the cartridge for the game, so there won't be any reason for me to get it on the VC, Yoshi's Cookie is an ok game, however I first played it on the SNES, and that one is much better, but the NES version is better than nothing though.



blackknight77 said:

I called it. I knew Bases loaded would be out! Anyway Wii Sports is better

Yoshi's cookie might be good because I like Wario woods and Column. Although I may save the points for new Dr. Mario



Tim said:

I really wish Nintendo picks only games from the top 100 list Nintendo Power is compiling, then onward, to avoid crap weeks like this one coming up.



Ark said:

Er, shouldn't they have added a Master System game since it's a new and all? The Baseball one doesn't seem to interest me. sigh
However, I'm a big Yoshi fan and look forward to getting this title on my Wii. Unfortunately I have 400 Wii Points which means I'll have to go buy more with $10. XD Can the difference between the SNES and NES versions really be significant enough to cost 3 extra dollars? I think it was smart to release the NES one instead.



Draygone said:

Here's a twist. Both of these I used to own some years ago, but got rid of for one reason or another. I kinda want them back, but which should I get? Or should I at all? Yoshi's Cookie has a supposedly better SNES version, and Bases Loaded had four or five sequels. I might get both, anyway. Will only cost me $10 together, and I already know I like them.



LorD_SyN_DracuL said:

they need to release Super Mario Kart, especially with Mario Kart Wii coming later this month...
MK64 is good, but I want the original!!!



Sharecrow said:

Bases Loaded is kind of not sure if I'll download it though. I sure do love baseball!!!



Cally said:

Honestly, in my opinion, THREE a week between eight consoles is crazy. And unremarkable stuff (and outright JUNK) in their libraries is exactly why. Sure, somebody out there might be interested in this stuff, but yeah, I'm seriously thinking about checking, like, every month rather than every week from now on; why should I punish myself by getting my hopes up week to week? If only we got a release schedule like with everything else . . .



Stratos said:

I always preferred Yoshi which is already out compared to Yoshi's Cookie. I still have them both on Gameboy from when I was young.



DEMON212 said:

You know what's worse than getting 2 games that you think suck? Getting 1.

IMO YC is a canny game.



Spills said:

Wow I think Nintendo is just hoping people buy this garbage before putting out the good games. The VC has sucked for several weeks now.



jg233 said:

Hmm... maybe next week I will resist from looking at what the new games will be until Monday morning... from now on of course.



StarDust4Ever said:


Yoshi's Cookie is just about my all time favorite game on the NES...

Mario is a chef and he has cookies coming fresh out of the oven in random bunches. Your job is to line up the cookies so that all of the same type are on a row or columb, and then they clear out and Yoshi gets a tasteful treat!!! Don't listen to the review - Yoshi's Cookie is a 5-star title in my book - In contrast Mario & Yoshi (a true three-star game in my book), which many have probably already downloaded, flails in comparison to this classic gem, and even though the graphics are all NES, the cookies still look so yummy that it makes my tummy rumble just thinking about it.

A MUCH better game compared to Yoshi, er, umm, "Yoshi's Omelette"

Come on peoples - at the very least you could have given it a 4-star rating, D'oh!



Bensei said:

@StarDust: Their ratings are mostly compared with other titles, especially if they are on or coming to VC. Yoshi's Cookie was ported for the SNES, that version is better so they gave the NES version a worse rating.

At least you all got 2 Baseball games to celebrate the beginning of the Baseball league, we didn't get anything to celebrate the Mario kart Wii release



sammy said:

ridiculous. Im going back to the magic engine emulator to play Rondo of blood



Kevin said:

I was hoping to try out the commodore 64 monday. Oh well, Yoshi's Cookie is a good puzzler so that's cool.



Spills said:

Don't we have enough puzzlers and shooters? How about River City Ransom, Mega Man, or any good game thrown into the mix? I'm so disappointed that I found out my Monday's gonna suck on Friday too. Maybe I'll finally break down and buy Spelunker...damn u Nintendo!



calc_nerd said:

I remember this game, but could get the hang on how to play it as a kid. I used to just try to hit all the buttons as fast as I can, and maybe something good would happen...




Horrible, as usual.

Every week I get closer and closer to putting my Wii on Ebay. To be honest the only redeeming factor the Wii has for me is housing a lot of the retro titles under one roof (system).

I also have a sneaky suspicion that Nintendo will re-release all these very same games re-mastered in HD and provide online play.



garfreek said:

yoshie cookie is one of my all time favourite games!
i've been desperately waiting for this one for months!!

it is definatly original and not a waste of the yoshie name!
it's addictive, it takes some time to get good at and massive fun on multiplayer!

i was really sad the game got stolen from me _
and hell yhea give me wifi for this one!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Why doesn't Nintendo just release both versions of a game at the same time? Like with Yoshi's Cookie, they just release both SNES and NES versions and let US decide if we want to get a better game or spend less money. Don't make the decision for us, Nintendo! (same thing with Wario's Woods and I believe Bubble Bobble or something had multiple versions as well)



Bensei said:

Just import the Nintendo Puzzle collection. You'll get 3 Puzzlers you can play on your Cube and on your GBA (download) with up to 4 Players!
As this Collection includes Dr. Mario 64 it would cost 2800 Wii Points if you buy the best versions of each game, I got it for 15$ a year ago



Ark said:

That sounds awesome...but doesn't the Gamecube have a region lock? Or am I thinking of the Wii? If it works on my American GC/Wii, I'll buy it ASAP. =)

@Tides of Chaos(30)
Seems smart but wouldn't that deplete the the amount of(different)games we get each week?



Viral said:

Yeah...the song by Bullet for My Valentine called Scream Aim & Fire is exactly how some of these releases make me feel about the VC....sadly...sniff sniff...



Drake said:

You'll need a Freeloader, zss_shadow, it plays any game from any region with no problem. The GameCube one, that is, there's also a Wii one, but it's not 100% compatible, and while it lets you play some import GC games on your Wii alongside import Wii games, it doesn't let you play all of them.



Atlantis1982 said:

Waaah waaah waaah. Everyone is disapointed, boo-hoo; know what, reading these comments makes me disapointed that EVERYONE would rather have their MARIO'S or some AAA title instead of revisiting some classics or unknowns. I, for one, WELCOME Bases Loaded back to my collection that I once had to abandon.



mr_w said:

Forget this. I'm not buying either one of these. I guess it's a pretty day outside. I'm going to go outside and play some baseball after I'm done feeding my iguana some Oreos.



DarkMatter said:

Nintendo really needs to start releasing more than two games a week. With a library as big as theirs, we should be getting at least three. We're not going to run out of games anytime soon. And I'm not even saying to release HUGE games like Yoshi's Island or Super Smash Bros every week. Just throw a third game in there, even if it's unknown or not hugely popular along the lines of some of their heavy hitters, like, oh, I don't know, let's just say Tetris Attack. Do you know how many people would love seeing Tetris Attack on there?

I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it if the whole "two games this week" thing only happened once in a while. But I can't even remember the last time we got more than two games.



Roo said:

DEMON212: "LMFAO XD @ X.SuperMario.X's 2nd comment...priceless."

You're not wrong there mate.



Hylian7 said:

I must say that it has been a while since Nintendo has released a title worth getting at all on the VC. The last one for me was Kirby 64 (Which was a great game, despite all the mediocre reviews it got).



arobo21 said:

i think from now on ill check this site once a month, seeing how nothing good ever comes out for the VC anymore. Ill stick to the forums
besides, im wasting my time coming here every week, yes, all 10 seconds of webpage loading.

EDIT @ Damo - 10 seconds was a little exaggeration lol



Damo said:

arobo21 - I have no idea why your page is taking 10 seconds to load, could you give us a little more info on what browser you're using?

Although we obviously can't help the fact that Nintendo's VC releases are poor at the moment, we certainly hope the site is working properly at least!



Rapadash6 said:

Hmm, I was hoping that Nintendo would pick up the releases starting this month but it looks like that's not going to happen. I guess it makes sense with Mario Kart Wii coming out this month and Wii Fit, as well as Wii Ware, next month... We might not see anything decent until June, I'm guessing. If it doesn't pick up at that point it just might never happen. ^^'



StarDust4Ever said:

Aarg... 9:59am Central Time Zone - Still no Yoshi's Cookie. Makes me bloody wish the Nintendo Headquarters were located in the Eastern US instead of the West.

Tisk, tisk - patience is a virtue - Now that I've waited months, there's only an hour left to go, plus a lengthy download (just imagine trying to download Sin & Punishment on dial-up)...



BB_Sting said:

Sports games suck on virtual console because the official league lisenses are are long expired.



jakthebomb said:

i am saving my points for these games.
1. Donky Kong 64 - n64
2. Biker Mice from Mars - snes
3. Goldeneye 64 - n64
4. Jet Force Jeminye - n64
5. The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask - n64
6. Super Mario All-Stars - snes
7. Clu Clu Land - nes
8. Sanfrisco Rush 2049 - n64
9. Banjo Kazooie - n64
10. The whole Super Starwars Series - snes



NESgamer said:

I still have this game for my NES, and out of the collection side of it (because the cartridge is pretty rad) i really don't recommend it.



blackknight77 said:

@ jakethebomb
Save those points for Clu Clu Land D (featured on animal crossing)
It made improvements over the original and was not as difficult



BB_Sting said:

I'm boycotting the virtual console untill more good games come out like yoshis island and super mario rpg. As far as chrono trigger is cxoncerned,...... hey, is anyone looking for a job, I hear the army's hiring.



Timmy said:

@jakthebomb: goldeneye wont come out because activision has copyright over the characters and rare which is now owned by microsoft has copyrights over the game although i heard from somewhere that in 2011 goldeneye will be on both the xbox live arcade and the VC. banjo kazooi and donkey kong 64 are also copyrighted by rare so they wont come out either.



gardawg62 said:

This was the last game I bought on the virtual console. The games just keep getting lamer, and lamer.

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