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Bases Loaded (Wii Virtual Console / NES)

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Bases Loaded is a baseball game with an arcade feel and plenty of options from which players can choose. Select one of 12 teams, set your lineup from the 30 players available (each with different strengths), then play a single game or try to win the pennant.

During game play, the screen shows two different viewpoints: one from behind home plate as you’re batting, and the other from the pitching mound in a television-style shot (unique for its time) as your team plays in the field.

Strong play control and excellent graphics add to the excitement as you decide what pitch to throw (you can even try to provoke the opposing batter into charging the mound), control all positions on the field, or do your best to get a hit. So step to the plate and find out why this is one of the most popular baseball games on the NES. Can you pull through in the clutch?

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Not quite a home run.

To herald the start of the new baseball season in the USA, it seems fitting that Bases Loaded should get a Virtual Console release. When this was first released on the NES twenty years ago there wasn’t really much that came close to it. The simple, yet...

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Atlantis1982 said:

Oh my, I used to have this game back in the day. Quite nice to see it again all those years ago. :D



Todd said:

When's it come out? I was a simple game, but great! The sooner the better!



LazerGun said:

Hey clinker, at least this one is worth paying for. Unlike some (Baseball Stars 2)



Adamant said:

So is there any reason to care for us who already have Baseball Stars II for the Neo Geo? At all?



Spills said:

This game still annoys me in that the bat sound effect is taken from an aluminum bat. That would have worked for a little league baseball but not for a pro game. The original Baseball Stars on the NES was 10x better than this. Stars 2 is a lot of fun especially against a friend.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Umm...isn't the camera kind of backwards for most baseball games (behind the pitcher instead of behind the batter)? I've by no means played every (or even most) baseball game ever made, but I've never seen one set up like this before. Ever.
Also, the only NES baseball game I'd like to see on VC is Bad News Baseball from Tecmo. I love the gameplay, digitized voice (relatively non-sucky for the time), and pink bunny umpires (I kid you not!). Make it happen, Tecmo!



Adamant said:

I'd take Base Wars over any of those two.
Baseball with robots > baseball without robots any day.

Unless "baseball without robots" meant "baseball with pirates" or "baseball with ninjas", of course



WarGreymon77 said:

I agree. Base Wars owned this game. For some reason, some of the biggest hits on the old consoles appear to be being overlooked or delayed too.



Draygone said:

I might get this game. Used to own it, myself, had some fun with it. But I wonder if I should wait for one of the later Bases Loaded games to make an appearance.



timp29 said:

Baseball isn't my thing, living outside of the USA. To those who have played this game, is the fielding in this better than frigging Wii sports baseball?? grumble grumble LOL



Corbs said:

This was a really cool baseball game for its time period, but it's beginning to show its age.



Travenous said:

Man there's tons of great baseball games that could come to VC. I wonder if Nintendo will release Ken Griffey Jr presents major league baseball. Commodore 64 had Hardball! I had a blast with that game and another sports title from the same developer (4th & Inches) It's a pretty safe bet we'll never see RBI Baseball or Extra Innings though. :(

So instead let's get Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 and/or Base Wars

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