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EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After ending 2007 with a one-game week, people hoped Nintendo would start the next year with multiple games. Unfortunately, they fail to deliver, and it's one game once again!

Just like last week, it's not a complete mess, however, as it's a quality title - Harvest Moon for the SNES. This is the first game in the popular farming series, and it's usually regarded as the best one, as well. The game's notorious among collectors for being extremely hard to find, the cartridge can fetch some pretty high prices on auction sites! If you've always wanted to own the game but couldn't cough up the money for a cartridge, then now's your chance!

Only one game again, also meaning this is the first time there's no Sega Week at the beginning of the month! Check out the review:

Harvest Moon - SNES - 800 Wii Points

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Aldo said:

But this is a funny Game!

Hope next week are more Games!



Ratengo said:

There was no Sega week in January 2007 either - so it's not the first time...



Ron_Prower said:

Man I don't really hate the games that NOA and NOE are releasing for the VC, but for something so successful it be nice to start seeing some more games being released each week, this is almost direct profit for Nintendo.



diablos79 said:

Really nintendo, this is the best you could do? A farming game??!! oh please. dont we have enough lightweight kiddy orientated games being released for the wii already? can we have some more grown up games once in a while? please?



legend_he said:

hmmmm...wikipedia says something called "awesome possum" is also released today. can anyone be bothered to check?



Bass_X0 said:

i wouldn't bother caring whether that game is on VC or not. GameFAQs user reviews rate the game very lowly (out of six reviews, the highest was 3/10)



danstan said:

what the heck are you guys complaining about? this is one of the rarest and best super nintendo games available



Mendez said:

Unlike most people, I'm absolutely thrilled by the last 2 weeks.

Both of these are big releases to me =]



Mr_Nintendo21 said:

Would be nice to see this game released in the US on Monday, but that's probably too much to ask for. As long as it's not just one game released.



Peksu said:

Oh my, Harvest Moon, is it?
Really, I'll gladly take one great game over three bad ones.



Kyle said:

Disappointing but at least it was a quality game. They should have put a few fringe games on though. That would have lessened the impact on HM being the only game.



Kevin said:

Awesome. I've been wishing this game would come out on the VC. I just hope it comes out in America Monday.



N64_Gamer said:

Come on man, 1 game only? That's a rip off...

But on the other hand, this game looks sorta interesting, I might end up downloading it (only maybe).



Josh said:

OMG!!!! You lucky europeans! I have been waiting for this to come to the USA for SOME time now. It is one of my favorite games from my youth. Here's having high hopes for the future! lol



i still got 4000 wii points

like i said before , i won't take that long anymore before Wii loses it's Nr1 Spot



hasam99 said:

When Could see (MD,PC-Engine) Twin Cobra like this? I played the game many years ago with my used PC-Engine. Although it's a little hard to play, the game was so classic.



Crimson said:

I hope that this comes out to the North American VC this monday.
I really want to play this again!



NESgamer said:

I think they are keeping the best games for later. But why?, i don't get it.

1 game is just to few, let's see what we get in America this monday.



Kelvin said:

Really great game, this, but it's disappointing to see only one release *again* this week. Is this a blip, or is it a new policy from NoE?



GamerWho said:

I'm betting Nintendo won't start releasing the most requested games until sales in Wiis and Wii games begin to decline. They'd rather have you pay for a full price Wii game. Shame that all the big name titles for Wii were SOLD OUT pratically everywhere in the weeks leading up to Christmas.



MorikaWeb said:

Harvest Moon? I have to say its about time Nintendo started releasing the big guns.

But only releasing one game is just going to make people hate the game no matter how good it is. It seriously looks to me like Nintendo is purposely trying to sabotage the VC.



Kevin said:

If we get this Monday it better not be the only game. I have no interest in these type of games.



diablos79 said:

@chris, i do already own a ps3 and a 360. i dont think a game needs gore to be good but surely they can do better than a game based on running a farm. i think they should at least have a variety of games each week, for instance 1xplatform, 1xbeat em up and 1xstrategy. that way at least most peoples interests are catered for rather than just the "heres a game, dont like it? we dont care" mentality that nintendo seem to have adopted.



Kelvin said:

I'd be very surprised if North America doesn't get the full set of games on Monday.



RoninDennis said:

Hmmm, last year we also had one game, but that was Urban Champion. At least we got something good today!



Shiyo said:

This is a great game, but I've played it a bit too much to still get much enjoyment out of it. HM games require a lot of time spent with them, and it's the kind of time I don't have anymore these days. Sadly, I'm going to have to pass on this one, as good as it is.



KhaoShar said:

I've been disapionted in VC releases for about a month now. We had a 'chritmas present' on Dec. 25th. and it ws a good one, fine. But why was there no release at all on last friday??! That's like givin you a gift but keeping in the allowance instead, baaad move! And the week before? "Skate or Die"... oh, please (drooling sarcasm)!

Tell you something: I'll give Big N' this last month to inpress me-then stop keeping my Wii-Points for 'something special' and probably won't get any more.

How about a game people really want for a change? Like Zelda: Majora's Mask!?



BigKing said:

They probably think everybody's still broke thanks to Christmas and New Year's Eve. And I really can't argue with that.

Anyway, now I just have to wait till 1080 gets released in Europe. Thank you vc-reviews/Japanese VC release list!



Will said:

Ah no, bleedin farm game. I wanted a ninja turtles game. How much longer do I have to wait?



Excellent - a quality game.
Bring on Chrono Trigger.



Mark said:

It might only be one game but it's the best game that's been put on VC in a little while. It might sound an odd type of game but there is so much depth. I'm looking forward to the new version coming on the Wii later on this year. If yhis is the standard of VC games this year then it should be a good one.



Henry said:

"I think they are keeping the best games for later. But why?, i don't get it."

The Problem is that if they release all the good games now, Eventually they will run out of good games to release and what will be left for the later years with the Virtual Console.

I'm not to happy with the poor show we've been getting and i hope Nintendo do something to shape up in the future.



Don said:

I'm angrier at Square-Enix for not releasing at least one of their big RPG games such as Super Mario RPG or Dragon Warrior.



Viral said:

Like I've said before, Nintendo is doing what they can to provide games that were difficult to obtain for the selective countries. However, that doesn't show why we haven't seen Super Mario RPG or Chrono Trigger in Europe...yet, we haven't seen that appear in any countries. Nintendo will release VC games, but the Wii isn't solo-ing on VC games only. I just completed Mario Galaxy...Zelda is next...



Fang said:

Whenever I read the comments on the news-articles of new releases here I always wonder if there are still people out there that are just content with the releases, whether good or bad and think "well, that's that game out of the way, all the closer to the one I am really waiting for..."

I mean, the majority seems to be complaints and half threats of selling the Wii or not buying anymore points or games...

Are the content or happy people mostly not bothering the post their opinion? Or are there just no people out there that are just neutral if a release is not what they want and feel "better luck next time"?

I for one am eagerly hoping for Rad Gravity (for nostalgia, don't worry, I don't think it is the best game ever ), but I really will just be glad when it shows up, but in the meantime I don't feel any grief or anger or be upset over other releases...
Or do people feel there should be something for them to buy every week? That would be impressive to manage... a release every week that caters to every person at least on some level...



Viral said:

Well, Fang, in my opinion, I think that Nintendo has stepped up their game on Wii games but it seems the people want specific games to download. I think there should be a Virtual Console vote and you can vote over a total of 9 games and out of the 9, only three shall be chosen at the 6 that weren't chosen would get thrown in a random-bin that comes up once every month and you choose out of the random-bin or they choose randomly for us. It'd at least give us an idea of what might be coming out and whether to plan ahead and get points of just not. There's so much potential that the Wii isn't capitalizing on that it's costing Nintendo lots of money.

In answer to your question though Fang, I'm content with the games that are released because I don't have money to dole out on Wii points like some of the people above, however, I will dole out the money if a game comes out that brings me back to my days when I was 5/6 years old.



Sharecrow said:

I am always hoping for something I want to download--I have a mental wish list of things I want to see available. But although it can be a let down when you wait and then you don't see it on the next release day, I for one think that there are an awful lot of good games on the virtual console in general. There are a bunch that I haven't gotten to yet so I don't feel like I am caught up with everything out on the VC that is (in my opinion) worth playing. So I am content!!!



WarioFan63 said:

Looking for content people? Im right here.

The only way a VC release could dissapoint me is if NOTHING was released. I didnt even think it was bad the week when it was Baseball + Urban Champion. It really irks me every time someone calls a VC Week 'Dissapointing'

I really dont understand where all the complainers come from. Probably because they keep going 'I HOPE ITS CHRONO TRIGGER' or 'IF ITS NOT KIRBY SUPERSTAR ILL KILL EVERYONE' every week.



ouenben said:

Am I the only one really happy to see Harvest moon on the VC. I've been hoping for ages it would appear but didn't think Natume/whoever were signed up.
Hopefully it reaches USA Virtual console soon



Mr_Nintendo21 said:

Fang, I have thought the same thing, but I came to the conclusion long ago, that no matter what comes out in a week, there's always going to be at least one person who complains.

For example, next week there could be Mario RPG, Goldeneye, and Final Fantasy released all at once and some people will argue "Well why isn't Earthbound/Mother released, or (insert game here) released."

Apart from that, I know everyone wants something different, but we should all be happy with what we have and what's comming. The Wii's lifetime should be about another 5 or 6 years, so that's another 260-312 weeks left. That's at least a minimum of 260-312 games, but there will be more.

And to answer the, are the happy people not posting their opinion, my guess is the happy ones simply download the game and play it rather than complaining.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Fang, I think the people who are threatening to sell their Wiis because of bad VC games deserve it... for buying a Wii just for VC games! Who spends $300 to use a next-gen console as an emulator?

My guess is that the people who are happy with the VC library just aren't posting as much. Nothing to complain about. And I suspect that most people are satisfied with 5-15 good games out of the catalogue, since not everybody needs to buy 2-3 games per week after all.



GoForkUrself said:

I love these comments. Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, Final Fantasy, Kirby Superstar, all games I beat as a child on my SNES(my cousin had an awesome SNES collection for me to borrow from. I would love to see any of those on there.



Betagam7 said:

I agree that its silly to chastise Nintendo for only releasing one quality title as opposed to three more bad snes titles but is anyone slightly worried that the only reason Nintendo might have been releasing 3 titles a week to begin with was to boost the number of vc games available and that now there is a large selection it may have decided it only NEEDS to release one new game a month? This could be the case as NOE has altered alot of its other policies this year too, i.e stars to wii points, star points for vc games etc



Kelvin said:

Yes, there are people who are never happy that a specific game hasn't come out, or whatever, and that's difficult to sympathise with.

However, a lot of people are complaining that we didn't get a game on the 27th, and only got one this week. Meanwhile, North America is still getting three games a week like clockwork. I think that is a legitimate complaint, as there's no reason for it.

It's not about buying three games a week. It's about having the choice from those three games. Maybe I'll get all three, maybe I'll get none, but it would be nice to be allowed the choice, as people in NA do.

Telling people to stop complaining when they have a legitimate concern is not helpful.



Kai said:

Ye it's not fair to receive one game , these past weeks instead of the usual three the rest gets.



Tennant said:

Just treat the VC like normal Wii releases. Sometimes, rubbish is released, and you ignore, you don't buy it. Sometimes a game is released, you like it, you've read good reviews about it, you like the cover art, whatever, you hand over your money for the game, and you play it.

You don't get great Wii game releases week in week out, so why should you get great VC releases week in week out?

Be patient. Nintendo's userbase is increasing all the time. Imagine if you bought a Wii today, and connected the the Shop Channel. How many games would shout out at you to make you buy and download them? I bet the people who are just now getting a Wii would welcome a ''rubbish'' or a ''dissapointing'' week, it means they can buy another game from the already awesome VC catalogue.



mamac said:

another disappointing week again. one game why? why just one game? i don't get it.



This is me, in Canada being jealous of your only release...



Atlantis1982 said:


When it comes to me toward games I am looking forward, most of them are western made and I doubt I'll see them anytime, so I check the ones I have never heard or played and maybe get those and enjoy them. Somedays (like Christmas week) I actually expected a better release than some Hockey game and a sequel.



Stephen said:

Absolutely! Chrono Trigger, Secret of Evermore, Smash TV. All great games that I would get as soon as they came out. I was never a big fan of Harvest Moon. Sorry everyone.



I have to be honost, Euro's are getting the short end of the stick compared to NA. We get a lot more games than you it seems. Though the ones we have and you don't are nothing special, whereas I would like Mega Man.

And as for disapointing releases, yeah, I get dissapointed a lot. I have 4 VC games. I don't even buy points until a game I like comes out. But I only get dissapointed when they release a game everyone seems to think sucks. I could care less about DKC3, but everyone seemed to like it, so I didn't mind it, although I didn't want it.

No, I didn't buy the Wii as an emulator only. But lets be honost, there is a dearth of variety and quality games for the Wii. I've had my Wii for a year now, and I've bought more Gamecube games for it than Wii games. I think I have 5? I'm waiting for Smash Bros, and thats about all I'm excited about right now. So yes, until they have a better selection of REAL Wii games, they could cough up a few more good games on the VC.

PS I like HM and hope we get it Monday.



Xenesis said:

In all honesty, I'm just glad they're releasing SNES games.

I mean, there's half the amount of Sega Megadrive games Vs Snes games....and considering the breadth of it's library the N64 would probably start putting it to shame on the VC at this rate.



Will said:

My problem is iv run out iv space on my wii for anymore VC games. Not that I went and bought outlandish titles (yes I even had a laugh with Altered Beast) but there were just so many quality titles. Yes I have an SD card and yes I know I can delete and re-download but what I really want is for Nintendo to release an external hard-drive of some description so they can be instantly accessable. Anyone know if thats on the way? I cant be the only person on this page with this problem



Bass_X0 said:

huh. i just found out visa electron cards are acceptable to buy wii points with. i thought that since it wasn't a proper credit card, it wouldn't work so i never tried it until now.



Zweck36 said:

I would love to have the King of Fighters, and Harvest Moon. We(N.A.) get more games, but everytime we get a "big" release, you guys get it too the next day, PLUS your normal week of titles except DKC3 which was surprizing. However why do you get KOF and MM games? Because we have compilation disks? We have Mario All-Stars, but that didn't stop nintendo. Some of us want the originals.



Kelvin said:

Tennant, it's not about not getting "great" games, it's about not getting games at all! If we're getting one or even *no* games when other regions are getting three per week as per normal, it doesn't seem so bad to complain, does it?



Steve said:

Always complaints...

Why can people not just be happy about what's there? Remember that all games weren't released at the same time when they originally came out. When you bought a SNES at launch you had ti wait years for games like Harvest Moon and Chrono Trigger to be released. With VC it's much the same. In my opinion it's great that such an amount of games has been released already in just 1 year. Man, they already released all 3 DKC games!

Sure, they could have released some more N64 games. Where are our 3rd party games? Overall I'm pretty satisfied, there's more games I want than I can buy.

Remember that even "crappy" games can be a great retro experience for some people because they enjoyed the games a long time ago. One of my friends is crazy about Ice Hockey, which is obviously not the best VC game around. When I look at what I used to play and enjoy, there is some definate crap I enjoyed a lot.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Nintendo doesn't "owe" us three VC games per week. They don't even owe us three games per month! Some people need to get over their sense of entitlement. If they release one good game, and a decent chunk of people want to play it, then power to them, their business model is succeeding.



Bass_X0 said:

No. Sorry. I still feel like they do owe us three games a week at least. They've been giving us a good supply of games for months with ten - twelve in the space of four weeks usually. So that is what we've come to expect from them. Then they turn around and give us just one game a week for two weeks, of course people are going to complain.

Its about variety. If someone doesn't like platformers or farming sims then they're screwed for that week.



Kelvin said:

They owe us three games a week if they're giving the other regions three games a week. Simple as that.

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