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New Zealand

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Ragnor2 commented on EU VC Releases - 11th January - StarTropics:

We are still WAY behind America's releases, (ie 40 something NES games compared to about 58 iirc) so why not give us those so we can catch up? Even if they are bad, it beats the one or two each week we now get.



Ragnor2 commented on US VC Releases - 31st December - Light Crusader:

Kyle does have a point.

I for one, want a few more consoles added, especially more Sega things (Master System, Mega CD, 32X)

More third party games would be nice. Get me Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion and I will be extremely happy.



Ragnor2 commented on EU VC Releases - 14th December - Mega Man 2:

Considering how often you get things that aren't even considered for an EU release, its a but unfair to be whining when we actually get something good, imho.

But anyway, I've never played a Mega Man game before, so I guess I might as well start here. Once I get some points that is



Ragnor2 commented on Wii Gift feature out now in EU and US:

I was hoping I could get a friend in England something for christmas via this, but alas, country locked. Bad move Nintendo, I would understand if it was to block people giving NTSC games to PAL or viceversa, but EU/AU has the exact same list of games except for the for AU having Axelay instead of that Contra game (I think)